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Understand your strengths, unlock your team’s potential, and drive success for your law firm.

Discover the targeted solutions you need to enhance your team’s communication and maximize your ability to achieve game changing results every single day.

Our expert team is specially equipped to empower legal teams and understand the challenges facing today’s fastest-growing law firms.

With new approaches to personal and professional evaluation, Crisp Onsite Trainings allow you to bring next-level development to your firm’s human capital.


your law firm is working toward


Onsite training

The ultimate training solution designed to help you create maximum buy-in and engagement while crafting a clear, unified vision for your firm. Establish clear, tangible goals. Create true accountability. Press forward as a team in one aligned direction.

Discover these six core components


where each team member feels the firm excels and needs improvement with a moderated conversation structured to honestly determine where the firm stands.


a clear, tangible goal for the firm as it pertains to revenue, marketing, operations, leadership, and client experience.


how the members of the firm are currently being evaluated, and determining which results truly drive the business toward the vision.


a structure by quarter to map out exactly what needs to happen to execute your vision, including who is responsible for each initiative.


a clear accountability chart to create clarity across the organization.


on the core values and core purpose of the firm to disseminate across the organization.

“Our Vision Day was pivotal in planning for the future of our firm.

We were able to set goals for growth and development by breaking down various incremental goals and measurable milestones.

8 months later, we have stayed on track and exceeded our goals thanks to the strategy we developed at our Vision Day.”

Amanda Baggett, Baggett Law


will get you there

Team Culture Transformation

Simply put, your law firm’s culture is how things get done in your organization. It exists whether by default or by design — and if you don’t intentionally create a culture designed to get your law firm where you want it to go, you’ll get nowhere fast.

With a focused, structured, strategic day centered around transforming your law firm’s culture, your entire team will be aligned, empowered, and excited to take on their mission.

  • Team Alignment

  • Vision Alignment

  • Core Values Alignment

  • Initiative Awareness

  • Initiative Engagement

  • Goals Alignment

  • Unique Value Proposition Alignment

Kolbe Training


you instinctually operate

Crisp is proud to be the Preferred Kolbe Partner in the Legal Industry.

By decoding the keys to how you naturally operate and instinctually approach challenges, you’ll be able to understand the HOW behind your actions, reactions, and decisions — and adapt to contribute the MOST to your team’s shared goals.

Improve team synergy

Never hire the wrong person for the wrong role again

Ensure each team member is optimally leveraging his or her unique abilities

Accomplish more while reducing conflict

“As a trained lawyer, I understand how important it is to build a productive and sustainable legal team.

 Crisp’s use of The Kolbe System™ to optimize and expand firms through the power of instinctive strengths is unparalleled.”

David Kolbe, Kolbe™ Corp CEO

Revealing the

of you®

Unlock the secrets of your unconscious motivations. Understand the WHY behind your behavior, thought processes, and conflicts. Consistently operate from a state of BEST SELF.

Hire and align an engaged team with less stress

Build a high-performing team that understands how to work towards a common goal

Develop intentional, adaptable leaders who drive results

Sustain a Best Self culture and understand how to measure it

“When Crisp came to do the PRINT® training I learned so much about myself and how to interact with others. 

 That made me a better husband.”

Craig Greening, Greening Law

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Recognized as the #1 Coaching Program for the Fastest-Growing Law Firms in America

“The Crisp Onsite Training was an eye-opening experience for my employees. It was exciting to talk to them afterwards and get positive feedback. There have already been several productive meetings since the training. It was fantastic — wish I had done it years ago.”

David Craig Craig, Kelley & Faultless

“Kolbe improves communication. I think it makes you a better person. I think it makes you a better lawyer, or paralegal, or whatever your role is. It improves the relationship with clients.”

Howard Spiva Spiva Law Group

“If you are looking for something that is cost effective and really instrumental in creating dialogue within your teams, I don’t know how you couldn’t consider Kolbe.”

Eric Chaffin Chaffin Luhana

It’s time for a team culture revolution

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