How Legal Video Marketing Can Make A Difference In Every Practice Area

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The Power of Legal Video

Video has been shown time and time again to drive massive results to online marketing campaigns, is a proven strategy to enhance your brand, and can establish a direct connection with potential clients.

Video can also greatly enhance your content marketing efforts, and here’s why:

Video content is so powerful because it combines all of the benefits of a strong content strategy: it’s emotional, it’s engaging, it connects with the audience, and it’s memorable.

You can leverage video across every part of your website and content strategy. You can analyze your site traffic to identify which blog posts get the most traffic, then produce an educational video that corresponds to that topic, or vice versa. You can produce testimonial videos to build social proof or create a branding video that introduces and humanizes your firm.

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Legal Video Can Make a Difference Regardless of Market or Practice Area

Many legal marketers find themselves wondering if a legal video will work in their practice area.

Similar to other forms of advertising (like paid social media or PPC) an effective video marketing strategy looks different across every practice area. Your messaging, content, and visuals may differ depending on your target audience and your firm’s background.

Yet even with these differences, a legal video is an incredibly powerful (and effective!) marketing strategy for attorneys, regardless of their practice area.

Check out a few examples of Crisp clients from every practice area who have seen success with their legal videos:

Personal Injury

Personal injury attorneys benefit from video marketing because videos present an opportunity to demonstrate their compassion for the clients and why they do what they do. Having a video for potential clients to view can erase any uncertainty about an attorney’s motivations. Use the opportunity to showcase your empathy and dedication to helping your client.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation attorneys can benefit from a smaller pool of competition compared to personal injury attorneys. Video marketing is a great way to differentiate yourself from your competition and become the obvious choice in your market.

Criminal Defense

There are tons of criminal defense attorneys in the United States, so it’s important to be able to discern how one firm differs from another. Video marketing is a great way to get your face on a screen deliberately outlining the ways your firm is better, more capable, and more trustworthy than your competitors.

However, criminal defense can be a notoriously tricky practice area to market. Many times people accused of crimes are scared and hesitant to talk about their situation. You have to be careful with your messaging to ensure you’re connecting with your client while also establishing yourself as the go-to expert in your market.

Check out some examples and testimonials from Crisp clients that practice criminal defense:

Court Martial Defense

Similar to the workers’ compensation attorney pool, the military court martial pool is slimmer than personal injury or criminal defense. Take advantage of the opportunity to differentiate your firm with a video. Put a face, voice, and message to a name. Your clients are not likely to forget it.

Business Law

The clientele for business law attorneys differs from, say, criminal defense or personal injury. Your potential clients may have big budgets, so be sure to set yourself apart with top quality video content to match your potential client’s persona.

Family Law

There are tons of family law practices in the United States. How do you aim to separate your firm from the rest? Video marketing can give you a leg up on the competition by associating your face with your message, letting them know that you are on their side during a very delicate time in their lives.

Personal Injury

Fox & Farley

Fox & Farley is a personal injury firm in Knoxville, Tennessee. The team at Fox & Farley is devoted exclusively to representing injured people, primarily in auto wrecks, product liability cases, slip and falls, and pharmaceutical and orthopedic appliance mass tort claims. At the helm of the firm is attorney Bruce Fox, whose experience working with local production companies left him wanting more from his video marketing.

Through a strategic SEO and web strategy and the addition of Crisp videos to their marketing, Fox & Farley saw a 20% increase in case volume along with an exponential increase in site traffic – including a significant improvement in Google rankings.

Here’s what Bruce said about his experience with Crisp:

“We chose Crisp because they were hands down the best audiovisual company in the legal industry. Nobody comes close to matching the quality, emotion, or preparation you get when working with Crisp. I’ve been running TV ads for a long time. Before working with Crisp, never in my time practicing law have I had people come up to me and say, ‘I saw your ad on TV, and that is really, really good.’ Now, I have three people a day tell me that.”

– Bruce Fox

You can read Bruce’s full case study here.

The Watson Firm

Pensacola Personal Injury Attorney Aaron Watson left a large law firm to start his own. At the previous firm, he was in charge of handling all marketing. This gave him insight into the importance of branding and leaving a strong impression. Aaron believes that if the quality of your video advertising is not as good as or better than your competitors, you are not leaving your best impression on potential clients.

He sought out Crisp to produce a series of legal brand videos and TV commercials that generated a substantial increase in clientele and amassed over 100,000 views on social media.

Here’s what Aaron had to say about his experience:

“It goes without saying that our clientele increased substantially. We had a healthy volume of cases before the video, and we have an even larger caseload now. I attribute that growth to my Crisp video.”

– Aaron Watson

Aaron was able to reach a higher level of achievement thanks to his Crisp videos. His video received 26,000 Facebook views in just two days and caused his phone to ring off the hook!

You can read Aaron’s full case study here.

Spiva Law Group

Spiva Law Group is a personal injury law firm in Savannah, Georgia that focuses exclusively on catastrophic injuries and wrongful death. Howard Spiva assists those who have been injured as a result of trucking accidents, car accidents, or any catastrophic personal injury that occurs as a result of someone else’s negligence.

