Building Trust Creates Demand

2 minutes to read

It’s important to have a demand for your services at any time, whether it’s during times of prosperity or a downturn.

It’s proving to be more difficult to generate demand for services for many businesses all around the country and all around the world, especially during COVID.

How do you create demand? Who do people buy from?

The answer is: people buy from those that they know and trust.

If you build trust, you create demand.

Apple doesn’t call you and ask if you want AirPods — you just want AirPods. Why do you want them? They have built a brand, and people want to buy their stuff.

When certain banks maxed out on the PPP loans and prioritized larger corporations over small businesses, they weren’t building trust. It gives people reasons to consider moving to a smaller bank.

When Allstate decides to give back over $600 million in insurance premiums because people aren’t on the road as much as a result of COVID, they’re building trust.

When you step up and support your community, you’re building trust.

When you look out for the wellbeing of your clients and call every one of them to let them know that you’re here to help them and support them, you’re building trust.

When you provide stability and security to your team, you’re building trust.

When you put out valuable content that’s engaging to your audience, educational, and beneficial, you’re building trust.

Is your brand properly depicting who your business is?

Branding and content is always right because when you do this correctly, you’re not asking for the sale — you’re creating demand.

You establish trust through building a brand, putting out content, being present, and continuing to communicate with your clients.

Continuous communication builds trust, and the lack of communication hurts trust.

If you are struggling with demand for your services right now, it is a great time to focus first and foremost on building trust — because when you’ve got that, you also have demand.

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