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  • 5x

    Average Case Fee Increase

  • 4x

    Return on Investment

Project Overview

AJ Yolofsky is the founder of Yolofsky Law, a corporate and estate planning firm in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Yolofsky’s clients are small business owners and professionals who are busy building their businesses for their families.

AJ founded his firm in 2014 with a heavy focus on litigation. However, in 2016, AJ and his family found themselves faced with devastating news: his wife was diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer. This transformative experience led AJ to make a serious change to his practice once he realized he was neither happy with what he was doing nor was his firm growing — much less generating the results necessary to support his family.

Yolofsky gave up litigation entirely and instead started focusing on practice areas that better aligned with his goals and values. The switch to a purely transactional practice required a new business and marketing skillset. AJ and his team took on this new challenge with a passion. In his own words:

Yolofsky Law has a culture of constant education and improvement. We read, learn, apply, test, learn, repeat.

The firm’s emphasis on keeping up with the latest trends and trying new things to get their message out there led them naturally to the realm of legal video marketing. And who better to communicate that message than Crisp Video Group, the industry’s leader in legal storytelling?


Clients choose Yolofsky Law because they are known as strategists. “We think past step 1,” explains AJ. “Other attorneys refer their clients and friends to us because we think outside the box.” Widely regarded as the “lawyer’s lawyer,” Yolofsky often represents other lawyers in their corporate and estate work.

While the firm is smaller in size, market share, and resources than much of their competition, Yolofsky stands out from the crowd by continuously investing profits back into the firm’s marketing, technology, and personnel.

“Unlike other corporate or estate planning law firms, our entire team views marketing as an essential part of what we do,” says AJ.

Intent on putting that marketing budget to effective use, Yolofsky decided to produce a legal video because he wanted to get his story told in the most efficient manner possible.

People decide between attorneys through the personal connection. A video would better tell the story than I ever could.

AJ Yolofsky (Founder, Yolofsky Law)


One of the biggest challenges AJ faces is educating potential clients on the real value of having their legal work done correctly. “We spend more than 50% of our educational marketing on teaching people how to evaluate the value of the services we provide,” he says.

Yolofsky Law’s objectives were to connect emotionally with those prospects, tell the story and show the values of the firm, and communicate how their services can improve businesses and lives. These were the factors that needed to be addressed to successfully convert leads into clients.

To bridge this gap, Yolofsky partnered with Crisp to produce a brand video that tells the firm’s story and expresses what makes them exceptional in the most engaging, compelling format. Pairing this essential resource with social cuts and paid ad campaigns as part of Crisp’s Social Stack program ensures Yolofsky Law stays top of mind and maximizes reach to ideal clients across multiple social channels.

The best part of owning my law firm is being responsible for everything that happens. The biggest challenge is making those things happen.

AJ Yolofsky (Founder, Yolofsky Law)


In the year since the video launched, Yolofsky has seen a number of notable improvements in his business:

  • Average case fee improved by 5x
  • 4x video return on investment (direct mentions of video during intake)
  • Unanimously selected as general counsel to a private equity group by its board (6-0) because of the video

Additionally, investing in video marketing and getting involved with Crisp has improved AJ’s life in plenty of other ways. He says:

Being able to participate in the Game Changers Summit and meeting the speakers has directly improved my life. Because of Never Split the Difference, we have been able to deliver a client an over 800% ROI on their investment in us. We are planning to launch a negotiations practice later this year.

Thank’s to Michael [Mogill]’s recommendation of the Joe Rogan podcast interview of David Goggins, I now have significantly less pain in my shoulder because of PSOAS stretches.

I’m now considered something of a marketing expert. I like to think of it more as someone who has been exposed to excellent teachers and knows how to help other people sift through the garbage to get to the right marketing experts.

AJ believes that investing in video for his firm was far and away the right thing to do, and the relationship he has fostered with Crisp Video over the course of the past year has been valuable to both parties.

  • 5x

    Average Case Fee Increase

  • 4x

    Return on Investment

  • 6-0

    Unanimously Selected as General Counsel to Private Equity Group

Find your why. It’s got to be something more than money. When you’ve found something to get you out of bed in the morning, you’re well on your way.

AJ Yolofsky (Founder, Yolofsky Law)


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