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Richmond Vona

  • 258%

    Increase In Revenue

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Project Overview

When John Richmond co-founded Richmond Vona, LLC with his partner Keith Vona, their vision was clear: to establish a world-class personal injury law firm dedicated to serving injured New Yorkers. The firm represents a wide range of personal injury cases, including trucking accidents, construction accidents, and wrongful death.

Headquartered in Buffalo, New York, the firm has offices throughout the state, ensuring residents have access to excellent representation. The firm has recovered more than $175 million in settlements and trial verdicts for its clients and continues to work relentlessly in pursuit of justice for all who seek help from its team of attorneys and expert staff.

John values the firm’s team and culture and notes, “The best part of owning a law firm is the opportunity to build a team comprised of amazing, talented people who are dedicated to going above and beyond for our deserving clients.”

Recognizing the importance of a vibrant, supporting work environment, John and Keith were set on creating a place where their team could do their best work on behalf of injured New Yorkers and their families. John shared, “We believe that creating the best firm culture is mission critical, as we cannot deliver the ultimate client experience without the best team at our side.”

Both John and Keith prioritized the client experience. As they expanded, they made sure to always keep the client at the center of every decision.

“We have experienced tremendous growth over the last few years, but we understand the critical importance of scaling at an aggressive, yet controlled rate, so we can continually deliver an exceptional experience and result to each client,” says John.

However, keeping up with the growth and learning to properly scale the business presented daily challenges that John and his partner are constantly working to overcome.


Scaling a law firm, especially one with such an aggressive growth trajectory, presents numerous challenges. Richmond Vona’s rapid growth in recent years has necessitated a keen focus on developing and maintaining scalable systems and processes.

John and Keith both work to constantly balance the need for aggressive growth with the requirement to maintain high standards of client service for the Richmond Vona team and clients.

“Our biggest day-to-day obstacles involve creating and continually auditing scalable systems and processes and forecasting growth in a contingency fee model,” John explains. “The unpredictable nature of our work means that we have to be constantly vigilant and adaptable. Balancing the need for aggressive growth with the requirement to maintain high standards of client service is a constant challenge.”

Another significant challenge has been maintaining and nurturing the firm’s culture amidst rapid expansion. The partners believe that a strong firm culture is essential to delivering exceptional client experiences, but scaling this culture requires deliberate effort and strategic planning.

“To deliver the ultimate client experience and to get the best results for your clients, you must be surrounded by a team of people who embody your core values and are aligned with your strategic mission and vision,” John commented. “As a law firm owner, you are nothing without a team of dedicated people who feel valued and empowered.”

The firm faced the ongoing challenge of attracting and retaining top talent. In a competitive legal market, finding individuals who are not only highly skilled but also a good cultural fit can be difficult.

Richmond Vona knew they needed something to set their firm apart for both potential clients and talent — and Crisp knew exactly how to assist them.

As a law firm owner, you are nothing without a team of dedicated people who feel valued and empowered.

John Richmond


Recognizing the need for expert guidance and support, Richmond Vona decided to partner with Crisp in June 2022. The decision was driven by the understanding that to be the best, they needed to work with the best.

Crisp provided the firm with the formal guidance, systems, and processes it lacked, helping to set a clear path for growth and success.

John realized how imperative implementing the proper operational infrastructure would be to sustain and manage the firm’s future development: “We were always committed to creating the best firm culture and the best client experience, but prior to partnering with Crisp, we had no formal guidance, systems, or processes in place to achieve these goals.”

Richmond Vona’s partnership with Crisp began with a focus on Brand Videos, aimed at attracting the best cases and talent. After that initial project, John quickly realized that this was only the beginning of what Crisp could do for the firm.

Crisp’s approach included developing a repeatable process for hiring top talent, creating scalable systems, and fostering a strong firm culture. The comprehensive strategy provided by Crisp has been crucial in navigating the challenges of scaling the firm.

“We were looking to attract the best cases and talent through Crisp’s brand awareness marketing but also understood that without the proper hiring funnel, scalable systems and processes, and the best firm culture, it would be impossible to achieve exponential growth.”

