Meet Alexander Shunnarah: EVOLVE Summit Featured Speaker

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The leader in legal market domination has a name, and it’s Alexander Shunnarah.

There is no one who can better attest to the effectiveness of marketing, the importance of entrepreneurship as a law firm owner, or the idea that you have the power to be great — no matter where you come from.

Alexander Shunnarah is Founder, President, and CEO of Shunnarah Injury Lawyers — Alabama’s most renowned personal injury firm with a rapidly growing presence across the nation.

We are humbled not only to have Shunnarah as a client and part of the Crisp family, but we’re also elated to share that he will be taking the virtual stage at the EVOLVE Summit this June 24-25!

“They asked me what my work hours are. I said ‘eyes open to eyes closed.’”

Alexander Shunnarah will be unlocking the vault to share some of his top secrets that have led him to becoming one of the most successful law firm owners in America. Read on to learn more about what he’ll bring to the EVOLVE Summit.


Who is Alexander Shunnarah?

Back in 2001, Shunnarah began his firm with just one legal assistant. While he has now become a national force to be reckoned with, his beginnings as a small operation are as humble as any.

Shunnarah was born in Birmingham, Alabama to immigrant parents. He graduated with a BS in political science and sociology from the University of Alabama, and went on to receive his law degree from Birmingham School of Law.

After graduating and starting his own firm, Shunnarah worked hard to grow his business. Between 2005-2009, he picked up speed with some large railroad cases that brought in millions of dollars. The rest is history.

Over the years, Shunnarah went from “handing out business cards to family and friends and fellow church members” to being the most ubiquitous legal brand of the Southern United States — boasting billboards plastered with the Shunnarah name lining the well-traveled interstates of Alabama.

Now, Shunnarah’s billboard fame has spread widely, even making it into the realm of internet memes:

The credit is well-deserved. His large-scale advertising strategy now boasts over 2,000 billboards. This unparalleled billboard empire across the state and the southeast has, in part, carried him to national prominence.

With over $800 million recovered for clients, 20 offices nationwide, and 70+ attorneys trying cases in every state — Shunnarah doesn’t skimp on marketing. In addition to hosting a powerhouse team, Shunnarah was named Master of Marketing by The National Trial Lawyer Magazine in 2016. His current slogan, “Call Me, Alabama!” is now being adapted with his growing presence in cities across the country.

Apart from the reputation he’s built for effective marketing campaigns, Shunnarah is now also known as an entrepreneur and thought leader. His skillful manner of entrepreneurial law firm ownership is highly coveted by legal professionals everywhere.


What Alexander Shunnarah Will Bring to the EVOLVE Summit

Shunnarah’s expertise extends far beyond billboards and slogans. This legal legend will be sharing exclusive insight at the EVOLVE Summit about honing entrepreneurial skills, the importance of full-scale branding, and playing the long game for success.

Get a sneak peek at the knowledge he has to share in his featured episode of The Game Changing Attorney Podcast. He sat down with Crisp Founder & CEO Michael Mogill to discuss what he does to keep his fingers on the pulse of his business and why he’s always ready to adapt and improve his marketing strategy.

Join him to take a deep dive into calculated financial risks in the legal landscape and talk about when it’s time to go all-in on advertising and marketing your law firm. Plus, Shunnarah explains how a little bit of fear can be the ideal driving force to elevate an attorney in a crowded market such as personal injury law.

Key takeaways include:

  • How did a personal injury lawyer become the best-known face in all of Alabama?
  • What can football coach Nick Saban teach us about law firm leadership?
  • And why does Alexander Shunnarah play the legal marketing long game?

Listen to the full episode here.

When Shunnarah takes the stage at the EVOLVE Summit, you can expect even deeper insights into the lessons this marketing mogul and industry titan has learned over the years.

If you and your team are ready to roll up your sleeves, get to work, and implement the actionable advice he has coming your way, then buckle up and get ready for the ride. You’ll be learning about why giving back to your coworkers and community is important, what value comes from investing everything you can back into your business, and what 30+ years of dominating the industry has taught Shunnarah — plus so much more.


About the EVOLVE Summit

If you’re looking to learn about how you can take your foot off the gas or work less and make more, we’ve got news:

The EVOLVE Summit is not for you.

That’s the hard truth — success isn’t for everyone. We won’t sugarcoat the fact that it’s going to take commitment and dedication.

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The EVOLVE Summit was created just for you.

This event will be the ultimate experience for entrepreneurial law firm owners and their teams. Want the proof? Take a look at the incredible speaker lineup yourself. As if learning from legal titan Alexander Shunnarah himself wasn’t enough, we’ve pulled out all the stops for a star-studded, ultra-impactful experience.

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