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Project Overview

The Oliver Law Office, founded by Jami S. Oliver, has been a beacon of hope for the citizens of Ohio who have been injured or lost their lives in car and trucking crashes, defective products, and recalled drugs and medical devices, including mass torts.

As a full-service personal injury law firm, Jami and her team are dedicated to providing exceptional legal representation while being empathetic to their clients’ needs. She pledges that her team will:

  • provide unique solutions through compassionate service
  • approach challenges with confidence, courage, and determination
  • remain engaged and dedicated to learning, growing, and excelling as people and professionals

The firm’s talented attorneys have secured significant verdicts and settlements, including nearly $1 billion for a worksite-related equipment injury. Jami attributes the firm’s success in achieving results to the time she and her team invest in listening to clients’ unique stories, building trust, and crafting the strongest cases possible.

Jami’s motivation for running her own practice stems from her desire to help clients and lead a team that is committed to excellence. “The best part of owning my own law firm is the freedom to create something that reflects my lifestyle, dreams, vision, and personality. The biggest challenge is finding, bringing, leading, and keeping the brightest people to ensure the firm succeeds at the highest level,” she remarks.

With a vision that her clients deserve a confident, responsive, and accessible team, Jami was ready to elevate her firm with Crisp’s assistance.


Running a successful law firm comes with its own set of challenges, and Jami Oliver is no stranger to them. The most pressing daily obstacles include time management, balancing between practicing law, mentoring new lawyers, and overseeing the business aspects of the firm. “Allocating time efficiently between these responsibilities is a constant struggle,” Jami admits.

Another significant challenge for Jami has been finding and retaining top talent who will help give the utmost care and attention to cases and clients. The competitive nature of the legal industry makes it crucial to attract and keep the best professionals, yet, as many firm owners can attest, this is easier said than done.

“Choosing and then finding the A-players to staff the firm at the level it needs to be is another significant challenge,” she notes.

Jami was accepted into the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA)-sponsored program T.H.R.I.V.E. Emerging Leaders, an education and training intensive for executives of small, poised-for-growth companies. As Jami completed this series, she realized that to overcome these challenges, she needed to run her law firm like a business, with a strong focus on operational efficiency and strategic growth.

“I learned so much about running a small company — financial and staffing pressures, funding, hiring, and pivoting. I realized that I could run a law firm like a business and that I must do it if I wanted to build something that would outlast me. I needed help, and I knew that Crisp was the expert,” she explains.

The partnership with Crisp was a pivotal decision as she sought to create a streamlined, efficient operation that could withstand the pressures of the legal industry while providing top-tier service to clients. “My clients have traditionally been happy, but I wanted them to be bullhorns for our business,” Jami reflects. “I wanted them to love their experience so much that they are marketing for us by talking to their friends and families.”

As she transitioned into a new era for the Oliver Law Firm, Jami and her team had to trust that they were in expert hands who would help them learn, grow, and develop.

My clients have traditionally been happy, but I wanted them to be bullhorns for our business. I wanted them to love their experience so much that they are marketing for us by talking to their friends and families.

Jami Oliver


Jami’s journey with Crisp Coach has been transformative, providing her with the tools and insights needed to excel in multiple areas of her practice. She became part of the ELITE program reserved for law firms that have up to $1 million in annual revenue.

Crisp provides clients with support, tools, and resources in various ways, including a dedicated coach who helps firm owners strategize ways to address their most pressing challenges, quarterly workshops that cover a variety of business-related topics, a vast network of other growth-minded law firm owners, team training, professional development courses for employees, relentless digital marketing of the firm, and high-quality videos.

Jami leveraged all of her resources to grow her law firm and achieve personal and professional success. Over the last two years, she has achieved significant development in key areas, including finance, management, client satisfaction, hiring, employee retention, operations, and efficiency.

Finance and Management: Jami utilized Crisp Coach to deepen her understanding of financial management, enabling her to make more informed decisions and optimize her firm’s financial health. The strategic advice and resources have empowered her to implement effective budgeting, forecasting, and financial planning processes.

