Everything You Missed at the Game Changers Summit 2022

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It’s not every day that a law firm growth conference takes place in a Super Bowl stadium. In fact, it’s something that’s never been done before — and will likely never be done again.

The Game Changers Summit 2022 was the first and last of its kind in many ways.

Besides taking on the biggest venue in Atlanta, the Summit had an incredibly diverse speaker lineup, one of the hottest VIP parties the city’s ever seen, Grammy Award-winning group Boyz II Men closing out the entire event, and so much more.

If you were one of the lucky 5,000+ law firm owners in attendance, get ready to relive two of the best days of your life as a committed law firm owner.

If you weren’t there, get ready to see everything you missed out on.

Game Changers Summit: Day 1

Day 1 of the Game Changers Summit 2022 started off bright and early at 8:00 AM on Wednesday, November 2nd — though the line to get into the Mercedes-Benz Stadium began forming with thousands of eager law firm owners well before then.

As soon as the Summit attendees walked through the doors, the excitement was contagious. As they passed the friendly faces at the Crisp Swag Shop and walked by The Game Changing Attorney Podcast booth, they made their way down to the field, where an immersive experience unlike any other awaited them.

Once everyone found their seats, met their neighbors, and got comfortable, it was time for the show to begin.

Who and what did attendees experience?

The Speakers

After the Master of Ceremonies welcomed the thousands of law firm owners to the best two days of their lives, Crisp’s fearless leader Michael Mogill took the stage to thank everyone for being committed to achieving success and bettering their firms — two things that the Summit is known for doing.

No one attending the Game Changers Summit wants to be average, and that’s what Michael made his opening theme about: Average is the enemy. True game changers are anything but average, and they will always do whatever it takes to get to the next level and elevate their game — and that started with coming to the Summit.

Cy Wakeman

Next up, Cy Wakeman, the most requested speaker from last year’s Game Changers Summit, took things up a notch.

Cy is the nation’s leading workplace drama & leadership expert as well as a best-selling author who knows a thing or two about the damage that drama can do in a professional setting — and she made sure to let her Summit audience know as well.

Cy provided proven strategies to make office drama a thing of the past while improving work culture in general, including the removal of false accusations and constant gossip, and instead calling team members up to greatness.

Providing a much-needed antidote to drama plaguing so many law firms, Cy challenged the attorneys at the Summit to stop colluding with their team members’ complaining, quit arguing with reality, and become the modern leaders these times require them to be.

Legal Leaders Panel

When Cy’s presentation came to an end, it was time for Crisp’s very own Jessica Mogill, Head of Coaching Strategy, to host the Legal Leaders Panel.

This dynamic conversation highlighted legal thought leaders from around the country:

  • Joe Fried of Fried Goldberg LLC
  • Laura Wasser, Chief of Divorce Evolution for Divorce.com
  • John Uustal of Kelley | Uustal Law Firm
  • Jan Dils of Jan Dils, Attorneys at Law

These four firm owners built their empires out of nothing. Thanks to their hard work, determination, and perseverance, their efforts paid off, and they can safely say that they’re some of the major players in their select industries. At the Summit, these legal leaders gave inspiration to the game changers in the audience that they can be too.

John Morgan

Once those four juggernauts exited stage right, another one entered: John Morgan, owner of Morgan & Morgan, the largest personal injury law firm in America. He and Michael Mogill sat down for a fireside chat to talk about the importance of business, friendship, competitive edge, and more.

Jesse Cole

That afternoon, it was time for a burst of energy — and that’s exactly what Jesse Cole, owner of the Savannah Bananas baseball team, brought to the Summit stage.

Jesse knows what it’s like to take a chance on a potentially life-changing venture, because that’s exactly what he did with the Savannah Bananas. He took the Summit audience on a trip down memory lane when he and his wife went bankrupt trying to bring his dream to life, but eventually transformed it into a national phenomenon — and he got them on their feet in the process.


Jesse’s passion was infectious, and he inspired thousands of Summit attendees to always take chances and put fans first in order to be successful in life and business.

Michael Mogill

Next up, Michael Mogill once again took to the stage, this time for his highly anticipated Day 1 keynote presentation — and as expected, he did not disappoint.

While everyone in the audience thought they would stay in Atlanta, Michael instead took them on a trip to Las Vegas, diving deep into how law firms can increase their odds of success and stack the deck in their favor — only if they’re willing to make the commitment to growth.

