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When you find yourself in the midst of a bad situation, it’s hard to imagine anything good ever coming from it — but those who are able to see the brighter days ahead are the ones who will go far in this life. Duana Boswell-Loechel of Boswell Law Firm is one of the few who believed in that vision.

Duana’s journey took a few twists and turns, but she knew she wanted to run a successful law firm, grow her network, and view her personal and professional lives in a more positive light.

A lofty task at hand, Duana knew she couldn’t lose sight of her goals. That’s why she established Boswell Law Firm in 2019, specifically to provide clients with the ultimate level of personalized service and attention that each unique case deserves. Specializing in family law, wills and probate, and criminal law, Boswell Law Firm has opened its arms to clients from all walks of life.

From divorce and property settlements to estate planning to domestic violence, Duana and her team aim to help those in their darkest hours, as Duana has found herself there so many times before.

Located in Houston, Texas, Duana wanted to do things a little differently with Boswell Law Firm. The firm charges flat rates instead of hourly fees, allowing clients to budget legal costs so they can avoid surprise bills. Aside from simply representing clients, Duana’s firm makes sure that they walk away with the tools needed to establish positive, successful lives following their court cases.

The Boswell Law Firm hasn’t always had their vision this crystal-clear, however. With its genesis in 2019 unknowingly at the cusp of 2020, the dreaded pandemic that affected so many law firm owners showed no mercy to Duana either, especially since her firm was so new.

She wasn’t sure her law firm would survive on its own. That’s when she made the decision to partner with Crisp in order to help her get back on her feet and move in a positive direction, both personally and professionally.


How was this crisis ever going to be solved? Would the pandemic ever end? Would Duana’s business survive?

Even though she had what seemed like an insurmountable task at hand, Duana knew she had done the right thing by contacting Crisp.

The Boswell Law firm began with only four clients. In 2020, that stream of clients trickled to a near stop. She had no set timeline of when life would go back to normal, and Duana hadn’t even begun to think about going virtual — what was the point?

But Duana couldn’t get stuck thinking like this. She knew her law firm needed more exposure, as it was one of the newest in the area. Though she hadn’t spent much time advertising on social media, she realized this would be a major component to being successful. Even before the pandemic, four clients weren’t going to cut it for a smooth-sailing business.

While she needed more clients, most of all, Duana needed more higher quality clients. The pandemic was in full swing, meaning many clients no longer saw an urgent need for a lawyer, and if they did, they couldn’t afford one or couldn’t even see one due to early lockdowns.

At a deeper level, Boswell Law Firm needed an entire team culture makeover. Duana worried constantly about not being able to pay her team members, thus leading to less and less motivation for all involved.

Duana’s confidence was faltering, not only because of her problems within her firm, but also because of her health. All of her life, Duana had suffered from being overweight. With that comes all of the “-isms” and the stigmas associated with being overweight. All of these issues combined proved to weigh heavy on her shoulders, and Duana found herself without a strong network of support.

As a law firm owner, one of the ways to manage the stress of the position is to talk to and work with other like-minded individuals in similar situations. Being cut off from the world didn’t help Duana get in the right mindset to want to grow and improve, and she didn’t know if anyone could help with that — even Crisp.

Nevertheless, she persisted.

Thanks to her partnership with Crisp Coach, Duana quickly realized that she wasn’t alone, and was in fact surrounded by people who understood her and even related to what she was experiencing. She knew her law firm, her health, and her life could turn around, and she was up for the challenge.

I decided that if I really wanted to grow my business, Crisp would back up what they promised, and I had no doubt I would succeed with their support.

Duana Boswell-Loechel


And just like that, Duana set off on solving her problems head-on with Crisp Coach by her side.

The Crisp Coach program is designed for growth-minded law firms in every practice area, as long as they are willing to put forth their best effort and do their part. It includes actionable strategies, unparalleled networking, and strategic partnerships that apply to any leader looking to level up their organization.

Guess which leader liked the sound of that?