Howard Spiva has known the value of video for decades – before videos went digital, his firm would record VCR tapes that provided potential clients more information on the legal process and the ways in which his firm could help them.

However, modern advancements required Howard to take his video production needs into the 21st century, which meant he had to find a video production company that met his needs. Howard’s experience with Crisp translated into a 50% increase in call volume and 7 new catastrophic trucking cases.

Howard believes his Crisp videos made an impact because,

“You only get one time to make a first impression. Crisp’s videos provide a way to tell my story succinctly, accurately, professionally and in a pleasing manner. If you optimize yourself (and your message) in your community then nobody can take that away from you. It’s got to be sincere, you can’t fake it.”

– Howard Spiva

You can read Howard’s full case study here.

Workers’ Compensation

The Gibson Firm

Attorney John Gibson serves the entire state of Texas in representing workers compensation cases. The Gibson Firm is committed to developing long-term relationships with their clients, even after their settlement has been reached. In fact, The Gibson Firm prides themselves on giving back to the community with every case: for every dollar of punitive damages that a client donates to a charity of their choosing, John Gibson’s firm matches that donation.

John knew he had to try something new if he wanted to stand out. He knew how important digital advertising was to successful law firms, and felt that video would be a powerful way to set himself apart. Here’s why John chose Crisp:

Crisp’s videos were the only ones I saw where the consumer wasn’t just watching a talking head for minutes on end. The videos incorporate action and sound while imparting information. They convey a level of authenticity and competency that you don’t get in a normal “talking head” video.

– John Gibson

One year after launching his Crisp legal video campaign, John’s firm’s revenue has increased by 33%. Check out what he had to say below:

Gibson Firm Feedback
You can watch John’s video and read his case study here.

Criminal Defense

Criminal defense can be a notoriously tricky practice area to market. Many times people accused of crimes are scared and hesitant to talk about their situation. You have to be careful with your messaging to ensure you’re connecting with your client while also establishing yourself as the go-to expert in your market.

Video is a wonderful medium you can use to advertise your criminal defense practice. Check out some testimonials below from Crisp clients who specialize in criminal defense.

Daniel M. Rosenberg & Associates

Daniel Rosenberg is a Criminal Defense Attorney in Burlington County, New Jersey. He worked with Crisp on a legal brand video to communicate his firm’s story. Here’s what he had to say:

“I have tremendously high standards for my legal vendors. Crisp has met my expectations – my goal is to focus on my practice, and Crisp allowed me to do that. I enjoyed the entire experience.”

— Daniel Rosenberg, Owner

See what else Daniel has to say about Crisp below:

Daniel Rosenberg Feedback

Nebraska Interstate Drug Defense

Dan Stockmann is a Criminal Defense Attorney in Omaha, Nebraska.

Dan knew that he needed to grow his online presence, differentiate himself, and improve his search rankings to increase his firm’s visibility and ultimately bring in new (and higher quality) cases – but how was he was going to do this became the question. The answer came in the form of legal video marketing.

Dan knew that he couldn’t beat his competition on overall marketing spend. He didn’t have the budget, but he could compete by crafting a creative strategic message to highlight his unique value proposition. That’s exactly what he did.

After initially struggling to market himself and differentiate his practice, Dan decided to make a substantial investment in video marketing in 2015. Since that day the results for his firm have been undeniable.

Dan’s firm generated $50,000 in sales just one month after releasing his Crisp video. Those results haven’t slowed, either:

“My revenue’s continued to increase since releasing my video. There’s satisfaction knowing that you invested in something that works. My success [with my video] has made me happier at work and at home.”

— Dan Stockmann, Owner

Video marketing has made quite the difference for Stockmann. See how he differs from his competition:

Check out what else Dan has to say about his experience with Crisp:

Deandra M. Grant and Associates

Texas DWI Attorney Deandra Grant is the owner of Deandra M. Grant and Associates, a criminal defense firm located in North Texas. She specializes in intoxication-related cases throughout the state of Texas.

A well-published and well-respected attorney, Deandra has no shortage of recognition and awards in the legal community. From serving as president of DUIDLA to her certification as a Forensic Lawyer-Scientist, Deandra has built up a high level of credibility.

However, she found herself seeking new ways to set her firm apart from her competitors in order to attract higher-value cases and clients.

Deandra is proud to be considered an expert within her field, but wanted to leverage a new strategy to communicate that expertise. So, she reached out to Crisp to produce a legal brand video that highlighted her experience and her impressive background.

Since implementing more video content in her legal marketing strategy, Deandra has seen a 46% overall revenue increase.

Additionally, Deandra firmly believes that her Crisp video is an integral part of her law firm’s brand. Leveraging a high-quality and impactful video has since allowed Deandra to solidify and promote her firm’s brand not just with potential clients, but also with respected members of the legal community, including local judges.

Here’s what Deandra had to say about her experience with Crisp:

“Attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. People no longer want to read anything – prefer video. I’ve had an excellent experience with Crisp. They’re communicative, understanding, and I’m incredibly pleased with my video.”

