Meet John Gomez: EVOLVE Summit Featured Speaker

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This year, the legal industry’s best and brightest will convene for The Ultimate Virtual Experience for Entrepreneurial Law Firms. With over 5,000 ambitious law firm owners, industry experts, market leaders, and their teams in attendance — this will be an event you don’t want to miss.

The star-studded lineup of electrifying keynote speakers, unbeatable industry experts, and accomplished legal panelists make up an EVOLVE Summit agenda jam-packed with insights, guidance, and actionable solutions designed to help you evolve into the attorney and law firm owner you were meant to be.

Taking place June 24-25, 2021, the EVOLVE Summit is a two-day virtual conference guaranteed to inspire, embolden, and motivate the nation’s most ambitious law firm owners and their teams to elevate their practices to the next level.


If you’re ready to be challenged, energized, and aligned with your mission, vision, and values, you’ll love the next speaker we’re introducing.

Gomez Trial Attorneys is an award-winning plaintiff’s trial firm headquartered in San Diego, California. Founder & President John Gomez has assembled a nationally-recognized legal team that handles personal injury, mass tort, and class action cases.

“The more enduring stories are born of some struggles along the way.”

We’re thrilled to share that we will welcome John to the virtual stage at the EVOLVE Summit in June! As an incredible leader in the legal community, he’ll be sharing insightful lessons from experiences he’s lived himself to help you empower and align your team, grow personally and professionally as a leader, and build the law firm of the future.

Who is John Gomez?

John started his firm alone in 2005, and has since grown it into a nationally-recognized goliath team of award-winning trial attorneys. He may be a humble man, but John is fierce when it comes to business. Not only does he fight tooth and nail for his clients, but he shows the same grit for his team when it comes to growing the firm.

We’re also proud to call John one of our top clients here at Crisp. As his firm has grown in size and notoriety, Gomez has encountered marketing challenges competing for new clients, and he also realized he would need to cultivate intentional leadership and savvy business operations in order to scale effectively.

In order to solve those challenges, he joined Crisp’s comprehensive Crisp Coach program. This program is designed to bring together the nation’s most committed law firm owners to share experiences, trade ideas, and keep each other accountable to the growth goals they set for each of their organizations. Together, we have kept his law firm moving forward, and we haven’t looked back since.


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But John wasn’t always the big shot he is today. Coming from modest beginnings, he’s made some mistakes in his life and fought through some hardships, but he’s better today because of it. John’s early years of school weren’t easy, but he ended up graduating from Yale University Law School. He then went on to clerk for a federal judge, work for the internationally-recognized firm of Latham Watkins, and serve as an Assistant U.S. Attorney.

John later decided he wanted to dedicate his career to representing the people in court, and since then, he has made a storied career as a trial attorney. Now, he’s established himself as one of California’s most recognized and accomplished trial lawyers.

The list of accolades awarded to John and his firm are countless:

  • National Lawyer of the Year
  • San Diego Trial Lawyer of the year
  • 11 Outstanding Trial Lawyer Awards
  • Top Lawyers in a variety of fields, including personal injury, products liability, mass torts, car accidents, insurance and corporate litigation
  • 2018 #1 Intentional tort verdict and #1 Premises liability verdict
  • and MUCH more.

John and the Gomez Trial Attorneys are nothing short of a decorated team of winners.

A prolific trial lawyer, former Board member of both the San Diego County Bar Association and the San Diego Volunteer Lawyers Program, and 2012 President of the Consumer Attorneys of San Diego — John Gomez is undoubtedly a leader in the legal industry. Being an attorney is not just a job for John, it’s a calling. That’s why his firm has been so greatly successful.


Outside of his exceptional career track record, John is also dedicated to his faith, fitness, and community. You can find him in his spare time hanging out with his family, spending time at his church, or training to compete at the World Master IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu Championship.

John believes that trial lawyers have an obligation to make their communities a better place — both through litigation and community service. He practices what he preaches. He commits enormous time and resources to a variety of charitable causes. In recognition of his commitment to these causes, the San Diego County Bar Association recognized him with its 2012 “Community Service” award. Of all the plaques he has received, John is most proud of that one.

What John Gomez Will Bring to the EVOLVE Summit Stage

The EVOLVE Summit is designed for law firm owners and their teams to attend. The world-class lineup of speakers will leave you inspired to take your law firm to the next level, but most importantly, we’ll give you the tools to develop a PLAN to strategically ramp up your law firm’s marketing, empower and align your team, grow personally and professionally as a leader, and build the law firm of the future.

John Gomez is one of many incredibly empowering speakers who will take the stage at the EVOLVE Summit this June. John’s experience is what shaped him as a person, and he has no shortage of impactful insight to share with you and your team.

After fighting his way from a small-time lawyer to the leader of a powerhouse team of elite trial attorneys, he’s learned the hard way that there’s no shortcut to success, discipline is central to growth, and that the hardest times can be the very catalysts we need to unlock our full potential.


John’s expertise in evolving his own team will translate directly to actionable insights you can use to do the same within your own firm. Don’t miss out on John’s replicable steps to overcoming hardship and growing a successful team — taught exclusively at the EVOLVE Summit.

For a sneak peak of John’s story about rags to riches to rock bottom to redemption, check out his episode of The Game Changing Attorney Podcast, in which he answers questions like:

  • How did Gomez go from a small boutique firm to over a billion dollars in verdicts?
  • What can trial attorneys learn from world-class athletes?
  • How can supercharged perseverance help to overcome hardships?
  • What did Gomez do to go above and beyond in the American Beauty case?
  • and much more!

Listen to the full episode here.

About the EVOLVE Summit

The Ultimate Virtual Experience for Entrepreneurial Law Firms is coming on June 24-25, 2021. The one-of-a-kind programming we have planned includes the most cutting-edge technology, electrifying atmosphere from start to finish, and always a few surprises along the way.

Since it’s not always easy to answer the questions that come with being a business owner without formal training, we’re bringing some of the best business leaders and legal experts in the world together to give you the ultimate crash course in just two days at the EVOLVE Summit.

As if having the chance to experience John Gomez speak firsthand during the EVOLVE Summit wasn’t enough, we have an absolutely electrifying lineup of speakers prepared for you. Get excited for these notable stars:

EVOLVE Virtual Summit Coming Soon

The EVOLVE Summit is specifically designed to equip not only attorneys and law firm owners with cutting-edge insights, but also to empower their teams to level up their capabilities, align themselves with the mission and vision of their organizations, and invest in their personal and professional growth.

Gear up for two full days of virtual events that will leave you and your team fired up. With a squad of highly coveted speakers and market leaders, we guarantee you’ll walk away with at least $100,000 worth of insights — or your money back.

If you’re an attorney who is engaged in the business of your law firm and wants to grow as a visionary leader, empower your team, and get your firm to the next level…the EVOLVE Summit is YOUR event.