Duana and Boswell Law Firm looked forward to all of Crisp Coach’s promises, such as:

  • Helping Duana push past her limitations
  • Giving Boswell Law Firm the tools needed to grow
  • Implementing streamlined processes and protocols
  • Improving the firm’s team culture
  • Bringing back Duana’s confidence needed to lead her firm to stability, success, and growth

To kick off all that transformation, Duana paired up with her very own Program Advisor (PA), who would act as a coach, confidant, and motivator to get her moving once again. They first set Duana’s goals and mapped out a strategy to reach those goals by a certain date. By playing to Boswell Law Firm’s strengths, Duana and her PA were able to conjure up a plan that would avoid any major setbacks and overcome any short-term weaknesses. Of course, those would be addressed in time as well.

By having someone she could speak to, keep her accountable, and provide an experienced and solution-focused voice of reason, Duana found herself in conversations with her PA regularly. She was beginning to believe that someone was on her side and rooting for her growth.

As their relationship grew, Duana’s PA helped her craft her firm’s Unique Value Proposition (UVP) and infuse all messaging with her story. What made her different from all of the other law firm owners? Why should people choose her over someone else in her market? What makes Duana tick and why is Boswell Law Firm so special?

After a long, hard look at her firm, Duana set to work bringing her UVP to life. To really paint the picture, Duana and the Crisp team began orchestrating a set of strategic videos for Boswell Law Firm to start gaining more exposure. From a premium legal brand video to client testimonial videos to FAQ videos, Duana understood the huge benefits of showing instead of telling the reasons why potential clients would find the best personalized service with Duana and her firm.

The best part about her beautiful new videos? With Crisp Social Stack, a version of them were optimized for the major social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Curated to fit in 6-, 15-, or 30-second videos on each site, she had her video advertising covered.

Duana opted for the classic brand video first, a one-of-a-kind look at the Boswell Law Firm that clearly communicates Duana’s unique story and passions, what the firm specializes in, the problems it solves, and why the people there care more than any other law firm in Houston, Texas.

After seeing the interest and differentiation that her brand video brought Boswell Law Firm, Duana even started landing more clients — during the pandemic. The more clients she attracted, the more inclined she was to craft more videos with the help of Crisp.

In fact, the number of clients kept increasing, which is why she chose to feature some in their own videos. Crisp helped her understand that one of the most powerful aspects of selling your brand is by reading and listening to reviews from real people who have been in similar situations and came through before them. If Duana’s firm gave them a positive experience and helped them successfully, they were a perfect fit for a powerful client testimonial:

But it wasn’t the videos on their own that were doing all the work; they were propelled to popularity by the relentless marketing campaign called Social Stack. By advertising on these various platforms, Boswell Law Firm gained more and more clients consistently.

Duana’s flagship brand video was formatted to fit each specific platform, ensuring that her message met each potential client exactly where they were to make natively optimized connections. With every touchpoint, Duana kept working toward a relationship with her audience and building her brand’s authority in the process.

Duana’s client success team provided constant feedback on how each video performed on each platform, and if they needed to pivot, they devised a plan to do so and made it happen effectively.

Duana Boswell-Loeschel Case StudyDuana Boswell-Loeschel Case StudyDuana Boswell-Loeschel Case StudyDuana Boswell-Loeschel Case Study

Thanks to Social Stack, Duana now had the chance to:

  • Expand her messaging to multiple social media channels
  • Reach, connect, and engage with her ideal clients where they were already spending their time
  • Stand out in her overly competitive market, especially against larger, more established law practices

In addition to becoming a uniquely branded social media superstar, the Crisp Coach program provided the tools needed for Boswell Law Firm to improve their team culture. Through onsite training sessions, Duana and her team were able to learn, grow, build, and transform together, something that had been missing from the firm for a while.

While having a more put-together team might sound like the cherry on top, it didn’t stop there. As a member of the Crisp Coach program, Duana has quarterly opportunities each year to travel to Crisp headquarters and participate in workshops with other members of the program. Thanks to these incredibly informative sessions, Duana gets to walk away with tools, strategies, and plans to implement back home at the Boswell Law Firm.

Not only that, but the connections she’s made with like-minded law firm owners keeps her afloat and feeling as though she does have supporters by her side every step of the way.