The partnership with Crisp also involved participating in the Crisp Coach program, which offers ongoing support, resources, and a community of like-minded law firm owners. This program has been instrumental in helping John refine his leadership skills, improve internal systems, enhance overall firm performance, and grow his network.

For John, one of the most significant benefits of working with Crisp has been connecting with other ambitious law firm owners.

“Before joining Crisp, I felt like we were alone on an island, and the struggles we experienced were isolated to our firm. However, after joining Crisp I realized that all firm owners were experiencing very similar, if not identical struggles, regardless of the size or age of their firms,” John revealed. “Everyone’s willingness to be vulnerable and share their experiences, good and bad, has truly helped us make better decisions and avoid making potentially devastating mistakes.”

In addition to these strategic initiatives, Richmond Vona has focused on investing in its team and culture above all else. John remarked, “As a firm owner, you must be one hundred percent committed to constantly working to create and maintain a positive and rewarding culture built on the foundation of accountability and continuous growth.”

Working with his coach, attending quarterly workshops and intensives, and experiencing life-changing events like the Game Changers Summit have provided the tools and support needed to attract, hire, and train the best people, creating a sound framework that promotes growth and creativity.

Before joining Crisp, I felt like we were alone on an island, and the struggles we experienced were isolated to our firm. However, after joining Crisp I realized that all firm owners were experiencing very similar, if not identical struggles, regardless of the size or age of their firms.

John Richmond


From June 2022 to June 2024, Richmond Vona embarked on an extraordinary journey of growth and success. The firm’s story began with a vision and determination, and over a two-year span, the firm transformed in remarkable ways.

According to John, “Investing in the firm through partnering with Crisp has been one of the best decisions Richmond Vona has made.” He has learned where and how to invest to generate growth and how to run the firm like a business.

“To date, Crisp has definitely had a multimillion-dollar impact on our firm, but I am confident that the impact will prove to be much, much greater as we move forward with our partnership,” John shares.

Richmond Vona experienced a staggering 258% increase in gross revenue, a testament to its expanding influence and reputation in the industry. The firm’s caseload surged, with the total number of active matters rising by an impressive 73%.

This growth was fueled by their commitment to providing unparalleled legal services, which attracted a steady influx of monthly leads, case quality, and conversion rates. Monthly sign-ups soared by 76%, reflecting the growing trust and recognition Richmond Vona garnered in the legal community.

To support this burgeoning demand, the team headcount saw a remarkable 154% increase. Talented professionals from diverse backgrounds joined the firm, bringing fresh perspectives and expertise that further enhanced their capabilities.

Richmond Vona’s journey with Crisp has taught John the importance of investing in the team and culture to deliver the ultimate client experience and achieve the best results.

In 2023, the firm was awarded the Excellence in Firm Culture Crisp Game Changer Award at the Game Changers Summit in recognition of the firm’s commitment to transforming its culture. Here are just a few of the ways Richmond Vona transformed their firm culture since being part of the Crisp Coach community:

  • Implementing key performance indicators (KPIs) to promote accountability and transparency, ensuring every team member is clear and confident about their role and impact on the firm.
  • Creating a custom championship belt that is given by one team member to another each week to recognize someone who went above and beyond to help teammates or a client
  • Hiring a Director of Operations who is focused on implementing more and more culture initiatives;
  • Rolling out increased benefits to now offer the ultimate benefits package
  • Utilizing PRINT and Kolbe (and Crisp Onsite Trainings) so we can all understand each other better, consistently referring back to them each week
  • Leveraging the Crisp hiring funnel to ensure the firm hires the right people who will align with their values, mission, and vision
  • Creating a robust onboarding and training system so the firm can focus more on hiring the right person than just someone with experience.

Before teaming up with Crisp, John had no idea that he and the firm would achieve their current level of success. Now, he is grateful for the chance to develop as a leader and to gain insights from other law firm owners to unlock the next level of growth for Richmond Vona.

  • 258%

    Increase In Revenue

  • 73%

    Increase in New Cases

A strategic partnership with Crisp ensures that you are always informed about the latest trends and business best practices. This knowledge, combined with strategic guidance, improved efficiency, and ongoing support, positions your law firm for long-term success and growth in a competitive and ever-changing legal landscape.

John Richmond


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