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Project Overview

When it comes to successfully growing a law firm, there is no such thing as cutting corners. Whether you’re a lawyer fighting for justice for your clients, a paralegal organizing cases, or an accountant crunching numbers daily, if you’re a part of a law office, you understand that things must be done the right way the first time around.

The same goes for the owners of the law firms themselves. Though their schedules are arguably the busiest of the entire practice, they must still find a way and the time to get to all of their meetings, run their firms, and still invest in their personal and professional growth. That’s exactly what David Martin of David W. Martin Law Group vowed to do.

Born and raised in Fort Mill, South Carolina, David always had a passion for helping others. He attended Coastal Carolina University where he played quarterback on the football team, playing alongside a group of young men who cared for others, all the while pursuing his degree in Political Science.

During his junior year of college, David discovered he would be having a daughter, and that led him to hang up his cleats — but not his dream of helping others. In fact, it only further drove him to become a force for good in his community.

Upon graduating college, David immediately immersed himself in his career with the South Carolina family courts. It was there that he found his true calling for creating solutions for families in need. With that as his driving force, he knew what he had to do…

David enrolled at the Charlotte School of Law where he received his Juris Doctorate before opening a firm in Rock Hill, South Carolina to expand his legal representation skills in personal injury law and civil litigation.

Never having been one to settle, even after initial success David knew that there was still more for him left to do. That’s why he’s partnered with some of the sharpest legal minds in the state of South Carolina to expand his practice from one to seven different locations, ensuring that those in need everywhere have access to a personal injury team that cares about their individual cases.

But what happens when one leader opens multiple locations? How can a single law firm owner keep up with the demands of handling seven different teams, seven different branches’ worth of cases, and seven different branches’ worth of operational issues?

David suddenly discovered that though this was the exact path he knew his life was destined to take, he wasn’t sure if it was one he could travel alone.

He knew he had to make a change that would change the way he ran his practice forever.


David has been a fierce competitor his entire life, both on the football field and otherwise — and that’s why he wasn’t going to shy away from this new challenge and uncharted territory.

After taking a leap of faith and attending the Game Changers Summit 3 in 2021, David was instantly hooked. He couldn’t believe the knowledge, insights, strategies, stories, and ideas that were shared over the course of the two-day Summit, and he knew this was his chance to bring these ideas back to his own firm and run it like the CEO he knew he was.

Though he wasn’t entirely sure what he was getting into, and after hearing raving reviews from countless fellow law firm owners at the Summit, he dove headfirst into the Crisp Coach program, and he hasn’t looked back since.

David sought solutions to the following issues:

  • He wanted to improve his time management skills
  • He hoped to find more ways to delegate tasks to his team members
  • He knew he needed to grow and scale his firm

He had struggled with time management over the years because he was balancing running a business and providing for his family. Though opening multiple practices was great for the community, it took a lot out of David, and he knew he couldn’t do it all alone anymore.

A leader since childhood, David had always had a hard time delegating tasks to others. He started his own law firm, and he felt that he needed to be the one person in charge of everything. The word delegate wasn’t even in his vocabulary. But he eventually realized that the more responsibilities he took on, the more his practices would suffer, and that meant his clients would suffer as well. He wasn’t willing to let that happen.

David has always set lofty goals for himself, and while this has helped him become the person he is today, he has admittedly gotten in his own way from time to time. He needed to learn to take a step back, set achievable goals, and surround himself with people ready to help make them reality.

In addition to all of these challenges, David wanted to get his team on the same page, grow his network, and provide the best experience possible for each one of his clients.

Could Crisp Coach help him accomplish all of this and more?

Read on to see what happened to David and his firm.

Crisp has taught our firm how to expand and scale while maintaining business processes within each role. The Crisp Coach program and my coach have kept us focused on monthly goals and action items to accomplish the monthly/yearly goals. Crisp also allowed me to create referral partnerships within personal injury, which has allowed us to expand into other practice areas.

David W. Martin


Now that David had a clear picture of the challenges that needed to be addressed within his firm, it was time to get started — and it began on his very first day of working with Crisp Coach.

Crisp Coach is recognized as the #1 law firm growth program in America, and for good reason. Immediately, David was set up to:

  • Achieve the transformational growth he’d been looking for
  • Create the ultimate experience for his clients at each stage of the legal process
  • Make strategic and actionable decisions to benefit his firm
  • Align his legal team and get everyone working toward the same goal
  • Become a true competitor in his market
  • Learn to delegate like a pro
  • Manage his time down to the last minute
  • Run his law firm like a true CEO

But before he was ready to tackle the list, he first needed to be paired with his very own Program Advisor (PA) who would help him reach his goals. His PA acts as his accountability partner, meeting with him regularly, keeping him focused on his goals, and providing strategies and insights to put into action.

David was more ready than ever to get started making changes. The first step was to get his time management issues under control in order for him to be a successful leader.

“In 2021 and early 2022, I was trying to handle everything,” explains David. “I was managing a caseload of 100+ cases all while trying to run the day-to-day aspects of the firm. Crisp Coach and my PA, Tim, made me commit to stepping out of running as many cases so that I could delegate and focus on the business side of the firm. This has made me less stressed, allowed me to grow, allowed me to make more money, all while feeling a sense of accomplishment when yearly goals are met.”

