Everything You Missed at the EVOLVE Summit

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The EVOLVE Summit is in the books.

And what a tremendous time it was!

From the peerless expertise of John Morgan to the impassioned reflections of Marcus Lemonis, we explored so much about what it means to evolve yourself and your organization.

Thousands of the most forward-thinking legal minds came together online and in-person to build the road map for evolving into the law firm of the future. We had thousands of virtual attendees as well as an intimate group of special guests who got to experience the brand new Crisp HQ for themselves.

It’s no surprise that so many attorneys, law firm owners, and other entrepreneurial minds blocked off their calendars for two full days when you consider the lineup of badasses we assembled to take the EVOLVE stage.

Let’s look back at just a few of the phenomenal speakers who brought their incomparable wisdom and insights to the EVOLVE Summit.

Compelling Speakers:

Michael Mogill

Crisp Founder and CEO Michael Mogill gave three keynotes throughout the EVOLVE Summit. First, he laid out the blueprint for building an antifragile organization that can weather any storm, emerging even stronger as a result. He speaks from rich experience, having guided Crisp through the tumultuous challenge of COVID while simultaneously growing at an unparalleled level.

Then, he tackled the topic of building your business’s brand at a time when advertising is shifting toward an emphasis on privacy and away from data collection and cookies. Finally, he looked at the courage it takes to make pivotal decisions that will dramatically alter your personal and professional life — all while telling personal stories of vulnerability, overcoming obstacles, and facing moments that required courage head-on.

Joey Coleman

There’s no industry where the customer is not always right (even if the contrary may often feel true).

Joey Coleman has built a name for himself as the preeminent expert in customer service, and he shared his tomes of insights on this topic at EVOLVE. He explained his acclaimed 100 Days concept to prevent new customer turnover, as well as his revamped take on the archaic client journey.

Seth Godin

Acclaimed marketing expert and best-selling author Seth Godin joined the EVOLVE Summit virtually as he dug into the very concept of evolution and how we must intentionally adapt in order to stay afloat as well as to innovate.

As he expressed, “Revolutions destroy the perfect before they enable the impossible.” No advance has ever occurred without disrupting a previously dominant system. It is our duty as leaders to approach everything with an open mind and willingness to evolve.

The Game Changing Attorney Panel

This impressive panel consisted of four impressive figures from widespread backgrounds: Sara Williams, a trial attorney and adjunct professor; Judy Smith, a professional “fixer” and inspiration for the show Scandal; Joe Fried, the nation’s leading trucking attorney; and Harlan Schillinger, an expert in legal advertising.

This quick-witted quartet joined Michael as they discussed the most pressing issues facing the legal sphere, from building an authentic brand to how to approach and manage “cancel culture.”

Nobody (least of all the panelists themselves) wanted this entertaining and enlightening panel to stop!

Mike Papantonio

Mike Papantonio is one of the most qualified trial attorneys in the nation, and he has generated an impressive utility belt of the best ways to drive your firm’s success.

If there’s a single bit of expertise that Mike hammered home, it was the essential nature of embracing discomfort. He believes that “being too comfortable draws you into average.” Unless you wish to reside in a prison of mediocrity, you must allow yourself and your firm to get into uncomfortable places.

Eric Thomas

We ended Day 1 on a stratospheric high with the boundless energy of Eric “ET” Thomas, the Hip Hop Preacher. As is ET’s modus operandi, he took the stage with no slides but plenty of inspiration.

To him, there is no limit to what you can accomplish besides the one that you impose on yourself. The road to success is often fraught and full of obstacles, but a true leader will do whatever it takes because they should want to succeed as badly as they want to breathe.

John Morgan

John Morgan is the Founder of Morgan & Morgan, the largest personal injury firm in the nation. He opened up the second day of the Summit with a fireside chat about everything under the sun.

His main focus was on the virtues of hard work and an insatiable appetite, a common thread among every one of the most successful people in his life. He also expressed the importance of believing in yourself, whether you are a paperboy or a Fortune 50 CEO, no matter who doubts you.