Betting on yourself and doubling down is the only surefire way to accomplish your goals, and that’s something that game changers do.

The truth is that the best cases don’t always go to the best lawyers — but that’s what Michael has made his mission to fix. With Crisp’s help, the best law firm owners can get the best available cases, and that’s what he set out to help them do.

Kevin O’Leary

At last, it was time to get down to business with the ultimate entrepreneur and investor: Kevin O’Leary, AKA Mr. Wonderful. This game changer took the stage to school the game changers about what it takes to smell blood in the water from a mile away and become an investable law firm that will survive and thrive in the changing legal landscape.

Law school may equip you to practice law, but it doesn’t teach you how to be a great law firm owner. We understand that the business side of running a law firm doesn’t always come naturally to you — which is exactly why Kevin’s presence was so needed in the Benz that day.

Andre Norman

To close out an incredible Day 1, Andre Norman, the Ambassador of Hope, shared his amazing story at the Game Changers Summit, inspiring all in attendance to step up and do more to help others and leave a lasting legacy of hope.

From receiving a life sentence in prison to graduating as a Harvard Fellow from Harvard Law School, Andre took his audience on an incredible journey that has been his life, and he had everyone in the crowd in awe of what he’s accomplished. It’s safe to assume that there were even a few tears shed.

The Announcements

Crisp is once again raising the bar for law firms everywhere, especially with the big announcements that were unveiled at the Summit — and now, you get to be in on them too.

The biggest reveal was the introduction of Crisp Ventures, an enterprise that invests in companies at the forefront of innovation in the legal industry.

Crisp Ventures

As the attendees of the Summit now know, Crisp is always seeking new ways to create an even greater impact and elevate the standards of how business is done in the legal industry. We want law firm owners to stop merely following the status quo — and instead get the skills needed in order to adapt to the ever-changing legal landscape.

That’s why Crisp is determined to support the innovators who are shaping the next generation of products and services.

Through Crisp Ventures, legal visionaries will be provided with funding and resources so that they can strengthen their industry presence and reach more attorneys wanting to build the law firm of the future.

But that’s not all…

Crisp also unveiled a brand new service: CaptureNow, the legal industry’s first and only automated interactive response solution that ensures every call to your law firm is immediately answered 24/7/365 — that of course includes nights, overflow, and weekends. Give your intake team the competitive edge needed to get ahead and get known.


Features include:

  • Calls answered 24/7/365
  • Intelligent automation
  • Speech-to-text transcription
  • Simple self-service setup
  • Prioritized qualification call routing
  • Dedicated website portal
  • Case-specific email alerts
  • Automatic call recording
  • Seamless integration with popular case management systems and call centers

CaptureNow harnesses the power of Fortune 500 technology and tailors it for small and mid-sized law firms. This IVR-powered service picks up every phone call, eliminating loss, reducing ring time, and maximizing efficiency. In short, the newest Crisp Venture is equipping law firms across the country to never miss a call again.

But wait — there’s more!

The VIP Party

After Day 1 wrapped up, it was time to let loose. VIP, Diamond, and Front Row ticket holders headed from the Mercedes-Benz Stadium to Crisp HQ to keep the party going — and boy, did it go.

With thousands of energetic law firm owners in attendance, VIPs enjoyed not one, not two, but three different music options in each room: a live band, a club-style DJ set, and a solo saxophonist.

In order to accommodate the enormous number of partygoers, Crisp HQ transformed into an all-weather partyscape, including a full event tent outside to create another room entirely. With a line out the Crisp door, no one would have thought that this was a 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM workplace.

If you thought there were just law firm owners in attendance, think again.


Why, yes, that is a giant LED robot roaming through Crisp HQ…


…and dancers flying high above the crowd on rings.

Even Jesse Cole, one of the most popular Summit speakers from earlier in the day, made a surprise guest appearance at the VIP party. Fans got a chance to speak with him one on one and learn more about his success story.

As the party started winding down, the game changers returned to their hotels to get ready for an even better second day.

Game Changers Summit: Day 2

Day 2 of the Summit started off with a bang, and every attendee brought enthusiasm, anticipation, and commitment back to the Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

The Speakers

David Goggins

David is a best-selling author, retired Navy SEAL, and an accomplished endurance athlete, and he knows what it means to struggle — but he’s not one to let his struggles be the reason why he can or can’t do something.

After experiencing many setbacks in life, David knew he had to do something to better himself and change his trajectory for good. He proved to the game changers at the Summit that anyone can overcome anything placed in their path, just like he did.