Client Satisfaction: By applying the techniques and strategies learned through Crisp, Jami has significantly enhanced client satisfaction. She has adopted best practices for client communication and service, resulting in stronger client relationships and higher satisfaction rates.

Hiring and Employee Retention: Jami has revolutionized her approach to hiring and retaining top talent. She has learned how to identify the right candidates who align with her firm’s values and culture and implemented retention strategies that keep her team motivated and engaged.

Operations and Efficiency: Gleaning insights needed to streamline her firm’s operations and boost overall efficiency, Jamie has learned ways to identify bottlenecks and implement process improvements that have led to smoother, more efficient workflows.

Through her ELITE Crisp Coach program membership, Jami was able to take advantage of being part of a vast network of ambitious law firm owners who were also looking to develop and learn.

From serving as local counsel to referring out specialty cases to sharing news and important advice on vendors to use and not to use for various things, being part of this community has been significant for me. We have common goals and common issues, and Crispers are not afraid to share.

Jami Oliver


Understanding the value of a positive workplace environment, Jami, with Crisp’s help, has completely transformed her firm’s culture. She has set high standards and eliminated the excuse-first approach to handling issues. Now, her team is high-performing, striving for excellence, and delivering exceptional client results.

Always one to value community, Jami has provided opportunities for the Oliver Law Firm team to give back. In 2023, the firm’s team participated in PurpleStride Columbus, raising more than $20,000 for pancreatic cancer research. In recognition of the fundraising for cancer research and other projects done within her community, Jami and her team received the inaugural Excellence in Community Impact Crisp Game Changer Award at the Game Changers Summit 2023.

“Compared to one year ago today, we have more than doubled our caseload, bringing in about four times as many cases per month, and our revenue has doubled,” notes Jami. “We went from about 75 cases to over 250, increased from 2 full-time staff and one part-time to 5 full-time and 2 part-time staff, and our monthly intake of cases rose from 1-2 a month to 7-10 a month. Most importantly, we have tripled our revenue, and we are not even at the half-year mark! I would estimate that half of the increased revenue has been thanks to Crisp, due to client satisfaction and teamwork.”

Crisp’s impact on the Oliver Law Firm has been profound, making it difficult for Jami to pinpoint exactly how the firm’s success has been impacted. Without question, she believes that her firm would not be where it is today without the guidance and support of the Crisp team. Every area of her firm is better and stronger than it was previously, especially her client experience.

“We have an intake system and an intake staff. Leads never, ever get lost. We have nearly 100% five-star Google reviews at the close of every single case. We are slowly becoming the leader in injury work in our city, which is really a competitive place to be. Our clients, our former clients, our colleagues, and our friends, are all noticing our social media presence. We are figuring out how to hire effectively to limit turnover.”

Jami believes that growth is inevitable when like-minded individuals come together with a shared intent. This philosophy is mirrored in the Crisp community, where law firm owners support and learn from each other, fostering an environment of mutual growth and encouragement.

Being part of the community has challenged her both as a professional and a person. She has “blossomed since joining Crisp only two years ago,” making significant strides as a leader and business owner. “My self-confidence as a leader, decision-maker, and CEO has been the biggest improvement that I can see,” Jami asserted.

She rues the fact that she waited so long to take the leap to invest in herself and her law firm. “I am not as afraid of making a mistake, and I am aware of how much time and thought I put into decisions that cause me to miss opportunities. No more.”

Her advice to other law firm owners is clear: “Make a decision and act on it. Delaying a decision is a choice not to grow. Embrace change, invest in the right resources, and surround yourself with a supportive community. The impact on your firm and your personal growth will be significant.”

By integrating the tools and strategies provided by Crisp, Oliver Law Office has not only grown in size but also in reputation and client satisfaction. Jami’s leadership and the firm’s continuous improvement efforts have positioned them as a leading personal injury law firm in their city, setting a high standard for excellence and client care.

  • $1M

    Increase in Revenue

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