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For law firms up to $1M in annual revenue


Work “ON” Not “IN” Your Law Firm

Make Strategic Decisions with Confidence & Clarity

Expand Your Capacity and Your Firm’s Capabilities

What's Included

The only program created to catalyze transformational growth for you and your law firm

Dedicated Coach

Meet your new partner in business growth, connect on a regular rhythm, and be prepared to be held accountable for your goals.


Unparalleled Networking

Build strong relationships with like-minded leaders and learn how they run their firms.


Transformative Workshops

Skip the “same old” approaches to your unique challenges. Attack the root causes and blast past plateaus.


World-Class Video

Build massive awareness with a library of strategically-created videos produced at Crisp’s gold standard.


Relentless Digital Marketing

Attract high-value cases at scale with end-to-end implementation by Crisp’s veteran team.


Onsite Team Training

Scale and skill up your team with onsite training designed to align your people and streamline your culture.


This is it: your ultimate unfair advantage.

Limited seats: You apply, we decide.

World-Class Video

Establish your brand and differentiate your firm with world-class videos

Get a strategically selected mix of videos to give you a massive presence on every channel. All delivered at Crisp’s gold standard.

Relentless Digital Marketing

Don’t just be the best lawyer.
Become the best known with Crisp Social Stack.


  • 1 Produce Video

    We work with you to create the brand video of your dreams! Your dedicated Client Success Manager collaborates with you to determine your Unique Value Proposition, or how to best tell your firm’s story using the powerful medium of video. Our highly-trained cinematographers then travel right to you to film you in your element and then edit your video in a matter of days for your review.

  • 2 Optimize Social Cuts

    Once you’ve approved your video, our team gets to work optimizing it for all manners of client consumption. In addition to the full brand video, we cut six further versions. These include square and 16:9 formats of a 30-second, 15-second, and 6-second version to most effectively utilize each social media channel.

  • 3 Deploy Relentlessly

    The name of the game is maximizing the number of prospective clients that lay eyes on your videos. Why? Because consumption = conversion. We’ll post the appropriate video cuts on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn. But that’s only the beginning. We work with you to target your ideal client persona, design strategic paid ads, break down your metrics on a monthly basis, and so much more!


Our Results

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Optimize your Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube channels for ideal campaign performance and ROI.


Work closely with Crisp strategists to get clear on the ideal client personas you want to target with your advertising.


Our veteran team manages your ad campaigns the same way we manage our own — relentlessly.


Your campaign is not “set it and forget it.” Your Client Success team manages and optimizes your campaign on an ongoing basis to ensure maximum reach.


Keep your firm front and center with ads that reach high-value prospects even after they’ve left your site.


Explore what works and doesn’t work, identify how your ideal clients are responding to your ad campaigns, and make strategic adjustments along the way.


Understand where and how you’ve built awareness and primed the market to choose you.

Transformative Workshops

Work on your law firm instead of in it with ELITE’s hands-on workshops

Exclusive curriculum. Palpable energy. Major breakthroughs.

The curriculum is confidential, but ELITE workshops help members to…


Get clarity and gain confidence

Understand the true obstacles to your growth, clarify your strengths, and define a set vision for your future.

Free up time for maximum impact

Remove distractions, weaknesses, and wastes of your efforts. Get your time back so you can get your law firm on track.

Scale up systems without burning out

See how the fastest-growing firms do things differently and how to get out of your own way.

Create 5-star client experiences

Impress clients from first encounter to final sign-off and generate massive word-of-mouth.

Stand out in your market to attract high-value cases

Intentionally and strategically position your firm as the obvious answer for your ideal clients.

Achieve transformational growth

Step into your role as visionary leader, set transformational goals, and give them a due date.

Unparalleled Networking

You’ve outgrown your old network.
Meet your new private sounding board.

Like a secret society of the nation’s fastest-growing firms.

Other “networks” won’t set your firm up for the future you dream of. Your challenges are bigger; your goals more aggressive. Complacent firms can’t relate.

But you’ll go further, faster if you don’t go alone.

ELITE puts you “in the room” with the industry’s fastest-growing leaders to hear the lessons they’ve learned and glean from their experience.

It’s a strictly vetted environment. Sharing is open and frequent. Peers become friends, mentors, and referral partners.

What Crisp ELITE members are saying about their experience

“When I first considered participating in the Crisp coaching program, I initially pushed back. I was happy not getting too involved in the business and enjoyed the practice of law. It was only a few years ago when I transitioned to becoming a solo practitioner that I realized I needed help understanding the nuances of operating a law firm. I needed to learn how to work “on” the business. 

The Crisp Coach program allowed me to focus on the details of my practice including improving our firm processes and setting short and long-term goals.  The most important thing I have learned from my Crisp coaching team centers around accountability. The support I now have to build the vision for my law firm is beyond what I could have imagined.  My firm has developed an exciting team culture, we have expanded the volume of quality intake of new cases, revenue has noticeably and steadily increased, and our reputation and visibility in the community has skyrocketed.

The Crisp coaching program has profoundly impacted me as a law firm owner.  The guidance provided by the team at Crisp has helped me to commit to a vision for my firm that has not only made me a better law firm owner but a better person. The focus on accountability has put me in the best position to lead the firm and to hire people in the best position to succeed. And as a result, we have continuously been able to obtain the best results for our clients.

I am glad I had the courage to take the leap and allow myself to be coached. Watching a recent documentary featuring Michael Jordan in The Last Dance – I recall a quote that stuck with me that applies here: ‘A coach is someone that sees beyond your limits and guides you to greatness.’  Crisp Coach is that guide for you and your law firm.”

Lawrence Morizio Morizio Law Firm, P.C.

“From the time I struck out on my own to start my own firm more than a decade ago, I’d read books and blogs and listen to podcasts and attend law firm management CLEs but the advice was mostly overwhelming. Working with a coach through Crisp has helped narrow my focus to the most impactful agenda items.

Even when the suggestions have been thoroughly outside my comfort zone, I have tried to approach everything with a willingness to try and found that almost everything has worked (and what has not worked at first has been a springboard to new ideas).

Through the process, I’ve been able to honestly evaluate what is and isn’t working and greatly improve in all areas, particularly culture and hiring and marketing. 2021 was our best financial year ever and I am looking forward to even greater success in all areas in 2022.”

Vanessa Gorden GordenLaw, LLC

Get a Dedicated Accountability Partner in your corner and on your case

Whenever you have a question, need an update, or have an idea, there’s just one person to call. No chasing, no smoke, no mirrors.


Law firm owners with big visions…
…trust Crisp ELITE to get them there.

Our Results

Doubt the value of Crisp ELITE? Don’t take our word for it—take a look at these case studies.

Crisp ELITE is by application only.

With limited seats and an exceptional caliber of growth-minded law firm owners, we are extremely selective about who we allow to join.

To inquire about program availability and discuss this program with our team, please complete the brief 2-minute form below.

"The Crisp coaching program has profoundly impacted me as a law firm owner. My firm has developed an exciting team culture, we have expanded the volume of quality intake of new cases, revenue has noticeably and steadily increased, and our reputation and visibility in the community has skyrocketed.
The coaching implemented by Crisp is an absolutely lethal strategy to move your firm forward and to compete in your market."

Lawrence Morizio

Morizio Law Firm, P.C.

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