The Law Office of Travis J. McConnell
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The Law Office of Travis J. McConnell

  • 143%

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Project Overview

The Law Office of Travis J. McConnell handles personal injury cases in Indiana and Florida, with the addition of criminal cases in their Indiana market. As a small firm up against heavy hitters in both areas, McConnell has come to appreciate the challenges that come along with owning his own firm as the factors that make it interesting and rewarding each day.

McConnell’s biggest differentiator is how down-to-earth his firm is. Being always accessible and approachable is the firm’s main priority, providing a sense of calm and confidence during a difficult time in a client’s life.

By highlighting the benefits of their firm in a way that stands out in a competitive legal market, McConnell’s aim was to make their advertising dollars work for them with something custom-tailored and super-effective.

Enter Crisp Video Group.


As a smaller firm compared to most other personal injury firms, McConnell acknowledges that his firm does not spend a lot on advertising and typically relies more on client and other attorney referrals.

However, in order to consistently convert the leads that keep his firm on their radar, as well as build a pipeline of consistent external traffic and prospects, he knew he needed to invest in marketing of some sort.

McConnell’s objective from the outset has been “to get the message of what we can offer to our clients in a distinct and unique way that was uplifting and positive, as opposed to much of the standard legal advertising.”

He was not looking for that same old one-size-fits-all approach.

At the recommendation of a colleague and friend from law school, McConnell checked out Crisp’s work and was immediately impressed. Convinced the superior product, strategy, and individualized approach would pay off, he decided to take the plunge into the broader advertising arena with Crisp as a partner.

Quit looking at the competition and hone in on yourself and what you have to offer. Just tell your story and your passion for why you want to do it. People can tell if you are faking it and they know when it is real.

Travis J. McConnell


Through Crisp’s personalized discovery and creative process, McConnell worked with our expert storytellers to dig deep into his story, motivation, and the unique value he provides his clients in Florida and Indiana. The brand video that resulted broke the ice on his firm’s behalf, opening the door to higher prestige and recognition in his target markets.

The natural next step was to break that brand video into shorter social cuts optimized for the most popular social networks where his ideal clients spent their time. Crisp’s Social Stack team developed a targeting and delivery strategy to get those cuts integrated into the social media experience of an audience of McConnell’s target market.

With his brand video in place to help visitors get to know his firm, and a strategic Social Stack program in place to drive traffic and awareness, it was off to the races.

Stop thinking "What if it doesn't work?" and start thinking "What if it does?"

Travis J. McConnell


“We have seen a noticeable increase in calls, especially in the Indiana market,” says McConnell of the most remarkable ways his legal video marketing has impacted his firm. “People relate to the videos quicker and generally already come in the door with a rapport already in place.”

As a result of higher call volume and more significant name recognition, McConnell’s firm has been able to be more selective about which cases they handle. In his own words, “fewer cases but each one at a higher value.”

This has allowed McConnell and his team to better use their unique skills to fight the tough fights and get substantial positive results.

“We’ve been using Crisp for a short time and many of our cases can take a year or more to resolve to the point where we collect a fee,” he explains. “That said, I would estimate that we are directly handling approximately 60% of the caseload that we used to but our profit is up 143% despite being more selective and referring cases out.”

Compared to the previous year’s first quarter, the Law Office of Travis J. McConnell experienced a nearly 2.5x increase in profit, all while handling about half the number of cases.

“Being able to be more selective has allowed us to focus in on the cases where we can do the most good,” McConnell elaborates. “It has also freed up a good chunk of time to better handle those cases and allowed for more flexibility in our work/life balance.”

Investing in video for his firm was clearly the right thing to do.

McConnell’s plan for the future includes continuing to produce video content on a regular basis, to keep the conversation with prospective clients in his markets going and to continue to provide value every step of the way.

  • 143%

    Profit Increase

People relate to the videos quicker and generally already come in the door with a rapport already in place.

Travis J. McConnell


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