Camille Vasquez

Next, it was time for the highly anticipated Camille Vasquez to take the stage with Jessica Mogill. The two sat down for an intimate conversation where Camille revealed what motivated her during the trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, how she feels about people knowing her name, and where she hopes to go from here.

Camille had her audience captivated by her answers and inspired by her accomplishments.

Jessica Mogill

Despite having a knee injury that made it difficult to walk, Jessica Mogill bravely took the stage to teach the Summit attendees all about how to make the best hires every time, invest in the right people, and transform the culture in every law firm.

Michael Mogill

As Michael Mogill took the Summit stage for his electrifying, moving Day 2 keynote presentation, all bets were off.

All leaders face struggles on their journey to greatness, and Michael is the same. Over the years, he’s faced some of his own seemingly insurmountable challenges, but he never let them get in his way of achieving his goals.

The entrepreneur’s pursuit of freedom — freedom of money, freedom of time, and freedom of purpose — was the topic of this powerhouse presentation.

Michael told Summit attendees that if you’re willing to work through entrepreneurship’s inevitable challenges to see what you’re capable of, then you have what it takes to stay in the game. He gave them actionable ways to avoid making the same mistakes he’s made along the way, strategies to apply his biggest lessons to their firms, and ultimately equipped them to create a lasting legacy that impacts everyone around them.

Building the Law Firm of the Future

On Day 2 of the Summit, it was Michael’s turn to sit down with some legal industry heavy hitters:

  • Eric Chaffin of Chaffin Luhana LLP
  • Alexander Shunnarah of Alexander Shunnarah Trial Attorneys
  • Bob Tharp of Meriwether & Tharp, LLC
  • Anthony Johnson, America’s Techiest Lawyer

If you don’t build a lasting legacy for your law firm, it has no chance of survival. But how? These four legal legends have played the game the right way and have ensured their firms’ long-term success in the process.

During this powerful session, they revealed to all in attendance how it’s done.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Finally, the moment everyone had been waiting for had arrived: Arnold Schwarzenegger, beloved movie star, skilled bodybuilder, and successful politician, sat down on stage with Michael for a conversation that had everyone on the edge of their seats — and out of them altogether by the end.


Arnold told the audience all about his fascination with America as a child, how he knew he needed to be here in order to be successful, and how he made that vision a reality. He shared stories of his time in Hollywood, what it was like meeting other huge celebrities, and what eventually led him to give politics a shot.

Arnold is the king of transformation and the prime example of someone who turned their dreams into a reality. He never let one obstacle get in the way of his goals, and that’s why he is a true game changer.

As Arnold encouraged onstage, “There is no Plan B. Stick with Plan A.”

A Surprise Guest

In true Crisp fashion, the Game Changers Summit had a surprise guest take the stage during Day 2 (albeit digitally), and attendees were treated to an exclusive fireside chat between Michael Mogill and Arthur Blank, co-founder of The Home Depot, noted philanthropist, and owner of the Atlanta Falcons NFL team, Atlanta United professional soccer team, and Mercedes-Benz Stadium, the incredible venue that hosted the #1 Law Firm Growth Conference on Earth.


During their conversation, Michael and Arthur discussed Arthur’s accomplishments as an entrepreneur and businessman. Arthur uncovered the principles that shaped who is today and why he’s been able to make so many fruitful decisions over the years.

It takes guts to be an entrepreneur, and it takes even more work to be a successful one. The game changers in the audience are lucky that they got to see two in action discussing their experiences.

The Big Reveal

One of the biggest announcements made during the Game Changers Summit 2022 had to do with next year’s Summit.

Members Only

It will now be a private event.

If you’re interested in attending the Summit next year, you’ll need to ensure that you’re a part of a Crisp Coach program, because it will only be available to those members.

Crisp Coach is a closed-door community of the highest-performing law firms, and it’s guaranteed to help you stand out from the competition and attract the best clients and cases. Apply today and ensure your spot at the Summit in 2023!

Bert’s Big Adventure

For the second year in a row, Crisp and the Game Changers Summit partnered with Bert’s Big Adventure, a nonprofit organization that provides a magical, all-expenses-paid, five-day journey to Walt Disney World for children with chronic and terminal illnesses and their families — and the money that the attendees were able to raise for this incredible organization was more than anyone could have imagined.

