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Superior Positioning in Any Legal Market

With more legal options than ever, failure to separate your law firm from the competition means missing out on high-value cases. Your brand video is the differentiator in an industry where almost every legal firm seems identical. An emotional connector that humanizes you and your law firm. So not only do you stand out from competitors, you’re seen as the obvious choice.

  • Differentiate yourself from the competition

  • Engage with potential clients

  • Improve search ranking (SEO)

The Future of Client Acquisition

When it comes to flexibility of distribution and content, video is second to none. Offering exceptional ROI, a single video can be used for your website, YouTube, social media, TV commercials, and even as an enhancement to email marketing—for years to come.

Video has been shown time and time again to drive massive results to online marketing campaigns, is a proven strategy to differentiate your firm, and establishes an emotional connection with potential clients.

The Versatility of Video

  • Embed your video on your website

  • Upload your video to Youtube

  • Upload your video to Facebook natively

  • Showcase your video in your office

  • Include your video in email signatures

  • Send your video to potential clients

Our Results

Doubt the value of video? The evidence is irrefutable. When compared to other online marketing channels, video is far and away the most effective for law firms. You don’t have to take our word for it—just look at the numbers.

Case Volume

"My video quickly paid for itself. The cost of producing the video was offset by the new business I obtained in just 2 months of posting the video."

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Organic Traffic

"Our referral traffic increased from 1,533 to 3,099 visitors, and organic search traffic increased from 942 to 1,836 visitors."

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Revenue Increase

"I went from handling lots of small dollar cases to handling fewer cases but with a larger average case value."

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Conversion Rate

"Overall conversion rates for our digital advertising have increased from an average of 24% to 40-45%. We’ve even had months where we’ve converted 60%."

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Our Process

When it comes to legal video, things were done a certain way for a long time. And, quite frankly, the standard was just far too low.

Our process not only raises the bar, it produces measurable results for your law firm. In fact, we don’t rest until every decibel and pixel is perfectly in place. So you’re certain to end up with compelling video content that engages viewers and turns them into clients.



We’re all ears to start. Because we first need to learn about your firm and competitors, as well as how your marketing fits into your growth goals. Together, we then use a proprietary formula to develop your Unique Value Proposition. This is the X-factor that differentiates you from your competitors, and it becomes the foundation for crafting your storyboard and script.


Shoot Day

Next, our in-house production team puts together the equipment needed for your video. We then travel to your location to start filming. But this part of the process isn’t just about cameras and shooting video, it’s a day-long experience you’ll remember and share with others for years to come. We take care of every detail, so all you have to do is show up and enjoy your time in front of the camera.


Review and Delivery

Editing on your video begins as soon as filming ends. Your footage is analyzed with the same detail as a forensic scientist. We review your video frame by frame, adding audio and motion graphics to tie together your story. In addition to receiving edits of your video for approval, the entire Crisp team also reviews each clip for quality. Only after everyone approves your video will you receive your first edit (usually within 7 business days).


Implementation and Results

Our relationship with you continues even after you receive your video. You’re assigned an implementation manager whose sole job is to ensure your video is successful in bringing you business. After all, we’re invested in growing your law firm. So we share with you the latest video SEO tips and suggestions to expand your online reach, while helping you gain more fans, followers and clients. That way you see ongoing returns from your video marketing.

What's Included

  • High-Definition (HD) Legal Brand Video
  • Storyboarding and Creative Direction
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Equipment Supplied
  • Full-Rights to Video
  • Music Licensing Included
  • Travel Included

Our Clients


The Crisp Difference

Attorneys who produce videos with Crisp Video see an average return on investment of 300% and a 2-10X increase in their average case values.

All In Client Focused Crisp Difference Results Oriented

Change Your Strategy and You’ll Change Your Results

Our goal is to help you close more of the high-value cases you know your law firm is capable of handling. As such, we may need to adjust your existing marketing strategy.

Yet this doesn’t mean you must start over. Instead, we show you what can be done right away to position your practice so your legal services appeal to your best potential clients.

You see, even if you have a successful law firm, you have growth opportunities that you can’t see. You’re just too close to your business. It’s for this reason clients use us to reach higher levels of impact and profitability.

  • Superior in Every Way

    We combine the latest equipment with the highest-level talent to deliver a video product that’s the best in the business.

  • No Borders. No Limits.

    We travel to you and do whatever it takes to make the entire video production process almost effortless for you.

  • Fast Turnaround Time

    We work with tight deadlines to ensure your project is always done on time and on budget.

Tired of Missing Out on the Best Cases?

Attorneys who produce videos with Crisp Video see an average return on investment of 300% and a 2-10X increase in their average case values.

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