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Project Overview

The Morizio Law Firm in Stratford, Connecticut is led by Lawrence Morizio, a passionate Board Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialist representing the interests of employees. Morizio focuses exclusively on serving the workers of Connecticut, handling all work injury claims, including but not limited to specific injuries, death and widow/widower dependent claims, repetitive trauma or overuse injury, heart and hypertension, traumatic brain injury and catastrophic injury.

Morizio’s law partner retired at the beginning of 2019, and in his view, the transition to solo practitioner provided a unique opportunity to rebrand, reinvigorate the firm’s vision, and reiterate to new and existing clients that the firm would continue to provide unparalleled service and legal representation despite the transition.

To put it into perspective, the prior firm was in place for 30 years in the same location and had established itself as a trusted pillar of the community. Morizio’s goal was to build on that trust and refresh the look, environment, and even location of firm’s next evolution.


For starters, Morizio set the ambitious goal of rebranding the firm with a name change and office move within a 30 day time period.

In addition to the tight window, the transition to solo meant Morizio was reflecting on what it meant to own and operate his own firm.

“I love being able to manage the diverse needs of the firm on a day to day basis,” he says. “I’m a lawyer. I’m an accountant. I’m a marketing genius. I’m a collection agent. I’m a blogger.”

But, while he cites all the above as the best part of running his own law firm, he cedes that “It also happens to be the biggest challenge!”

Being especially attuned to the changing legal landscape and the importance of meaningful marketing, Morizio and his team have made a point to prioritize marketing in their overall business strategy.

“I cannot imagine that many small/solo practitioners invest the percentage of their budget or the time spent on marketing than we do,” he elaborates. “Our firm has always felt that the purpose of legal marketing was not to make out in the profit margin but to stay present. If your firm does it right, both of these goals are resolved in the long run.”

Law school does not prepare you to run a business. Running the business has taught me that lawyering is a large part but certainly not the whole of owning and operating the firm.

Lawrence Morizio


With both goals in mind, Morizio determined to produce a legal video to solidify the firm rebrand and build their marketing strategy going forward on a foundation of clear, compelling messaging.

“The purpose was to reiterate our mission to serve our clients and to provide them and prospective clients with an element of trust that we would be able to get the job done for them despite the transition,” Morizio explains.

By choosing to partner with Crisp Video, Morizio was able to tell his story (and the story of his firm, and his clients) in a stunning, powerful, visual way that carried through the rest of the firm’s transition.

Despite initially balking at the expense of investing in a strategic and high quality video project — especially given the tight budget at the time of transition — Morizio ultimately viewed the cost as an investment and an opportunity to promote the firm at this pivotal moment.

“Once the decision was made, I had no doubt that the rebranding effort would be worth it. Confidence is the ultimate indicator in marketing investments. I knew in this instance that the video would be a great addition and effectively tell our firm story,” he says.

So the decision was made, and Crisp set out to create a video that told Morizio Law Firm’s story and express their values. Paired with a strategic social media distribution program, Morizio was ready to launch his firm’s rebrand and make a real splash.

Confidence is the ultimate indicator in marketing investments. I knew in this instance that the video would be a great addition and effectively tell our firm story.

Lawrence Morizio


The final product was a hit.

As Morizio describes it, “Crisp Video portrayed my firm and my practice with the same love and passion I bring as an advocate, as a volunteer in my community, and as a loving father and husband.”

The initial impact of Morizio’s brand video was increased visibility in his community and among his colleagues. Paired with a sizable investment in new signage for their new office location (“This might be crazy but people love signs!”), the Morizio Law Firm name was instantly iconic and recognizable.

In addition to physical visibility, Morizio parlayed the brand video with Crisp’s Social Stack Program, which provides strategic, managed paid ads campaigns to saturate the highest-traffic social media channels with social cuts of the brand video.

“This combination has been an absolute home run in terms of maximizing visibility of the brand video,” says Morizio. “Defense attorneys have marveled at the content and the positivity of the message. Prospective clients are privy to the various levels of content posted by the firm. The brand video, along with the social media ads, cement the validity of the content.”

And the impact on Morizio Law Firm’s bottom line was undeniable.

The retirement of Morizio’s law partner and the corresponding anticipation that the firm’s caseload and revenue would decrease this year was turned upside down with the implementation of legal video and a thoughtful marketing strategy behind it.

Rather than the anticipated drop in revenue, Morizio Law Firm is now projecting a 50% increase.

More immediate results were also evident.

“We track metrics in terms of contacts and conversions,” explains Morizio. “In the 6 months post video, we have received double the contacts we customarily receive. Similarly, the cases we have converted to client status has doubled…we have basically paid for the cost of the video in one settlement within 6 months of distribution.”

Metrics aside, Morizio’s compelling brand video and the message exercise it provided have had numerous intangible benefits.

“The investment was not only the right thing for the longevity of the firm, but it served to energize the firm at a time when it was most needed,” he says. “Our firm transition and rebranding would not have been as big a success without our brand video with Crisp.”

And as Morizio likes to say, “the truth is ‘solo’ practice is a misnomer if you have a great crew that you work with.” The Morizio Law Firm team has never had higher morale or team cohesion. Lawrence describes each team member he works with as “indispensable pieces of the operation.” Despite challenges they face by the number of issues they need to resolve on behalf of their clients, they have become experts at managing priorities and “communicating together as a unit.”

Individually, producing his brand video with Crisp has given Morizio insight into his own motivators and the why that drives him every day.

“The video reminds me of how important the profession is in my life,” he says.

And for any attorney struggling to differentiate themselves and grow their legal practice, he has a bit of advice:

“There is always something that separates you from others in the field. Find it. And find your passion. Put it to video.”

  • 100%

    Contact Increase

  • 100%

    Client Conversion Increase

There is always something that separates you from others in the field. Find it. And find your passion. Put it to video.

Lawrence Morizio


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