The #1 Reason An Attorney Gave Up His Brand New Ferrari

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Here at Crisp, we’ve become known for only doing things one way: BIG.

One of the best examples of this took place at the 2019 Crisp Game Changers Summit, when we gave away the biggest, most badass Grand Prize we’ve ever revealed: the Ferrari California.

This ridiculous Grand Prize was raffled off at the end of the Summit to one random attendee. Attorneys at the Summit earned entries through qualified referrals as part of the Crisp Ambassador Program throughout the year or by holding VIP or Game Changer level tickets.

When the time came to draw the winning name, Crisp Founder & CEO Michael Mogill pulled out none other than Lawrence Morizio of Morizio Law Firm.

But what happened after Lawrence won is the REAL shocking story…

Becoming a Ferrari Owner

“I heard Michael call my name and was in near shock when I won the Ferrari. I could not have been more ecstatic,” says Morizio, a Crisp client since 2018 who serves injured workers throughout Connecticut at his law firm.

“When we drew Lawrence’s name, my first thought was just that it couldn’t have gone to somebody who was more deserving,” says Mogill, reflecting on the day the Ferrari was won.

“Lawrence is somebody who kind of encapsulates why we do what we do. He’s all about raising the perception of the legal profession and just an overall great person.”

That passion for elevating the profession is what drew Lawrence to Crisp and the Game Changers Summit in the first place, and it’s what he took away from the event as well.

“The law firm growth nuggets that I was able to take home with me really set me up for success, and I’m eternally grateful for making that decision to attend,” he says.

After the Summit, Lawrence returned home electrified and determined to level up his firm. When it came time to head back to Atlanta for the official handoff of his brand new Ferrari, he had a few plans brewing…

Taking Things to the Next Level

He visited Crisp headquarters to meet with Mogill and capture some moments of the handoff before taking the Ferrari home, and as the pair were admiring the roadster and discussing the future of Morizio Law Firm, Lawrence proposed a new Grand Prize.

“So Lawrence and I get into the Ferrari,” explains Mogill, setting the scene. “He’s checking out the car, talking about how nice it is, and this is great. Then Lawrence looks to me…”

Here’s what he said in that moment:

“I’m really looking to grow my law firm, and I would love the opportunity to invest with you. If you’re okay with it, we can trade in this Ferrari for some services — perhaps some coaching and some new video. I think that would be something I’d really look forward to doing with you.”

“At first I was taken aback a little bit, because we’ve never had a situation like that,” remembers Mogill. “But at the same time I was humbled in a way that Lawrence would instead want to focus on growing his business rather than just driving away in a cool car. So the answer is yes, and for the first time ever in our program history that’s what we’ll be doing.”

The coaching offer that Morizio opted for is part of Crisp’s revolutionary new approach to law firm growth, unveiled for the first time at the Game Changers Summit. Crisp Coach programs combine:

  • Comprehensive marketing campaigns to saturate the major digital channels with your law firm’s messaging.
  • Next-level coaching and a strategic workshop environment to cultivate an aligned culture and lead with intention.
  • Actionable tools to empower you and your team with the skills and mindsets needed to get your firm where you want it to go.

Morizio saw the value of a holistic program that would equip his organization with next-level leadership coaching and an enriching, constructive workshop environment alongside many like-minded law firm owners — as well as an expanded video library and strategic marketing campaigns to get his firm’s messaging in front of his ideal clients.

“As thrilled as I was to have won the Ferrari, I am as thrilled to have invested in the law firm growth proposition with Crisp Video,” Morizio declares.

“The branding of my firm is really about rebirth and renewal. It’s just a great time in terms of transition to make this investment.”

What’s Next for Morizio?

Lawrence Morizio has a true growth mindset, a long-term vision for the future of his firm, and a passionate commitment to his goals and his mission. These are the factors that make him such an integral part of the Crisp community and such an ideal candidate for Crisp Coach.

“Anybody who wants to focus on growing their business and is as ambitious and committed to doing that is someone we get behind at Crisp,” says Mogill. “We’re honored and humbled to be able to work with him in that capacity.”

In the next phase of Crisp’s relationship with Morizio Law Firm (and every other law firm who invests in Crisp Coach), we will emphasize new game changing facets of growing a law firm such as:

  • Practical and actionable strategies to streamline their organizations, develop proven hiring processes, and empower every member of their teams to reach their full potential.
  • Leadership and management development, challenging them to grow as visionary leaders, set transformational goals, and make them a reality.
  • Access to a vetted group of likeminded law firm owners, connecting each with all the lessons and wisdom of those who are in their shoes, share common obstacles, and are all focused on achieving unprecedented growth.

If you’re interested in joining Lawrence Morizio and the rest of the ambitious law firm owners in Crisp Coach, connect with our team today. We’d love to discuss how we can help you take your firm to the next level.