Everything Crisp Announced at the 2019 Game Changers Summit

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The Crisp Game Changers Summit is known as the place where the legal industry is pushed boldly forward.

It’s the event where, shall we say…the game is changed.

As usual, Crisp revealed several bombshell announcements at the Summit.

The brand new programs, products, and offerings unveiled onstage were thoughtfully developed over the past year to ensure every law firm in America has access to the tools needed to generate exponential growth.

To make sure no ambitious attorney gets left behind, here’s a little recap of all the major changes Crisp announced at the 2019 Game Changers Summit:

First and foremost…

Crisp is no longer just a video company.

Reiterating Crisp’s mission to help over 1,000 law firm owners grow their revenue by over $1,000,000 ($1 billion+ impact) in the next five years, Crisp Founder & CEO Michael Mogill announced the exciting expansion of Crisp’s services live on the Summit stage.

Driven by this desire to create massive growth in the nation’s most ambitious law firms, Mogill realized the need for more than just video (and more than just marketing).

And thus Crisp Coach was born.

Introducing a revolutionary new approach to law firm growth. Crisp Coach combines our world-class video marketing services with all-inclusive coaching and workshop programs designed to help law firm owners empower their teams, become visionary leaders, and grow their firms into market-dominating forces.

Each Crisp Coach program fuses:

  • Comprehensive marketing campaigns to saturate the major digital channels with your law firm’s messaging.
  • Next-level coaching and a strategic workshop environment to cultivate an aligned culture and lead with intention.
  • Actionable tools to empower you and your team with the skills and mindsets needed to get your firm where you want it to go.

In addition to the umbrella of Crisp Coach, the two included program options were revealed in detail on the Game Changers Summit stage:

  • CrispX, the Game Changer Program — for the market leader
  • ELITE, the catalyst for growth — for the emerging leader

Wherever you are on your journey toward market domination, there is a Crisp Coach program designed to help you get to the next step.

As a recap for those of you in the room when Michael unveiled these game changing new programs, and as a way to catch up for those of you that weren’t, learn more about each of these Crisp Coach programs below:

CrispX: the Game Changer Program is the ultimate unfair advantage. CrispX is our most ambitious, sophisticated program to date.

This offering is intended for market leader firms bringing in at least $5,000,000 in revenue annually and includes:

  • A 360º marketing campaign that is both broad and powerful, getting you in front of your ideal client wherever they spent their time online, and ensuring they recognize your brand every time.
  • The top workshop program and private mastermind in the legal industry, connecting you with an intimate, vetted group of like-minded 7-8 figure firm owners who are equally committed to achieving massive growth.

See what a few of our founding CrispX members have to say about the experience:

When you join the CrispX Game Changer Program, you join an intimate, vetted cohort of like-minded 7-8 figure firm owners who are equally committed to achieving massive growth.

Crisp ELITE is intended for the emerging leader who has decided that “good enough” is no longer good enough. Intended for owners of law firms earning at least $500,000 in revenue annually, the ELITE program includes all the tools you need to accelerate growth in your firm, grow as a visionary leader, and develop a cohesive, results-driven team.

Created for law firm owners who are ready to advance toward true excellence, the ELITE program enables you to improve yourself as a leader, scale up your team, stop doing everything yourself, and harness the full power of your staff.

The ELITE program is the catalyst for growth, the ideal strategic stepping stone on your way to becoming a market leader. By combining world-class legal video production and relentless marketing with the big-picture coaching and workshop environment, ELITE is the best way to turn your goals for your law firm into a reality.

Only available for law firms in the CrispX and ELITE programs, Crisp Academy is a revolutionary new resource for law firms to empower their teams and give them the tools and skills they need to level up as an entire organization.

Crisp has partnered with DigitalMarketer, the marketing world’s top resource for the most rigorous and up-to-date marketing training and development, to bring Crisp Academy to life. This means that all DigitalMarketer trainings and certifications — past, present, and future — will be available to every user in Crisp Academy.

Check out just a handful of the incredible DigitalMarketer courses available on Crisp Academy:

Crisp Academy provides your law firm a one-stop shop to expand and sharpen your team’s specific skillsets, boost productivity, and drive the results you need to reach your goals. Get access to a vast library of rigorous marketing and business growth trainings, including several comprehensive courses that provide recognized certifications upon completion. With Crisp Academy, your team will receive individualized training designed to get your firm where you want it to go.

Crisp Social Stack makes it easy for you to saturate all of the major social media channels with your law firm’s messaging, creating a massive reach to targeted prospects and ideal clients. This done-for-you service is ideal for attorneys who need a reliable, long-term way to:

  • Expand their law firm’s messaging to multiple social media channels
  • Reach, connect, and engage with potential clients specific to a particular practice area
  • Stand out in an overly competitive market

The Social Stack program provides social video cuts of your law firm’s brand video, optimized for native positioning on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram.

Our team of expert campaign managers then strategizes, deploys, and optimizes a paid ads campaign designed to generate massive brand awareness on the most popular digital platforms. We provide you with regular reporting on the performance of your videos, ensuring you’re getting maximum reach and engagement across platforms.

Wherever your ideal prospects spend their time, Social Stack ensures they will see your firm.

Social Stack is the ideal starting point for law firms ready to take their marketing to the next level.

Ready to take your law firm to the next level?

With this stunning lineup of game changing programs and services, Crisp is giving you every opportunity to turn your goals into reality.

Connect with our team of expert Legal Marketing Strategists to discuss which program is the best fit for your firm.

We are so excited to help you play a bigger game and reach the next level!