Everything You Missed at Game Changers Summit 3

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This year’s Game Changers Summit was the BIGGEST the legal industry has ever seen — and every year the bar gets higher.

To the over 2,500 of the nation’s leading firm owners who joined us, thank you! This incredible event is only possible because of you, and it’s all for you.

Inspiring speakers delivered powerful stories and insights from our biggest stage yet. Attendees made the most of the night at the first exclusive after-party with a little more fire than most. And of course, we gave away a few of the slickest rides to the biggest game changers of 2021.

In case this wasn’t the year you decided to start creating massive growth for your law firm (or if you just want to relive the best weekend of your professional life), here’s a recap.

The Venue

After outgrowing venues year after year, this year we settled on the stunning Marriott Marquis in downtown Atlanta. It’s the largest hotel in the city — and the only one that could handle an event like this.

The event was completely sold out (we even had to convince the fire marshal to let us add an extra table). Every inch of the 25,000-square-foot Atrium Ballroom was packed with all eyes focused on one MASSIVE stage.

This year, the 3 didn’t just stand for the 3rd summit. It’s also because we went 3X bigger — just one of our three video screens was the size of the entire screen at the 2019 summit.

The Speakers

The core mission of the Game Changers Summit is to bring together thought leaders inside and outside the industry — providing actionable insights that every attorney can take back to their firm. Attendees gathered takeaways from their tablemates and the voices on the stage. Here’s what this year’s featured speakers delivered:

Michael Mogill

Our own Michael Mogill has never been shy about sharing the ups, the downs, the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to generating massive growth in an organization. In the dynamic Summit opener, he pulled back the veil to reveal a deep-seated challenge plaguing attorneys, law firm leaders, and entrepreneurs like himself during these times of mounting pressure.

He addressed the high rates of anxiety and depression in the industry and dove into the root of it: the more people rely on you, the more you have to lose, the more stress you face. He set the tone for this year’s Summit by highlighting the importance of leading yourself, and how looking backward to remember your why and forward to commit to a long-term vision — while surrounding yourself with the right people along the way — is the formula for success, even when shouldering mounting pressure.

Later, Michael took the stage to deliver a cutting-edge marketing keynote that radically challenged what attorneys believe about promoting their businesses.

In short, it’s not about building a lovable brand. It’s about building a cult following.

(Curious? Join us for an exclusive ONE TIME ONLY encore of this industry-shaking presentation on Monday, November 15th at 3 PM EST. Register here!)

Not one to leave anything unsaid, our fearless leader stood up on Day 2 to tell real stories, reveal real lessons learned, and tell the law firm owners in attendance exactly how to turn VISION into REALITY — because that’s what being a business leader is all about.

John Ruhlin

CEO, author, and gift-giving guru John Ruhlin gifted all of us with his insights on creating stronger relationships through authentic, thoughtful gift-giving. He reiterated that it’s about much more than just the act of giving. It’s the thought behind the gift that creates a truly authentic experience. Don’t treat your clients the way you want to be treated, but the way they want to be treated. 

We were so inspired by John; we decided to try it out for ourselves — what do you think, Gary Vee?

Gary Vaynerchuk

Summit favorite Gary Vaynerchuk returned to the stage with the raw, unfiltered truth about what it takes to achieve unreasonable success now…and in the years to come. Gary’s ability to build successful enterprises is unparalleled. His goal is to work harder and inspire more — and he delivered. Success is simple if you make it simple, but you have to be able to communicate and you have to meet your ideal client where they are in their journey. 

Women Legal Leaders Panel: Sara Williams, Rachel Flood, Mariam Kuregyan, Samantha Ball — Moderated by Jessica Mogill

The first-ever Women Legal Leaders Panel blew us away, sharing how they overcame setbacks and adversity in their personal and professional lives to become unapologetically authentic — and blow away their competition on the way up. Sara Williams of Alexander Shunnarah Trial Attorneys, kept it straight with her brand of bluntness while Rachel Flood of Flood Law Firm shared her perspective on how being passionate in the work being done creates a path for women in the future. Samantha Ball of Disability Attorneys of Michigan was fired up about how she believed women could take charge of their own destinies in the legal industry and Mariam Kuregyan of Davana Law Firm broke the barrier on the number one obstacle women face in the field — themselves.

