The Ultimate Unfair Advantage


For law firms with $10M+ in annual revenue


Build the Preeminent Law Firm that Leaves a Lasting Legacy

Evolve as a Visionary Leader

Innovate and Dominate

What's Included

The only program engineered to obliterate
every obstacle between you and explosive growth

Dedicated Coach

Meet your all-in partner in business growth, connect on a regular rhythm, and be prepared to be held accountable for your goals.


Unparalleled Networking

Build strong relationships with superior attorneys and see how they run their firms — and dominate their markets.


Transformative Workshops

Skip the “same old” approaches to your brand new challenges. Attack the root causes and blast past plateaus.


Exclusive Access to Michael Mogill

Tap into the Crisp Founder & CEO’s latest thinking on marketing, leadership, and business development.


World-Class Video

Command massive influence with a library of strategically-created videos produced at Crisp’s gold standard.


Relentless Digital Marketing

Attract high-value cases at scale with end-to-end brand awareness generation by Crisp’s veteran team.


Crisp Experience

Equip your A-players with a comprehensive training solution. Empower your team to specialize in their unique abilities and maximize effectiveness in their roles.


Mastermind Program Exclusivity

Share openly knowing you’re the only firm of your kind in the room. CrispX workshops only welcome one law firm from each practice area in each market (DMA).

Onsite Training

Scale and skill up your team with onsite training at your firm’s HQ.

This is it: your ultimate unfair advantage.

Limited seats: You apply, we decide.

World-Class Video

Scale your brand and saturate your market with world-class videos

Produce a strategically selected library of videos to generate a powerful presence on every channel. All delivered at Crisp’s gold standard.

Relentless Digital Marketing

Don’t just be the best law firm.

Become the best known with Crisp Social Stack.

Our Process

  • 1 Produce Video

    You’ll work closely with our team to create a brand video that captures your essence. Collaborate with your dedicated Client Success Manager to define your Unique Value Proposition, and strategize how to best tell your firm’s story using the powerful medium of video. Our highly-trained cinematographers then travel right to you to film you in your element and then edit your video in a matter of days for your review.

  • 2 Optimize Social Cuts

    Once you’ve approved your masterful brand video, our team gets to work optimizing it for all the highest-traffic platforms your potential clients are on. In addition to the full brand video, we cut six further versions. These include square and 16:9 formats of a 30-second, 15-second, and 6-second version to most effectively utilize each social media channel.

  • 3 Deploy Relentlessly

    Next up: maximizing the number of prospective clients that lay eyes on your videos. Why? Because consumption = conversion. We’ll post the most optimized video cuts on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn. But that’s only the beginning. We work with you to target your ideal client persona, design strategic paid ads, break down your metrics on a monthly basis, and so much more!


Our Results

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Optimize your Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube channels for ideal campaign performance and ROI.


Work closely with Crisp strategists to get clear on the ideal client personas you want to target with your advertising.


Our veteran team manages your ad campaigns the same way we manage our own — relentlessly.


Your campaign is not “set it and forget it.” Your Client Success team manages and optimizes your campaign on an ongoing basis to ensure maximum reach.


Keep your firm front and center with ads that reach high-value prospects even after they’ve left your site.


Explore what works and doesn’t work, identify how your ideal clients are responding to your ad campaigns, and make strategic adjustments along the way.


Understand where and how you’ve built awareness and primed the market to choose you.

Transformative Workshops

Get the tools to dominate, make the connections to scale, and create the legacy to live on with CrispX’s hands-on workshops

Deep curriculum. Electrifying energy. Major breakthroughs.

The curriculum is confidential, but CrispX workshops have helped members to…


Build a sustainable legacy

Put a structure in place for your law firm’s future, with or without you.

Position your firm for acquisition

Master your craft as CEO of your law firm, strengthen the foundation of your business, and set yourself up for future investment.

Attract, vet, and hire A-players

Cultivate a concrete plan for finding and empowering a game-changing team that will push your firm to the next level.

Craft a bulletproof culture

Establish and enforce a culture of excellence that brings out the best in your team — and in you.

Own the market for high-value cases

Intentionally and strategically position your firm as the obvious answer and only real choice.

Achieve explosive growth

Grow in your role as a visionary leader, set transformational goals, and give them a due date.