Does any of this sound too good to be true? Duana thought the same thing at first, but then got to see firsthand just how much impact the Crisp Coach program made on the Boswell Law Firm.

The fact that I am accountable to someone that pushes me to reach my goals and clarify those goals has really started to focus my firm and grow my online presence and reputation. I am getting more calls and better qualified leads. I get calls from people that feel they know me because of my online presence.

Duana Boswell-Loechel


What was once an imposing mountain with jagged edges standing in her path soon became a fulfilling climb with a beautiful view for Boswell Law Firm. As a result of her partnership with Crisp Coach, Duana has seen a significant increase in higher quality clients, an outrageous increase in monthly income, and a wildly more positive work environment — not to mention, Duana has a much more positive outlook on life herself.

“One of the areas in which I changed the most is within myself and my own head. My self-talk is much more positive than it once was, and I now know that I can spend time on myself personally. I don’t have to focus everything on client work, and I now realize it’s important to make time for myself — even though I never did that before joining Crisp Coach,” insists Duana.

Her headspace changed, and so have her habits. Duana actively works on living a healthier, more fun lifestyle.

“Not only have I improved my focus on my firm — I have improved my competitive dancing. I am now on a national circuit and finishing in the top 3 consistently. I attribute this to the focus I have learned in building my firm and the goal setting I have adopted as a result of Crisp coaching,” states Duana.

Before partnering with Crisp, Duana didn’t have much of a reason to want to wake up and go to work in the morning. She lived in fear of the pandemic, both for herself and for her law firm, and she wasn’t sure if either were going to make it.

Today, Duana is bringing in more money than she ever has — and she’s never looking back. Her opinion on Crisp is cemented in her brain:

“A coaching program like Crisp is there to encourage you and support you each and every step of the way. There is nothing to fear except staying stagnant. If you are happy with stagnation, why have your own firm?”

From barely being able to represent four clients in the early days of her firm to currently representing 150 clients and growing, Duana’s monthly income has increased by an unbelievable amount — try anywhere from $20,000 to $30,000 a month. That’s quite a transformation from having no predictable monthly income, and with the promise of those numbers growing evermore, Duana finds a true passion and motivation for helping as many people as she can.

The best part? The more people she works with, the more people they tell, thus increasing her monthly referral clients as well. Numbers and concepts like these may have seemed far-fetched to Duana in the beginning, but now she can’t get enough.

With higher numbers coming in regularly, more quality cases, a more positive team atmosphere, and stronger, more lucrative relationships made almost daily, Duana’s light burns brighter than ever — and she can’t wait to continue cultivating her firm and her relationship with Crisp.

For those still on the fence, Duana has this to say:

“I would tell those unsure of partnering with Crisp that they cannot grow their firms effectively on their own. Having a support system of other attorneys that have grown their firms and coaches to focus their efforts is critical, just as taking care of your personal health is. I would tell them to not limit themselves and ignore those that say they can’t and try things to see what works for them.”

Success stories like Duana’s is why we keep doing what we do. The world is changing, and we’re here to make sure that dedicated law firm owners stay on track and prepare for the unknown as much as possible.

Though we may never know what the future holds for certain, Duana knows that powering through the obstacles to be successful is possible. All it takes is determination, ambition, a willingness and a desire for success, and a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel.

  • 650%

    Caseload Increase

  • $30K

    Monthly Income

  • Duana Boswell-Loeschel Case Study
  • Duana Boswell-Loeschel Case Study
  • Duana Boswell-Loeschel Case Study
  • Duana Boswell-Loeschel Case Study
  • Duana Boswell-Loeschel Case Study
  • Duana Boswell-Loeschel Case Study
  • Duana Boswell-Loeschel Case Study
  • Duana Boswell-Loeschel Case Study
  • Duana Boswell-Loeschel Case Study

Now is the only time we have. We are not promised a tomorrow. If you want something bad enough, why wait? There is never going to be a perfect climate unless you create it for yourself. Those are excuses to not try and are based in fear and negative self-talk. The mindset of 'if you never try you never fail' is a fallacy. The truth is if you try now, you succeed faster. You have to decide what you truly want and go for it.

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