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Chaffin Luhana

  • 27.5X

    Increase in Attorney Referrals

  • 17%

    Revenue Growth

  • 114%

    Increase in Website Traffic YOY

Project Overview

Chaffin Luhana is a plaintiff-only national mass tort and catastrophic personal injury law firm with offices in New York City, Pittsburgh, and West Virginia.

What sets this firm apart is their emphasis on community, caring, and compassion — a set of values that resonates deeply with their clients and prospects.

“Our guiding principle is Doing Good by Doing Right,” explains Founding Partner Eric Chaffin. “While we fight for our clients, we are guided by a social consciousness that makes us empathetic and caring toward our clients and communities.”

Chaffin’s partner Roopal Luhana feels the same way, and together the pair has made it their mission to positively impact every life they come into contact with. In addition to the work they do in the courtroom, Eric and Roopal regularly support their communities through the Chaffin Luhana Foundation. Through their charitable efforts they have championed causes from battling distracted driving, to funding scientific research, to feeding the hungry in their communities, and many more.


Their genuine passion to improve the communities they serve — along with a hunger to win and grow — propelled Chaffin Luhana ahead for the first eight years of their history. However, by 2018, they were searching for something more.

“We had grown significantly but felt we had plateaued and wanted to recapture some of the vigor and passion for growing our business that we had enjoyed for years,” says Chaffin. “And we wanted to integrate our national and regional brands under one umbrella.”

In an effort to reignite the sparks they were looking for, Eric attended the inaugural Crisp Game Changers Summit, where he first heard of the revolutionary CrispX program. He knew immediately he wanted to sign up. Roopal was not in attendance at the Summit, and when Eric described the program and told her he thought they should join, Roopal thought he was nuts. He was confident, however, that this was the right choice — and after a lively discussion, they made the joint decision to join CrispX.

We had grown significantly but felt we had plateaued and wanted to recapture some of the vigor and passion for growing our business that we had enjoyed for years.

Eric Chaffin


The firm hit the ground running in January of 2019 with Crisp, and have not looked back.

From the start, the challenges Chaffin Luhana sought answers to were just what CrispX addressed:

  • Overcoming the negative public perception of trial lawyers
  • Branding themselves in a way that accurately portrayed their values and set them apart from their competitors
  • Marketing strategies that empowered them to compete with Goliaths in the mass torts and personal injury spaces with seemingly bottomless resources
  • The business and company culture focus they knew would help them grow from a successful practice to a powerhouse legal business
  • A network of like-minded law firm owners all striving for lasting growth and meaningful impact

“In the national mass tort space, we are up against law firms and marketers who too often are backed by venture capital that spend literally tens of millions of dollars on marketing,” Chaffin elaborates. “In the Pittsburgh market, we are up against a brand leader that has been in the market since the 1980s and spends millions of dollars per year in Pittsburgh alone, as well as a newer law firm that is trying to undercut all firms by offering a reduced 25% contingent fee.”

Eric and Roopal knew they had the skills, expertise, experience, and passion to compete with — and exceed — the capabilities of their competitors. And with CrispX, they were determined to leverage their unique abilities, position themselves as the highest quality legal representation in their market, learn and grow as leaders in a way that would fill in the gaps in their business knowledge, and tap into the experience and insights not only of the #1 law firm growth company in America — but the scores of fellow law firm owners they would meet in the program as well.

Combining a 360º marketing campaign that is both broad and powerful with the top coaching program and private workshop group in the legal industry, the CrispX program was designed to connect the most ambitious law firms in the country with an intimate, vetted group of like-minded 7-8 figure leaders who are equally committed to achieving massive growth.

CrispX equips these firm leaders with a game changing combination of:

  • World-class legal video strategically curated and professionally produced at Crisps’ gold standard
  • Relentless digital marketing to saturate the major digital channels with their messaging
  • Leadership and management coaching to transform attorneys into visionary leaders
  • Proven strategies and cutting-edge resources to empower and align their teams
  • Access to the fastest-growing law firms in the industry, fostering the relationships that generate referrals and fuel major growth

Chaffin Luhana partnered with Crisp’s elite creative team to incorporate their Doing Good by Doing Right messaging, tell the story of their firm, highlight the attributes of their brand and key practice areas, and showcase their reach and locations in an emotionally compelling way crafted to resonate deeply with their target audience.