Unparalleled Networking

You’ve outgrown your old network.
Meet your new private sounding board.

There’s over $1B in revenue in this program. Like a secret society of the nation’s top firms.

Other “networks” don’t fit your firm — or the size of your vision. Your challenges are bigger; your goals more aggressive. Small firms can’t relate. Competitors only see the target on your back.

But you’ll go further, faster if you don’t go alone.

CrispX puts you “in the room” with the industry’s top leaders to hear the lessons they’ve learned and glean from their experience.

It’s a strictly vetted environment. Sharing is open and frequent. Peers become friends, mentors, and referral partners.

What CrispX members are saying about their experience

CrispX has been our best asset during this pandemic. We are way ahead of the curve and feeling exceptionally confident thanks to their coaching. Excellent presentation at the team huddle and exactly on-point with the goals we discussed with her in advance. I can’t emphasize enough how grateful we are to be part of CrispX!”

John Martin KJC Law Firm, Personal Injury

CrispX is wonderful at keeping our focus on the big picture and maintaining the core values of the firm as we make decisions on firm growth, staffing changes, and particularly addressing the unique (and opportunity-laden) times we find ourselves in.”

Mark O'Mara O'Mara Law Group, Criminal Defense & Family Law

Exclusive Access to Michael Mogill

Led by Michael Mogill, Crisp’s CEO & Founder

This is the ONLY program that gives you direct access to Michael’s latest thinking on marketing, business development, strategy, and how to drive exponential results in your law firm.

Michael walks his talk, scaling Crisp from $500 to $40M+ in under 10 years while driving over $450,000,000 in revenue for clients to date.

Because he is personally and deeply invested in this program, we’re extremely selective about who is given access.


Get a Dedicated Accountability Partner in your corner and on your case

Whenever you have a question, need an update, or have an idea, there’s just one person to call. No chasing, no smoke, no mirrors.


Crisp Experience

The Team You Build is the Company You Build

Crisp Experience is a tailored training solution for your team — and your one-way ticket to accelerated growth.

This program will align their individual goals and aspirations with the mission and vision of your organization in order to generate solutions and drive bottom-line results for your law firm.


Empower your A-players to specialize in their unique abilities and maximize effectiveness in their roles.


Send your best people to hands-on experiences that will equip them with the latest in their specialty — and the tools they need to positively impact your business.


Leaders on your team will build relationships with like-minded legal professionals from firms around the country, access Crisp Academy (a vast library of additional educational tools and resources), and keep you in the loop every step of the way.


Give your team the tools to compete and
win in today’s digital marketplace

Crisp Academy is a comprehensive training library designed to equip your team to attract and close high-value cases on their own.

Crisp Experience membership includes seats for your team.

Keep your team ahead of the curve with training from the industry’s top experts:

  • Brand and messaging development
  • Analytics and metrics measurement
  • Conversion tracking and optimization
  • Paid ad strategy and execution
  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Social media strategy
  • Website management

Monitor how your team members are learning and progressing through the curriculum.

New courses are consistently added and material is automatically updated over time.

Comprehensive courses include certifications upon completion and testing.

CrispX is
NOT for you if…

You’re not doing at least $10M in annual revenue
Our average member brings in $18M+ (and up to $90M+) in annual revenue.

You’re not “all-in.” We don’t want members who are not fully committed to growing their businesses.

You wilt under pressure. CrispX pushes you to make difficult decisions and hard changes.

You can’t keep up. Exponential growth requires intentional action, and CrispX is not for passengers.

Law firm owners with big visions…

…trust CrispX to get them there.

Our Results

Doubt the value of CrispX? Don’t take our word for it—take a look at these case studies.

Apply for an invitation to CrispX

CrispX is intended for the top 5% of all firms. Even then, you cannot buy your way in and membership is not guaranteed.

Because of the tight-knit nature of the group and our CEO’s direct involvement, we are extremely selective about who we permit to join.

Interested firms can apply to be invited. Crisp will consider applications on a case-by-case basis.

“It has exceeded all of my expectations. The people that I've met and the things that I've learned have gone far beyond anything I would've imagined. *It's one of the best decisions I've ever made."

Alexander Shunnarah

Alexander Shunnarah Personal Injury Attorneys
Personal Injury

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