All proceeds from the Crisp Swag Shop went directly to BBA, as well as direct donations made from attendees. The fundraising combined to a whopping $188,000 — but it didn’t stop there.

After the announcement was made on stage, Michael Mogill slashed out that number and rounded it up to $200,000 — which means every cent of that figure is going toward children who are so deserving of an amazing trip to Disney World.

It’s an honor and a privilege to support such an amazing organization, and we can’t wait to hear all about their extraordinary trip to the Happiest Place on Earth.

The Giveaways

Let’s be honest — it wouldn’t be a Game Changers Summit without giving away a few fabulous luxury vehicles.

So who won the insane giveaways at the Game Changers Summit 2022?

The Crisp Experience MVP winner was Nikki Haddaway of Meldon Law, who drove off in a Tesla Model 3 due to the accelerated growth she underwent during her time in the Crisp Experience program.


The Crisp Crisp Effect winner was Sandra Lomotey, the Crisp team member who achieved the most growth in Crisp’s company-wide competition.


Sandra gave an emotional speech that proved just how worthy of winning she truly was, then got ready to drive off in her own Tesla Model 3.


The Crisp Effect champion as voted on by her peers was Erika Riggs, and she drove off in Michael’s — or should we say her own — Tesla Model S Plaid. Thanks to her dedication and commitment to the Crisp Effect, she was the clear winner of the challenge.


And finally, the Grand Prize winner who got to drive off in the incredibly cool Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen was none other than Emmanuel Olawale. Though he didn’t expect to bring home such a large prize, he was extremely grateful and the excitement spread rapidly throughout the stadium.


Boyz II Men

After the fabulous prizes found their new drivers, it was time for the grand finale.

Grammy Award-winning artist Boyz II Men took the stage to serenade law firm owners at the first event of its kind at a law firm growth conference — the people were ready to sing along to some of their favorite songs.

The Benz was full of law firm owners belting out lyrics while rushing to the stage to be a part of the action.


Were there tears shed? Yes.

Was anyone sad? Definitely not.

It was an unforgettable experience to top off an unforgettable Summit, and we couldn’t dream of a better ending.


The Feedback

The Game Changers Summit was by far the most well-received event the legal industry has ever seen. Thousands of 10/10 ratings, glowing reviews, and enthusiastic comments across every social media channel. But don’t take our word for it…

  • “The Summit’s underlying message, that we must give away what we have in order to keep it, that we have a responsibility to share and to care of one another, was unexpected and refreshing in a room full of lawyers.” – Meredith L.

  • “Congrats to Michael Mogill and Crisp for putting together another great Crisp Summit. Since I’ve been a little kid, my attention span listening to anyone talk in front of a room has been about 30 seconds. What you all do so well is presenting everything in a way that makes people interested and pay attention. It’s fun, engaging, and informative. Well done!” – Matt L.

  • “I’m a fellow Inc. 5000 recipient and law firm owner and must say that I’m very impressed with your event and the impact you’re making. Keep crushing it Michael Mogill!” – Audrey C.

  • “It was absolutely amazing. Great job to you and your whole team. It exceeded my expectations, and I’m a harsh critic. Thank you for all you do to help us grow and get your message out. This was worth far more than the costs. Cheers to you and job well done. You crushed it!” – Bennett S.

  • “I’ve had some problems with identifying specific long-term growth I was trying to achieve. I was able to set some very lofty goals during the Summit and I’m looking forward to executing them.” – Roger S.

  • “The level of quality, meticulous planning, and even cost of throwing that epic event with that caliber of speakers was setting a new bar for everyone in the legal industry. As the old adage goes, you are what you do — and Crisp is consistently breaking the ceiling with its events, services, and offerings. I’ve been a supporter, fan, and champion of you and Crisp since launch and I’m grateful to call Michael Mogill a friend as well.” – Anthony J.

  • “So much value! We came here for the leadership and got so much more than that.” – Dawn H.

  • “The Summit was beyond amazing and the Crisp team went above and beyond and thought of everything. Thank you so much! We learned a lot and have a lot to think about!” – Kimberley O.

What’s Next?

After a wildly successful event at the largest venue in Atlanta, it might be hard to imagine where else we can possibly go from here — but that’s just something that you’re going to have to find out for yourself.

If you’re a Crisp Coach member, we’ll see you at the Summit next year for even more networking opportunities, amazing speakers, and a whole lot of fun.

If you think you’re ready to achieve unprecedented heights, join the Crisp family. You won’t believe the places you’ll go.