They also distribute their content using Crisp Social Stack, a relentless multi-channel marketing program managed by the veteran team driving brand awareness for the fastest-growing law firms in the nation.

While their superior marketing strategy drives awareness, traffic, and year-over-year growth, the workshop and coaching aspects of the CrispX program have provided Roopal and Eric with substantial knowledge, tools, strategies, and relationships to move their business forward in tandem with their reputation.

“Being surrounded by other highly successful attorneys who are focused on growth and happy for our success is immensely rewarding,” they say. “And the focus of CrispX workshops is not just on growing the business — but recognizes that to grow a business you too must grow!”

Evaluate your network. If you are not seeing positive high-growth people who are as passionate as you about growing their own business, it likely is time to find new friends. CrispX is a game changer on that front.

Chaffin Luhana


The first impact Chaffin Luhana experienced once they partnered with Crisp was their elevated stature in their communities and a cohesive brand message that helped differentiate them and position them as the best choice for the clients they wanted to attract.

“Our library of Crisp videos has armed our intake department with videos to use with our clients to help develop that initial connection and close on retainers,” Eric elaborates. “And we have had attorneys with high-value wrongful death case seek our co-counsel from our referral video alone.”

The strategic paid advertising campaigns they use to distribute those videos and spread awareness have also empowered Eric and Roopal to become more visible in their communities, increasing the recognition of their brand, and developing long-term relationships that culminate in elevated “knownness” — the key to becoming a household name.

“Crisp Social Stack has helped us increase our brand reach, and our confidence in the approach led us to grow our social media spend by 5x within the first quarter of seeing the initial results (see above results),” they say. “We are more visible among potential clients, and we stay in front of our referral sources with quality Crisp produced videos.”

But the impact of the program reached the core of Chaffin Luhana as a business in ways neither partner could have predicted.

“CrispX has made a difference in all facets of our business,” says Chaffin. He goes on to describe the numerous ways the program has impacted the organization as a whole:

Now we don’t simply talk about a growth mindset — we have ways to evaluate it starting with hiring. We built our hiring funnel around the Crisp model, and we now hire more people faster with greater confidence that they match our growth mindset and needs. We have taught this across groups so that our recruiting and onboarding team includes a group rather than 1-2 people.

We developed a clearer vision that is now communicated to the firm regularly. We have clear values that are incorporated into various aspects of our firm and materials. We organized our processes, perfected them, and now use Trainual to teach them. We are recruiting our first remote virtual assistants to support our data mining and recruiting efforts. We instituted tools such as Bonusly, Slack, and CommitTo3. We do coaching sessions across the team. We started a book club and are using Cy Wakeman’s materials across the firm.

We have developed relationships as owners with other successful law firm owners; these relationships have been invaluable. This includes everything from the development of literally hundreds of referrals, to introduction to vendors to business ideas, to a camaraderie that is second-to-none after we have done things like cried and walked on glass together — literally.


From improving the way they hire, train, and empower their team members — to the way they approach leadership, vision, and management — to the meaningful relationships forged with their fellow CrispX members — Eric Chaffin and Roopal Luhana are a living testament to kind of game changing results leaders can get with the level of commitment needed to create truly transformational growth.

“The beauty of Crisp is that the Crisp team leads by example and inspires,” they say, going on to describe the type of firm owner they believe is cut out for this intense, holistic program. “There is a certain caliber of attorney who is attracted to that — and some are just plain too scared — and you have to be honest with yourself about what you really want. If you are truly committed and execute on what you learn, you’ll get a lot out of it. If you are just looking for the next ‘quick and easy’ thing, then save your money and time (and let us know when you find it, but you’ll likely find the fountain of youth first).”

  • 27.5X

    Increase in Attorney Referrals

  • 17%

    Revenue Growth

  • 114%

    Increase in Website Traffic YOY

Firms will need to embrace and understand technology and data. The attorneys who are both good trial lawyers and marketers will win against the ones who are only trial lawyers or the ones who are only marketers. Some say attorneys can’t do both, and we tend to agree that one attorney alone cannot do both, but a law firm — with a team built on a growth mindset — can be both brilliant marketers and trial lawyers. We intend to be living proof of that.

Chaffin Luhana


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