Meet John Morgan: EVOLVE Summit Featured Speaker

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For the people.

This slogan is synonymous with famed personal injury group Morgan & Morgan, but it carries a greater weight when you learn more about the man who built the firm from the ground up.

This is a man who innovated the way that a law office can expand across the country. This is a man who built an impactful and resonant brand to gain a powerful competitive advantage over the competition.

This man is John Morgan.

And he’s coming to the EVOLVE Summit stage.

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Who is John Morgan?

After attending the University of Florida College of Law, John Morgan founded Morgan & Morgan in Orlando in 1988. From the beginning, his mission was to represent the less powerful, which he expressed with the firm’s slogan, “For the People.”

Over three decades later, John still runs Morgan & Morgan by that philosophy. Through his leadership and vision, the firm has expanded to more than 750 attorneys across 17 states, representing clients in over 50 practice areas.

Outside of the law firm, John has made quite an impact through his other endeavors. He has published two books: You Can’t Teach Hungry…Creating the Multimillion Dollar Law Firm in 2011 and You Can’t Teach Vision…The Twenty-First Century Law Firm in 2015.

In 2013, John announced his support of the campaign to legalize medical marijuana in Florida. He not only wanted to provide safer treatment methods for the seriously ill, but also wanted to address Florida’s prescription drug abuse epidemic. Besides financially contributing to the cause, John openly recruited volunteers to collect signatures, successfully securing Amendment 2’s place on the November 2016 ballot in Florida. It passed with 71% of the vote.

John’s next initiative was raising Florida’s minimum wage to $15 an hour. He once again secured the necessary signatures to get the measure a spot on the General Election ballot. More than 60% of Florida voters chose to raise the minimum wage. True to his values, John Morgan worked once again for the people.

After serving hundreds of thousands of clients in addition to millions of Floridians, John is ready to show you how it’s done at the EVOLVE Summit.


What John Morgan Will Bring to the EVOLVE Summit

Building one of the biggest personal injury law firms doesn’t happen overnight — and it certainly doesn’t happen without gaining countless insights through firsthand experience.

John Morgan is passionate about sharing these learnings with anybody trying to enter the legal industry, from his two published books to his frequent Instagram posts.


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Here are a few of the lessons that John has shared with us in the past:

1. Trust and Delegation Benefit All

Identify somebody within your firm who you wholeheartedly trust and to whom you feel comfortable delegating critical tasks.

This is your “Send and Delete Person,” and when important action items come through your inbox, you can simply send them the item and then delete it from your radar, thus freeing yourself up to focus on your most pressing responsibilities.

This is the greatest gift you can give yourself as well as your organization.

John Morgan Send & Delete

2. You Can’t Teach Hungry

Think about a lion compared to a sloth. John elaborates:

“In the jungle today, a lion will be born. And that lion is the king of the jungle, just because he or she is a lion. The same day, a sloth will be born. Same day, same jungle, same deal. That sloth is so f*cked. He can’t even describe it. All he can do is barely muster up enough energy to come down the tree, grab some berries, go to the bathroom, and go back up and go to sleep.”

Hard work will only take you so far. Certain people are just born with an innate hunger that drives them to live by their winning mentality, day in and day out.

John is one of them. Are you?

3. Data, Data, DATA

Any business in 2021 trying to work without data will find themselves at a perpetual and inescapable disadvantage.

As John puts it, “It’s like driving without a map and going nowhere fast.”

He continues that he doesn’t just want some of the cases out there — he wants all of them. He knows that this is an aspirational challenge, but it seems that much more attainable when data is on his side.

John Morgan Wants All Cases

One way that Morgan & Morgan uses an empirical approach to optimize their business practices is by looking at the number of personal injury occurrences that have been reported. For example, they’ll analyze the number of car crashes recorded in a town compared to the number of car crash cases that they have taken on. If these numbers are not identical, then they know there’s a gap to close.

4. Thank Your Innate Luck

John Morgan has achieved remarkable success. But he’ll be the first to admit that he didn’t simply outmaneuver and outhustle his competition. The most significant difference maker in his professional ascension has been the plain luck of many of his circumstances.

John does his best to stay humble and grateful for how often fortune has been on his side. He challenges those in similar positions to him to remember how lucky they are, and to do their best to pay good fortune forward.

John Morgan elaborated on these perspectives in the very first episode of The Game Changing Attorney Podcast, where he sat down with Crisp Founder & CEO Michael Mogill to discuss:

  • The innate characteristics that make someone successful — or unsuccessful
  • What it’s like to have so much competition from other law firms
  • What the legal landscape of the future will look like

Listen to the full episode here.

As you can see, John Morgan has no shortage of wisdom to share about dominating the legal profession, as well as building a nationally regarded brand.

If you’re interested in hearing how it’s done directly from the man himself, don’t miss him speak at the EVOLVE Virtual Summit!


About the EVOLVE Summit

The EVOLVE Summit is shaking up the legal industry by putting on an unprecedented virtual experience. This engaging and innovative event on June 24-25, 2021 will include cutting-edge technology, luxury giveaways, and a stacked collection of speakers, including a fireside chat with John Morgan!

Check out this star-studded group of confirmed speakers John Morgan will be joining:

Plus, stay tuned for many more speaker announcements coming in the weeks leading up to EVOLVE.

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