Meet Judy Smith: EVOLVE Summit Featured Speaker

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Now, more than ever, after a year of what has for many felt like constant crisis mode, there is a need for effective lessons in crisis management and leadership through tumultuous times.

There’s nobody in the world who can better speak to the art of crisis management than Judy Smith — the ultimate “fixer.”

She’s been privy to some of the most historic and sensational events of our time. Not only has she served as an advisor to a host of high-profile celebrity and entertainment clients, but she’s also praised for having provided strategic advice to global corporations to help successfully navigate challenging issues.

The real-life inspiration for Olivia Pope on the hit TV series Scandal, Judy Smith is a trove of knowledge and an essential resource for modern business solutions.

The Crisp team is proud to announce that we will welcome Judy Smith to the virtual stage for the EVOLVE Summit on June 24-25!

“There’s always an opportunity with crisis. Just as it forces an individual to look inside himself, it forces a company to reexamine its policies and practices.”

Read on to learn about Judy Smith’s exhilarating career, extensive experience, and the expertise she’ll bring to the EVOLVE Summit.



Who is Judy Smith?

Crisis management expert, Founder & CEO of strategic advisory firm Smith & Company, and a speaker with a uniquely essential and highly coveted skill set — Judy Smith solves problems.

She’s the person that people call when issues arise because of the reputation that she’s built for herself as a fixer. As the Deputy Press Secretary to George H.W. Bush Sr, she began her storied career by working closely with high-profile government officials.

Judy honed her skills through unprecedented experiences including the Iran Contra investigation, the 1991 Gulf War, the President Clinton scandal involving Monica Lewinsky, the Sony Corporation hacking crisis, and more.

Eventually, she developed her network further, branching out to celebrities like Angelina Jolie. Then, after decades of advising CEOs, brands, politicians and celebrities facing true make-or-break moments, Judy Smith founded Smith & Company, a powerhouse collection of crisis managers, strategists, storytellers, and digital specialists working to help clients meet their goals all over the globe.

Whether you’re navigating good times or bad, Judy is the ultimate resource for providing strategic advice and counsel. She knows how to assess risk and mitigate issues, and now she’s bringing that knowledge to leaders across the world.

Judy Smith at the EVOLVE Summit


What Judy Smith Will Bring to the EVOLVE Summit

Unlike the show Scandal, Judy’s professional experience was not all deception and drama. Her knowledge is grounded in real-life issues and her advice is practical and effective.

There’s a lot to be learned from Judy Smith’s career and her experience in the art of crisis management and the relentless pursuit of quality leadership in good times and bad.

To get a sneak peek of Judy’s prowess, you can listen in to her featured episode of The Game Changing Attorney Podcast. In this episode, Judy unlocks her vault of expertise to teach every law firm owner how to manage crises like a professional fixer. Here’s just a small slice of the wisdom she shares in this unforgettable conversation:

  • Be prepared, act fast. Bad news gets across the globe in 18 seconds, so it’s important to be ready when a crisis strikes.
  • What, when, and how. You must determine the right strategy and the vehicle for each specific crisis communication; not everything can be handled in an email or a tweet.
  • Know when to walk away. Not everything is fixable, even for Judy Smith, so you need to know and accept a lost cause.


As one of the most sought-after crisis management experts in the world, rest assured knowing that Judy’s showcase at the EVOLVE Summit will be jam-packed with actionable and impactful advice for you and your whole team.

When she takes the virtual stage on June 24-25, you can expect to learn:

  • What every leader should know when it comes to guiding your team through a crisis.
  • How you can turn the COVID crisis into opportunity.
  • How leading with authenticity can help you overcome challenges.
  • And MUCH more!

About the EVOLVE Summit

Why in the world would we push a two-day virtual event on you? We all know you’re tired of Zoom meetings. Not to mention, most virtual events just suck.

But you should know by now that is not our style. We are shaking up the legal industry with an event like you’ve never seen before.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at the incredible speaker lineup yourself. As if learning crisis management skills from the ultimate expert Judy Smith herself wasn’t enough, we’ve pulled out all the stops for a star-studded, ultra-impactful experience.

Interact with other pros like:

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