— Deandra Grant

You can read Deandra’s full case study here.

Gourley, Rehkemper & Lindholm

Attorney Bob Rehkemper of Gourley, Rehkemper & Lindholm (GRL Law) has seen a recent growth spurt as a result of their Crisp Video strategy.

Specializing in criminal defense and personal injury law – GRL has seen a 30% increase in case volume and a positive marketing ROI as a result of their recent video push.

For attorneys considering adding video to their marketing mix, here’s what Bob has to say about the firm’s recent video strategy and the sterling results they’ve seen in the few short months after their video implementation:

“Since we started doing video, we have cut back on most of our other marketing efforts. The ROI that we are seeing from our video campaign has far surpassed anything we have done in the past. It is not even close. The videos capture and communicate the energy and passion we put into each client’s case. They effectively depict the personality of our firm and our lawyers.

Lawyers, court personnel, and the general public have repeatedly commented that the videos are unlike anything else they have seen lawyers do for advertising. That was the goal!

Now, when people contact our law firm, they’re already sold on us because they’ve seen our videos and they know they want to work with us. They say, “Whenever I saw your videos, I knew you were the firm to go to.”

Our Crisp videos have also had a positive impact on the number of referrals we’ve gotten from other attorneys.”

— Bobby Rehkemper

The firm has seen an increase in partner cases opened since launching their Crisp videos. After their videos premiered, they saw a 30% increase in their case load.

You can read their full case study here.

Court Martial

Law Office of Jocelyn Stewart

Attorney Jocelyn Stewart is a Defense Attorney in Tacoma, Washington. A 7-year veteran of the Army JAG Corps, Jocelyn specializes in Military Court Martial Defense. After branching out into private practice, she was looking for ways to attract new clients and cases. After debating different marketing options for her firm, Jocelyn decided to make a substantial investment in video marketing with Crisp Video Group.

“I chose Crisp because I was impressed by their professional products but small and intimate boutique feel. I align myself with small businesses who represent what I strive for: individual attention by true professionals.

Other companies felt more like a mill to me, where their goals were making money instead of collaborating on a project and valuing the product along with me like Crisp.”

– Jocelyn Stewart

After launching her campaign, her videos were not only attracting new consultations, they were driving qualified leads that quickly turn into new clients and cases.

Here’s what Jocelyn experienced after just the first five months of her video marketing campaign:

Before Crisp:

After Crisp:

You can read Jocelyn’s full success story here.

Business Law

The Jacobs Law

Attorney Travis Jacobs is the founder of The Jacobs Law, a boutique law firm devoted to business law and business litigation for small businesses. Travis Jacobs had to be smart about where he invested his marketing money in order to get the largest return on his investment. He knew video was the smart choice, saying,

“Just research how video drives traffic and conversions. Any lawyer – any business – that still doesn’t believe video marketing is a necessity must be living under a rock.”

— Travis Jacobs

Travis worked with Crisp on a legal brand video for his business law practice.

Three months after launching his video, his team had to hire an answering service because they were getting so many calls.

The results Travis saw from his Crisp video are a key indicator of the importance of discerning between value and cost. While there are certainly cheaper video vendors in the industry, many cannot promise the results Crisp clients have obtained from their legal video marketing efforts.

You can read Travis’ full case study here.

See what else Travis has to say about working with Crisp:

Sarah Poriss, Attorney at Law

Connecticut Consumer Law Attorney Sarah Poriss continues to see success with her legal brand video long after it has been released. Sarah says that her clients “find hope” in her video, which increases trust in her law firm and has allowed her to increase lead-to-client conversions. She also mentioned that other attorneys in her network claim that her video is the “best they’ve ever seen.”

Sarah Poriss Feedback
You can watch Sarah’s video here.

Family Law

Leigh Daniel, Attorney at Law

Leigh Daniel is a family law attorney in Huntsville, Alabama. She uses the power of love and compassion alongside her trusty four-legged friend to communicate her dedication to excellent legal representation. She wanted to communicate that compassion through her Crisp legal brand video. Here was her feedback:

“What an amazing group of people to work with. They were consummate professionals and my video has had great feedback. I’m so glad I went with Crisp video!”

— Leigh Daniel

You can watch Leigh’s video here.

Legal Video Marketing That Makes a Difference

Crisp Video Group has worked with hundreds of attorneys around the nation in different markets, practice areas, and experience levels set themselves apart from their competition through our targeted legal video strategy.

The thing is, many video production companies create legal marketing videos. Few, though, have the skill to craft a meaningful story and create an experience that sticks with viewers long after they’ve finished watching.

To get Crisp’s best guidance on defining your unique value proposition, communicating it through engaging video, and getting the most out of your brand video all in one comprehensive resource, check out The Game Changing Attorney. This is a book you’ll want to keep on your shelf to pull out every step of the way.


As an attorney, you use video for one reason: to generate cases.

Our clients see an average 300% ROI and 2-10x increase in average case values after implementing their Crisp videos, and oftentimes those results are noticed almost immediately.

If you’d like to learn more about how Crisp can help your law firm, reach out to us today.