Not only has David been able to learn how to delegate and manage his time directly from his PA, but he’s had multiple opportunities to learn from hundreds of fellow law firm owners from around the country, including some of the people he looks up to the most.

That’s because when you join the Crisp Coach program, you’re not just connecting with your PA every now and then. You have the chance to meet and work with committed law firm owners who have been in your shoes well before you. From full-day workshops held at Crisp’s state-of-the-art training center to large events like the Game Changers Summit, these leaders are constantly surrounded by successful people who want to help them become better than yesterday.

“The experiences that I have had in the last 1.5 years have been invaluable,” insists David. “I have had the opportunity to network with Alexander Shunnarah, with whom I have looked up to for years. I have had the opportunity to speak about networking, hiring, improving processes, and different types of technology with some of the most successful law firm owners in the Southeast and across the country. There is no other place or organization that will provide a small law firm owner like me the collective knowledge of the attorneys in the Crisp Coach program.”

In addition to meeting some of his heroes, David has been able to grow his firm in ways that he never thought possible. It’s no secret that the legal industry is one of the most competitive on the market today, but that didn’t stop David from finding a way to stand out. Thanks to help from his PA as well as his Client Success Manager who worked with him to produce his legal videos and run his social media marketing campaigns, David has made a sizable splash in his market.

It turns out that David’s success came from all aspects of his partnership with Crisp. Thanks to regular meetings with his PA and Client Success Manager, a bigger network with some serious power players, onsite and offsite workshops, and team building sessions and exercises, David has a lot he can attribute to his law firm’s growth in 2022 versus 2021 before joining Crisp Coach.

Not only has David been able to focus on his firm in the present, but he’s even got a few insights on what’s coming to the legal industry in the near future. This has given him a leg up on his competition who haven’t started preparing for the major changes heading their way.

“There is no price that I could put on the benefits that I have already learned from Crisp in only one year of the coaching program,” shares David. “Crisp has also opened my eyes to the potential with the non-lawyer ownership in the future, so I am trying to prepare and learn as much as possible for when it does occur.”

With David’s plans in place and changes coming quickly, how did they pan out? Is his law firm thriving right now? How is he getting ready for the future?

Read on to find out just how much Crisp Coach changed David W. Martin Accident & Injury Attorneys.

Our entire team, and more importantly our culture, is head and shoulders better than it was in 2021 before we started our program. Any type of change in a company is terrifying and uncomfortable, but Crisp has given me the confidence to make changes within my law firm as soon as they are needed and to receive buy-in from the rest of our team to move the process forward with confidence.

David W. Martin


Crisp Coach has the ability to transform any law firm — but it takes a real leader to be willing to bet on themselves and go all-in on the changes that need to be made. David Martin is one of those leaders.

Not only has David been able to turn his law firm into a legal powerhouse and a well-oiled machine, but he’s been able to to change himself on personal and professional levels as well.

“Crisp gave me the confidence to double-down on what I was doing to achieve the goals we set out,” claims David. “If you’re thinking about joining Crisp Coach, do it and fully commit to it. Be as active as possible because you get out of it what you put into it.”

Thanks to his dedication to the program, David has reaped the benefits of his hard work.

At the beginning of January 2022, David set a goal to increase his personal injury business. At the time, his firm had approximately 130 family law cases, 100 criminal cases, and 50 personal injury cases. By the time January 2023 rolled around, David’s personal injury caseload increased to 258. That’s a 416% increase in personal injury cases alone.

Not only did his number of cases skyrocket, but so did revenue. In 2020, David’s firm rounded out the year at $699,238. The goal was to double that figure in 2021, and when it came time to crunch numbers at the end of the year, the total revenue came out to more than $1.6 million — a 133% increase after joining Crisp Coach during the latter half of the year.

Think all of that is impressive? After one full year with Crisp Coach in 2022, David’s firm finished the year well over $2.7 million — a 71% increase from the previous year.

David’s firm also experienced a huge notoriety boost since partnering with Crisp. In 2021, they had 21,000 website visitors. In 2022, they nearly doubled that traffic to 41,000. More exposure has led to more cases which has led to more revenue for the growing firm.

On top of higher numbers in every category, David learned to delegate and manage his time and his team efficiently and effectively. By working closely with his PA, he learned new ways to cope with overwhelm and determine when it’s time to release a task to someone else.

“The Crisp Coach program is invaluable,” remarks David. “For those questioning whether or not to join, there is no better opportunity to do so than the present. The longer you wait, the more you’re willing to continue bad habits and processes that could easily be improved with the assistance of the coaching program.”

David has learned how to integrate his work life and his personal life without overlapping the two, and he has learned how to run his law firm like a CEO. He is prepared for anything, and he’s excited to see what else he can accomplish in his firm and his life.

“When I came to the Crisp Summit in 2021, I started to look bigger,” reflects David. “The goals became larger and the team grew. My goal is to join CrispX by December 2024 and to hit the $30 million per year by 2027. I truly believe this is possible with the help of Crisp.”

Game changers see what’s possible and make it happen. We know David will too.

  • 416%

    Caseload Increase

  • 133%

    Revenue Increase

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“The firms that plan ahead and continue to push the limits of growth and scaling within their organization will survive. The law firms that continue to bury their heads in the sand will not. It is my goal to be ready and to capitalize on this opportunity by creating better processes within my law firm. Crisp Coach can and will help me do that.”

David W. Martin

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