The Comprehensive Team Training to Develop your A-Players


Your one-way ticket to accelerated growth

Crisp Experience is a tailored training solution for your team — and your one-way ticket to accelerated growth. Empower your A-players to specialize in their unique abilities and maximize effectiveness in their roles.

This program will align their individual goals and aspirations with the mission and vision of your organization in order to generate solutions and drive bottom-line results for your law firm.

What’s included

  • World-class full-day workshops

  • Online community of like-minded professionals from around the country

  • 24/7 on-demand training portal

  • Social media challenges

  • Live group coaching calls

  • Facilitated Firm Owner & Team Member Implementation Syncs

  • Accountability checkpoints

  • Engagement reports for the firm owner

Customized Training Pathways

Leadership Development

By Invitation Only

You will learn:

  • How to Lead Teams
  • Organizational Alignment
  • Communication Strategy
  • Results-Driven Culture Tactics

Legal Marketing Mastery

Ideal for anyone involved in marketing in your firm!

You will learn:

  • Branding
  • Social Media
  • Content Creation
  • Marketing Strategy

Client-Facing Excellence

Taught in partnership with the Ritz-Carlton!

You will learn:

  • Intake Best Practices
  • Client Conversion Tools
  • Client Experience
  • Client Engagement

Operational Expertise

Ideal for anyone working with people development or talent acquisition in your firm!

You will learn:

  • Hiring & Training
  • Company Culture
  • Team Alignment & Engagement
  • Office Management

Executive Assistant Specialty

A necessity for your right hand in the firm!

You will learn:

  • Calendar Optimization
  • Effective System Development
  • Communication Management
  • Strategic Assistance & Support

Give your team the tools to compete and
win in today’s digital marketplace

Crisp Academy is a comprehensive training library designed to equip your team to attract high-value cases on their own.

Crisp Coach membership includes Crisp Academy seats for your staff.

Keep your team ahead of the curve with training from the industry’s top experts:

  • Brand and messaging development
  • Analytics and metrics measurement
  • Conversion tracking and optimization
  • Paid ad strategy and execution
  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Social media strategy
  • Website management


Monitor how your team members are learning and progressing through the curriculum.


New courses are consistently added and material is automatically updated over time.


Comprehensive courses include recognized certifications upon completion and testing.

Recognized as the #1 Coaching Program for The Fastest Growing Law Firms in America

“The knowledge I’ve gained from Crisp not only set me up for success at my firm, but for the rest of my life. I can’t thank Michael, Jessica, and the entire Crisp Team enough. Crisp took our small firm from average to outstanding in a very short period of time. We have tripled in size, in the middle of a pandemic!

In tandem with our vision of growth, Crisp’s mentorship made the impossible possible for our firm. Our vision and mission is crystal clear now, and we have been provided the tools to keep growing.”

Nikki Haddaway Office Manager, Meldon Law

“As the COO of Viles & Beckman LLC, I have witnessed first-hand the transformative impact of the Crisp Experience on our firm. This program is not just another business coaching initiative; it is a catalyst for realigning our team with the core values and objectives at the heart of our practice.

The true genius of the Crisp Experience lies in its ability to bridge the gap between our staff and the firm’s leadership. It has cultivated a shared understanding and commitment to our projects and initiatives, fostering a level of buy-in that propels us forward at an unprecedented pace.

Through innovative strategies and actionable insights, Crisp has helped us translate the vision of our owner into a collective mission. This alignment has not only enhanced our internal operations but has also deepened the sense of purpose and camaraderie among our team members. The result is a more engaged, motivated, and productive workforce, eager to contribute to the firm’s success.”

Kayla Grayson COO, Viles & Beckman LLC

Joining Crisp Experience lit a fire in me. The workshops are energizing and generate lasting motivation. I have met some incredible people through this program, and we support each other and challenge our growth.

The valuable tools have changed the way we do business and made a great impact on our firm, team members, and clients. The Crisp Experience is an extraordinary program you won’t want to miss.”

Mary-Michael McClung People & Culture Manager, Jan Dils Attorneys at Law

One Crisp Experience participant will walk away with the 2024 Grand Prize. It could be you.

Your law firm will reap the rewards of investing in your A-players — but we want to reward them too for their commitment to growth and their progress in the Crisp Experience program.

As part of the Crisp Experience community, participating team members will compete in challenges throughout the year. And the real MVP will take home the grand prize at the end of the year.

Click here to learn about our 2022 Crisp Experience MVP who took home the keys to a Tesla Model 3. 

Only available for Crisp Coach Members. Apply today

Crisp Experience is only available for team members of law firms in the Crisp Coach program.

Ready to accelerate your growth?

With limited seats and an exceptional caliber of growth-minded law firms, we are extremely selective about who we allow to join.

To inquire about program availability and discuss this program with our team, contact us now.