Crisp Video Group Reveals Ridiculous Grand Prize Giveaway; World Questions Their Sanity

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ATLANTA — April 5, 2019 — By now we should all know the drill, right? Crisp Video Group is never complacent, the team never rests on their laurels, and they are always pushing the limits in their industry.

The all-new Crisp Ambassador Program has been a source of buzz and excitement among Crisp clients and preferred partners in the weeks since the program’s launch. But of course, Crisp has one-upped itself yet again with the highly anticipated Grand Prize reveal today. (See video below)

“Since we unveiled our fourth annual Ambassador Program a few months ago, the response has been absolutely tremendous,” says Crisp CEO Michael Mogill. He cites the highest engagement ever, fierce competition among Ambassadors to see who can accumulate the most rewards the fastest, and plenty of enthusiasm from all the new introductions Crisp’s most loyal advocates have been making.

A Brief History of the Ambassador Program

This rewards program has grown exponentially over the years, beginning with a Tesla Model S as the 2016 Grand Prize, evolving to the Tesla Model X in 2017, and growing to include three Tesla Model 3s in 2018.

Along with the increasing grandiosity in Grand Prizes, each program has included more and more rewards tiers for every step along the way.

This year, the program was rebranded as the Crisp Ambassador Program, with a fresh emphasis placed on rewards designed to grow businesses, provide exceptional experiences, and take rewards at every single turn to the next level. The Ambassador Program is also the first rewards program of its kind — one with exceptional built-in support and abundant resources to ensure each Ambassador is as successful as possible in the program.

Rewards this year include custom wardrobe pieces designed by a personal tailor, immersive workshops on groundbreaking team dynamic and workplace culture methodologies, exclusive access to VIP experiences at the Crisp Game Changers Summit, and much more.

In addition to many ambitious and client-centric rewards, the Crisp Ambassador Program crowns its top performers with a Crisp classic: a handful of Teslas. One Model 3 will go to the Client Ambassador with the most qualified referrals, one to the top Preferred Partner Ambassador, and the third to a Crisp team member.

In every sense, this year’s Ambassador Program is the best of the best.

But we can’t stop there,” as Mogill says.

If you can believe it, those Tesla Model 3s aren’t even the Grand Prize.

That’s right, the Grand Prize this year is (somehow) bigger, better, and more ridiculous than that.

Check out Crisp Video’s official announcement:

The secret is finally out.

The Grand Prize this year is the Ferrari California — everyone’s dream car.

Grand Prize Details

The Ferrari California is a badass exotic roadster that features a 453-horsepower V8 engine and an F1-style dual-clutch 7-speed automatic transmission. It reaches 60 mph in less than 4 seconds and tops out at 193 mph.

Also, thanks to its retractable hardtop (a first for Ferrari), this flashy ride can be driven year-round.

It also features:

  • A Bianco Avus exterior
  • Cuoio full leather interior
  • Diamond stitching leather seats
  • 20-inch diamond-finish alloy wheels
  • Power sport seats
  • Brembo brakes with carbon ceramic discs

Mogill jokes in the reveal video that the inspiration behind bringing this “midlife crisis on wheels” into the picture was the recent birth of his first child and the start of his young family.

“As many of you know, last year my wife and I welcomed this beautiful baby girl Mila to the world,” he says, “so we’ve decided that for this year’s Grand Prize we’re going to make it extra family friendly.”


While this Ferrari doesn’t have third and fourth doors or room for a car seat, it’s got plenty else to offer.

And one lucky winner will drive away from the Crisp Game Changers Summit in style.

The giveaway will take place at the Summit in Atlanta the weekend of September 27-28, 2019. A live raffle is going down right on stage, and the Ferrari winner must be present to win.


How to Win This Ferrari

Every referral who becomes a Crisp client counts as one entry into the Grand Prize drawing, so there is ample opportunity for Crisp Ambassadors to get their names in the running.

But there’s a way for everyone else to get in on the fun as well.

In addition to entries via the Ambassador Program, every VIP and every Game Changer ticket to the Crisp Game Changers Summit equals one entry into the Ferrari raffle as well.

So anyone already holding either of these ticket types already has an entry to win.

And anyone who secures their VIP or Game Changer ticket (or upgrades an existing General Admission) going forward will get an entry as well.

“We thought it would be fun to open up the Grand Prize raffle to a wider audience,” explains Mogill. “And for the most ambitious Ambassadors, there are ways to double, triple, and quadruple their chances. We can’t wait to see who wins.”

Whether you earn your entries with qualified referrals or you get your name in the running with a VIP or Game Changer ticket, you will need to be present at the Crisp Game Changers Summit in September to claim your prize!

Head to to register today.

After an announcement like this, those tickets are going from 0 to max speed in no time at all — just like that Ferrari.