Legal Power Players Panel: Alexander Shunnarah, Roopal Luhana, Joe Fried, Harlan Schillinger

The legal industry leaders on the Legal Power Players Panel shared how they differentiated themselves to better provide for their firms, their clients, and their communities. Their stories — from implementing life philosophies in the workplace to buying up every billboard you can — showcased a level of ingenuity that would inspire anyone at any level in their growth. Legal marketing expert, Harlan Schillinger, kept it real on how retirement really doesn’t happen for the true Game Changing Power Player, Joe Fried, America’s preeminent trucking attorney, shared his raw and very real story and challenges in becoming a Legal Power Player, Roopal Luhana of Chaffin Luhana discussed the impact doing good in the legal field has, and Alexander Shunnarah told his truth on what it takes to be a true leader.

JeVon McCormick

JeVon “JT” McCormick inspired all with the story of how choosing empowerment over victimhood helped him leverage adversity to grow into the leader he is today. The amount of obstacles he overcame in his life and how it humbled him was a true inspiration to end the first day on for all the attendees.

Cy Wakeman

Cutting out the unnecessary noise is what Cy Wakeman knows best. She shared the concrete tools and techniques leaders can deploy to eliminate drama and create a more focused, productive team. Her keynote on Day 2 woke up the crowd to the reality they face from the consequences of workplace drama and what it means to truly manage and lead a culture that takes responsibility.

Jessica Mogill

In a keynote overflowing with value, Crisp’s own Jessica Mogill unpacked her top tools for hiring and aligning an engaged team, building a team with a direction toward a shared goal, sustaining consistent culture, internally developing intentional and adaptable leaders, and more. The tools revealed in her presentation weren’t just theory — they are the crucial steps and processes Crisp uses to build the Game Changing team that is capable of executing the colossal Game Changers Summit.

Tim Grover

Tim Grover wrote the book on winning (literally), but what an incredible experience it was to hear the Top 10 Rules for Success from the man who’s coached some of the world’s best-known winners. Tim also explained what it takes to become a Cleaner: an individual so dedicated to the pursuit of success that they’ll do whatever it takes to achieve their goals. He did not let up on the power or the passion in his presentation. Winning takes sacrifice. What are you willing to sacrifice?


Malcolm Gladwell

Minutiae is Malcolm Gladwell’s obsession. On stage, through his engaging and hilarious storytelling, he shared the importance of taking a big look at the small impacts each of us makes every day and shared his strategies for harnessing their collective power. He was the perfect summit closer, reminding attendees of the impact leading yourself leaves on their communities, businesses, and families.

The Giveaways

Gary wasn’t the only one we honored this year.

This year’s Game Changers Summit was also the culmination of our year-long Crisp Effect Challenge, where law firm owners from all over the country committed to achieving new levels of growth — both in their business and in their lives.

A HUGE congratulations to Crisp Effect Challenge winner Dan Gerl for inspiring us all with your commitment over the last 12 months. Dan was chosen as the winner live at the summit and awarded the Grand Prize: a stunning new Rolls-Royce Ghost.

Alongside our clients, Crisp employees also took on the challenge of documenting their own journey throughout the year. To determine the winner of the Crisp Crisp Effect Challenge, the team voted for the most transformative story. We celebrated our own Crisper of the Year, Kennedy Pope, as he triumphantly raised the keys to his new Tesla Model 3 (we’ll be waiting on that ridealong, Kennedy).

And just for showing up (and bringing tremendous energy), David Christensen got to take the keys to his brand-new Corvette Stingray after a random drawing of every Summit attendee in the room.

The Givebacks

The best part about the Game Changers Summit isn’t what attendees get; it’s what they bring — and this year, they absolutely outdid themselves.