Jessica Mogill

Jessica Mogill, Head of Coaching Strategy at Crisp, gave her trademark charming and insightful presentation on the merits of the PRINT® Assessment.

She laid out what PRINT® is and how its results can be used to hire, onboard, and work in harmony with any team member. It’s particularly helpful because there’s often a significant gap between how people behave and what’s motivating them to act. A fluency in PRINT® allows you to narrow that chasm.

The Power Players Panel

With a name like “Power Players”, you knew this wasn’t going to be a soft-spoken lineup. It included: personal injury attorney and local Alabama celebrity Alexander Shunnarah; Texas-based criminal defense attorney Craig Greening; rapidly-growing law firm owners (and husband and wife duo) Greg and Jany Ward; and John Gomez, the humble and hard-fighting attorney representing the west coast from San Diego.

These five have achieved remarkable growth and have crushed their goals month after month, and at EVOLVE they shared their own experiences in redefining what they previously believed was possible.

Ted Jenkin

“Read my lips: don’t pay more taxes.” Ted Jenkin is one of America’s top personal finance experts and is constantly helping business owners and individuals save millions of dollars in their taxes.

He deciphered what makes our tax code so convoluted and how we can maneuver it in order to maximize our savings and secure our fortunes. He closed with a guarantee that he would help each EVOLVE attendee save $100k on his or her taxes, an understandably popular offer.

The Game Changing Culture Panel

Culture is the most important component of an organization, flowing through its full DNA. Jessica Mogill hosted a panel of four law firm owners who have prioritized their cultures in a variety of ways to improve the entire business.

David Craig, Mark O’Mara, Reza Torkzadeh, and John Martin shared their secrets to cultural success, as well as the benefits of the PRINT® assessment and how they’ve integrated it into their hiring and professional development processes.

Marcus Lemonis

Marcus Lemonis is a jack of all trades: an entrepreneur, business advocate, and TV star on CNBC’s The Profit. He has decades of experience optimizing businesses from the ground up to reach their maximum potential.

He brought his characteristic robust energy as he mused on the merits of speaking on difficult topics. Nothing was off-limits as he closed out the EVOLVE Summit with passion and inspiration.

Exciting Announcements:

Crisp Worldwide Headquarters and Training Center Tour

One of the most exciting developments leading up to the EVOLVE Summit was the recently christened Crisp Worldwide Headquarters and its adjoining Training Center, the latter of which housed the in-person parts of the event.

Live on the virtual stage, the new venue was officially introduced to the EVOLVE participants with a full tour. The live attendees were additionally treated to a food truck as well as a luxurious cigar rolling session.

Crisp Experience Program Launch

Crisp has always taken the opportunity to reveal exciting new endeavors at Summits. At EVOLVE, the public was introduced to the Crisp Experience, a tailored training solution for law firm teams.

The Crisp Experience involves custom pathways and a hands-on workshop series focused on a wide breadth of subjects for every member of the team, from marketing specialists to executive assistants. Crisp already hosted the inaugural Crisp Experience workshop in June, and the attendees provided rave reviews about their educational and engaging experience.

Breathtaking Prizes:

There’s significant value in walking away from a two-day event with actionable insights and inspiring learnings…but it’s even more fun to win prizes too. That’s why EVOLVE gave away six luxury prizes, four vacations, a Tesla Model Y, and an all-inclusive trip to Cabo!

The Tesla was awarded to the most committed Crisp Effect Challenger, so hopefully Greg & Jany Ward have extra room in their garage for their new wheels!

The grand prize of an all-inclusive Cabo trip was awarded to a completely random EVOLVE attendee, keeping everybody in a state of anticipation for the full two days. Congratulations to Seth Smiley for a well-deserved free vacation, including first-class airfare, a villa, and a slew of exciting activities in addition to the beach leisure!

As you can see, EVOLVE was an incredible event, perfectly served by its virtual format. As much fun as it was, we’re already looking onto our next horizon.

Brace yourself, because the Crisp Game Changers Summit 3 is coming…