6 Quotes That Will Change the Way You Run Your Law Firm

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Lawyering can be difficult in this ever-changing world. The workforce is changing, and hiring a team to support you has become more difficult. Legal markets are more saturated and competitive than ever. What it took to succeed 20 years ago no longer works today.

If you are interested in growing your law firm, you must be ready to adapt.

Don’t worry. You don’t have to do it alone. Here are six unforgettable quotes from leaders with experience in legal marketing, team building, and personal development that we know you need to hear.

1. “Are you challenging yourself to do branding work? Because it is the singular thing that grows anything.” – Gary Vaynerchuk

At the Game Changers Summit 3, 5-time New York Times best-selling author, social media maven, and marketing expert behind the digital agency VaynerMedia, Gary Vaynerchuk, urged a captive audience of lawyers to invest in learning the current space of attention.

Branding your law firm is how your clients recognize and experience your business. It’s how you can differentiate yourself from your competitors.

In his presentation, Gary explained that “attention is the asset that grows everything.” He urged the law firm owners in attendance to use social media, assuring them that TikTok videos can actually lead to clients.

Watch the entire clip here: 


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2. “What I’m always looking for, and what I have inside of all of my organizations, are those people who have that insatiable appetite. They are never going to stop because they want to be successful, respected, and revered.” – John Morgan

To attract your ideal candidates to join your law firm, it’s important that you get very specific about what you are looking for. You can start doing this by being very intentional in your hiring process. You must make sure you’ve built a hiring process that is uniquely tailored to your firm.  

John Morgan — CEO of America’s largest injury law firm — looks for the high-value characteristics that you just can’t teach. As a law firm owner, what are you looking for in potential candidates for your firm?

Want to hear more about how John Morgan has built a law firm empire? Listen to his full episode of The Game Changing Attorney Podcast here:

3. “Your mindset has to change right now. If you want to win, if you want what’s next, you can’t be interested, you have to be obsessed.” – Tim Grover

Tim Grover is the legendary trainer of athletic legends such as  Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Tom Brady, and Dwyane Wade. At the Game Changers Summit 3, he explained to the audience of law firm owners what kind of mindset they needed to have to take their law firms to the next level. 

Want to hear what he had to say? Watch this clip below.


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4. “Choose your clients to choose your future” – Seth Godin

Best-selling author, entrepreneur, and the best marketer of our time, Seth Godin, appeared at the EVOLVE Virtual Summit to teach legal professionals from around the country how they can improve the market for their law firms. He talked about the importance of niching down and getting specific. 

If you are trying to grow your law firm, this is a moment you’ll want to hear.


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5. “Culture either happens by design or default.” – Michael Mogill

If you’ve been unintentional about creating your law firm’s culture, you risk creating a culture of mediocrity rather than one of excellence. 

Your firm’s culture is the standard of what is expected of everyone in your company. It’s your responsibility as your firm’s CEO to set that standard.

What kind of culture would you prefer to have in your business: one by default or one carefully crafted directly by you?

Michael Mogill is the Founder & CEO of Crisp, the nation’s #1 law firm growth company, author of The Game Changing Attorney, and host of The Game Changing Attorney Podcast. Mogill also founded the Game Changers Summit, the largest law firm growth conference on earth. He’s helped thousands of attorneys — from solo and small firms to large practices — overcome their barriers to growth and earn millions in new revenue.   

Hear more of Michael’s thoughts on firm culture:


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6. “The riches are in the niches.” – Pat Flynn

Author, entrepreneur, and branding genius Pat Flynn has generated over $6 million in earnings through various business ventures. Pat has helped millions of people grow their businesses worldwide. In an interview with Michael Mogill on The Game Changing Attorney Podcast, he stresses that lawyers need to determine their specific audience to connect with them authentically.

Final Thoughts 

Being an owner of a law firm is no easy feat, but it can be made easier by building up your well of knowledge from experts that have reached the level of success that you wish to attain.

You can surround yourself with growth-minded law firm owners like yourself — and access the tools and resources you need to take your firm to greater heights — at events like the Game Changers Summit and Million Dollar Day. Do you have your tickets yet?