Collectively, the Game Changers Summit 3 attendees raised $100,000 for Bert’s Big Adventure, a non-profit dedicated to providing children with terminal or chronic illnesses and their families a truly magical, all-expenses-paid trip to Disney World.

The Connections

A weekend at the Game Changers Summit is a weekend full of new connections. Attendees and speakers become one and the same — with the opportunity to connect, collaborate, and learn on and off the stage.

The Game Changers Room fostered open dialogue through exclusive Meet & Greets with speakers and great conversations.

In our Podcast booth, attendees got the chance to see what it’s like to be in the hot seat of the popular Game Changing Attorney Podcast and answer Michael’s favorite question: “What does being a game changer mean to you?”

We got to see personalities shine through at the Fun Booth:

Michael doubled down on book signings to make sure he had ample time to connect with everyone who waited in the wrap-around line.

Psst… There Was Also the Legal Industry Mixer of the Year

After Day 1 wrapped up, we pulled out all the stops and bussed everyone over to Crisp HQ to keep the party going.

Decked in speakeasy decor, the office never looked better — and we were never in better company.

Electric violinist trio Urban Electra blew us away with a live high-energy all-female trio performance, while DJ Danny M coordinated his beats to keep things lively all night.

Private chefs and a talented team of bartenders kept everyone satisfied. They juggled and breathed fire into the atmosphere (seriously). No attention was too small with everything from custom cups to imprinted ice cubes and red carpet service.

The Game Changers Summit 3 after-party was one of the most popular experiences (at an already jam-packed weekend full of transformational experiences). 

This 2022 Game Changers Summit is going bigger — like WAY bigger. Super Bowl Stadium bigger.

So after the first full day on the field of the incredible Mercedes-Benz Stadium, we’re throwing the VIP PARTY of the YEAR at Crisp HQ. Bigger and better than last year, with even more exclusive surprises, and this time you must have a VIP or Diamond ticket to get in.

Do you have your all-access pass to the Game Changers Summit, including exclusive access to the epic VIP Party? If not, run to crispsummit.com to lock in your spot now.


Oh, and We Announced an Awesome Yacht Trip

We love to treat our most committed clients — and after all the growth they generate in a year, they deserve something truly spectacular.

On the Summit stage this year, we announced a very exciting new opportunity only available to a select few in 2022: an all-inclusive 7-night retreat on a private Ritz-Carlton Yacht. This curated VIP experience will only be for a select group of CrispX members.

Where Does it Grow From Here?

After the struggles we’ve all faced over the last two years, we had no choice but to go BIGGER, BOLDER, and WILDER than ever before this year. Thank you again to those who joined us!

But the question is out there… What’s next?

This is what multiplying impact looks like — every Crisp Coach client together on the biggest stage, at the biggest law firm conference ever. These are the law firm owners that have generated a collective $450,000,000+ in revenue with the help of Crisp Coach (so far).

There’s only one move to make next. Go bigger. How? With one of our biggest announcements to date:

Crisp Coach is ecstatic to introduce the PREMIER Program — the accelerator for scalable growth for the established leader. It’s the only law firm coaching program for leaders who want to make the elusive leap from 7- to 8-figure revenue for their firms.

Another new addition to the category-defining Crisp Coach pantheon of programs is Crisp Experience — a comprehensive team training program designed to help law firms train up their A-players the right way, equipping them with fast-track specialty pathways to become experts at their craft, structured accountability to contribute to their firm’s long-term vision,  and invaluable industry connections with like-minded law firm professionals from organizations around the country.

The Crisp Experience Team Training Program and the PREMIER Program join two existing Crisp Coach Programs that have been generating massive results for the law firm owners in the cohort: ELITE (providing transformational growth for the emerging leader — for firms up to $1M in revenue) and CrispX (the ultimate unfair advantage for the market leader — bringing together firms earning $10M+ in annual revenue).

Think you’re ready to bring massive added revenue to your firm? See if you’re right for the program HERE.

And we’re going big right alongside you — announcing the biggest venue yet for the Game Changers Summit 2022: The Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

2022 is your year. Get after it.