Meet Craig Greening: EVOLVE Summit Featured Speaker

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The past year has taught us a lot. What “social distancing” means. How to make a mean loaf of sourdough. The inner drama of the American big cat community. But most importantly, it’s taught us how to overcome adversity.

Overcoming adversity is exactly what Craig Greening did for his law firm. When Greening Law was facing that same dreadful notion that so many of us did of shutting down and hoping for the best, he stepped up and led his team to move forward, hustle harder than their competition, and actually achieve growth in a year that made it seem impossible.

And now, we are thrilled to welcome Craig Greening to the virtual stage for the EVOLVE Summit on June 24 and 25.

“Even when you’re at your darkest, lowest point as a team and as a firm, you’ve got to come together and you’ve got to be prepared to come out the other side.”

Read on to learn how Craig managed to find success when the cards seemed stacked against him — and what he’ll bring to the EVOLVE Virtual Summit.


Who is Craig Greening?

Craig Greening is the founder and lead attorney of Greening Law, a criminal defense group established in 2010 in College Station, Texas. Due to the firm’s proximity to the Texas A&M campus, many of their clients are college students charged with DWI and drug cases.

Craig sees defending these mistakes as an opportunity to make a powerful impact on their lives, defending them and their futures.

Before the pandemic struck, Craig and his team had set a number of far-reaching goals for his firm, such as doubling their revenue, increasing public awareness, and improving their culture.

As they found themselves facing a shutdown of all in-person business, Craig’s organization had to make a choice: give up, or go harder than ever to achieve the impossible.

You can probably guess which option Craig picked.

Any business growth at all would have been impressive over the past year considering the circumstances. Instead of reeling in their goals to something more “realistic,” Greening Law instead doubled down and zeroed in on growing the firm. They invested in a phone booth for Zoom hearings, mounted a screen so the team could actively track KPIs, and collaborated with their Crisp Coach to improve their culture and collaboration.

They also invested heavily in their marketing and hiring efforts. On top of that, they tripled the size of their office space and even opened a new office in Waco, Texas.

By rising above fear and uncertainty, Craig was able to boldly invest in his firm and his people and expand his business by just about every possible metric.

He’s ready to show you how it’s done.


What Craig Greening Will Bring to the EVOLVE Summit

Just how did Craig Greening manage to grow his company in the midst of an economy-busting pandemic?

Last summer, he sat down (or more appropriately, hopped on a Zoom call) with Crisp Founder & CEO Michael Mogill to discuss how he led his firm through adversity — and how other leaders like him could do the same.

Craig has become something of an expert on the topic of managing a business during treacherous times.

Here are a few of the insights he shared with Michael:

  • Move business forward. Instead of cutting your losses, start counting your wins.
  • Stay committed. Bring your team together and hold each other accountable.
  • Double down on marketing. Spend more money while your competitors are reducing, and you’ll see big results.

If you’re interested in learning even more about tried and true strategies to navigate difficult times for your business, you don’t want to miss the EVOLVE Virtual Summit when Craig takes the stage.


About the EVOLVE Summit

We know what you’re thinking. “Why the f*** would I want to attend a two-day virtual event?”

We hear that. Those things are usually the worst.

But the usual has never been the Crisp style.

The EVOLVE Summit is shaking up the legal industry with a virtual experience like you’ve never seen before. This one-of-a-kind event on June 24-25, 2021 will include cutting-edge technology, an electrifying atmosphere from start to finish, and a star-studded lineup of speakers, including Craig Greening himself!

Here are a few more of our confirmed speakers:

We’re so confident that you’ll love the EVOLVE Virtual Summit that, if you don’t feel like you’re returning to your firm with $100,000 worth of insights, we’ll give you a full refund.

If you’re an attorney who is engaged in the business of your law firm and you want to grow as a visionary leader, empower your team, and get your firm to the next level…the EVOLVE Summit is for YOU.