Why the Right Phone Number Matters for Your Practice

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This article was published by our friends over at RingBoost.

If you knew that there was a person who needed an attorney immediately, would you rather she navigate to your website and complete a contact form or pick up the phone and call you? If you’re like most lawyers, you prefer the latter. Even if you aren’t familiar with the proven fact that inbound calls are 10x more likely to convert to revenue than web leads, you know on an anecdotal level that having a potential client on the phone builds rapport, establishes trust, and creates efficiencies that have a critical impact on your caseload.

It’s clear that phone calls are extremely important to grow your business, and it’s time you put thought into how to improve call volume. It starts with having the right phone number. You are not an average lawyer building an average practice, so why settle for an average, generic number doled out by your phone carrier? A custom phone number – whether toll-free or local, vanity or easy-dial – can help you stand out and connect more effectively with your target audience.

Here are seven reasons why the having the right phone number matters:


Let’s face it, law firms don’t typically have names that roll off the tongue with ease. Partner names and spellings can be hard to decipher and remember, especially for someone who has never interacted with you. Advertising effectiveness studies have shown that vanity and easy dial numbers have significantly higher recall rates than generic strings of numbers. Prospects can only call if they remember the number.


Most lawyers promote their business through a portfolio of marketing activities that include some combination of websites, television, radio, billboards, social media, video, and more. Getting in contact is the call-to-action, but the chances are slim that a pen and paper will be immediately handy to jot down your digits. When a prospect sees your billboard or hears your radio ad, he has only a few seconds to register your message and contact info. A memorable number increases the impact of what you are already doing to promote yourself.

Having a generic number is like presenting the perfect case but not having a closing argument. You can have an optimized marketing mix, but without making it as easy as possible to contact you, you’re leaving leads on the table. Memorable phone numbers pop off the page and encourage potential clients to call.


You are competing with hundreds of other attorneys for the attention of prospective clients, and everyone is using the same tactics. Prospects are bombarded with messages all day, every day. Nearly everyone in the industry is striving for the top result in an online search, attempting to optimize pay-per-click budgets, generating content in a sea of over-information, and trying to appear wherever the audiences are. There is only so much space for everyone, and there will be only one winner.

Having a unique number helps you get noticed in the crowd. Even when looking online, having a memorable number stands out on the page and sets you apart. And if you don’t do it, one of your competitors is bound to, and that only makes it harder for you to win.


An easy-to-remember number sends a message to the market. It’s inviting, and it signals ease of service from the start. Investing in an asset like a custom number helps build trust by demonstrating commitment. Plus, if you choose a vanity number, the specific phrase can declare the kind of work you do, showcase your name or tagline, or reinforce a key message. Examples include 1-800-HURT-NOW or 1-888-WE-FIGHT.

The best brands tell a story, create an impression, and connect with clients. A custom number can do all of that in one fell swoop.


The world is becoming more and more mobile-centric. Smart Insights reports that 80% of internet users own a smartphone and, according to BrightEdge Research, 57% of US online traffic comes smartphones and tablets. But you know what isn’t getting more mobile friendly? Website contact forms. They are difficult to navigate and complete, and you’ll find higher rates of abandonment than forms completed from a desktop.

As much as we use our cell phones to navigate online content, we must not lose sight of the fact that they are phones and inherently capable of placing calls. Even with click-to-call technology, users are more likely to click on an enticing and catchy number. Furthermore, when you invest in out-of-home advertising, having a memorable number helps translate your call-to-action into the reaction you want: dialing your number.


When someone urgently needs the help of an attorney, it is usually an emotionally charged, stressful situation. Prospects can feel overwhelmed and unsure which way to turn. They know they need to reach out to someone, but who? If they are forced to do an online search, you will again be showing up among a sea of competition. But, if your number is top of mind, there is a good chance they will call you first.


According to a 2015 study by Moses and Rooth, the most important channel for obtaining new clients is through word of mouth referrals. Because selecting an attorney requires a high level of trust, prospects depend on their friends and family to make recommendations. If your number is easily conveyed to others, your clients can become part of your extended sales team and direct more leads your way. It takes all the work out of having to look you up in their address book or search online for the contact information. An easy referral can be the beginning of a long-lasting and lucrative client relationship.

You work hard to promote your business and you need to make sure your marketing works even harder. You chose your firm’s name, your logo, your website URL – why not proactively select a number that fits your unique business? A custom phone number is an element that brings all your marketing activities together, enables consistency, and maximizes your lead flow.