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  • 30%

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Project Overview

Puget Law Group (PLG) is Washington state’s top choice for Criminal and DUI Defense. The attorneys at PLG have successfully defended thousands of people across the state since its inception in 2013.

PLG landed themselves a spot in the top 15% of the Inc. 5000 List of the Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America in 2020 — making them the third highest ranked law firm and the top-ranked firm specializing in criminal and DUI defense.

This is just one example of the recognition awarded to PLG over the years. A quick Google search shows the Puget Law Group name has been showered in numerous “Top 10 DUI Attorneys,” “Top 10 Criminal Defense Attorneys,” and similar awards over the years.

Founder and CEO Dan Gerl says there are two things that have made the firm’s recognition possible: their team and their clients.

But with the hard work Dan and the team put in, he ran into plenty of hurdles along the way. Team morale was low at times, and PLG was growing — but not quite living up to its full potential.

In March 2019, Dan discovered The Game Changing Attorney by Michael Mogill. “Halfway through,” he said, “I thought, ‘This is great stuff — I can do this,’ and by the end of it, I said ‘F*** that, I’m hiring them to do this.’

Enter: Crisp Coach.


In January 2020, PLG was growing faster than ever before. But the team was struggling to reach the full potential that Dan knew was there. The problems they faced as they continued to grow were rooted in:

  • Challenges in leadership.
  • Developing a better network of like-minded attorneys.
  • Boosting team morale.
  • Implementing powerful marketing strategies.

As a law firm owner, business acumen and leadership traits don’t always come naturally. You are the CEO of your law firm — but, as it turns out, law school doesn’t teach you that part of the equation. So, as many law firm owners do, Dan turned elsewhere to learn these skills.

To combat the challenges his team faced, Dan committed to Crisp’s comprehensive coaching program. Designed to bring together the nation’s most committed law firm owners to share experiences, trade ideas, hold each other accountable to their individual goals, and learn effective strategies from the nation’s #1 law firm growth company — Crisp Coach provided the resources it took for Dan to turn PLG into the growth machine it is today.

PLG ultimately benefited in team growth, revenue growth, and a culture shift by working together with Crisp. Their stellar team leveled up to become a fierce market leader in the Pacific Northwest.

It makes a huge f*cking difference to know that I have much more in common with guys like Reza Torkzadeh and John Gomez than the solo slugs I used to slog around with here.

Dan Gerl (Founder & CEO)


Crisp takes a non-traditional approach to coaching programs. Crisp Coach breaks the mold, because there are already too many tired templates, copy/paste tactics out there. Dan joined Crisp Coach for a community that was ready to get in the weeds with him and give him an actionable blueprint to success.

The first step toward transformation for PLG stemmed from the initial pillars of the program — providing coaching clients with the world-class video assets Crisp has become known for and pairing it with a relentless digital marketing campaign designed to build on the already successful PLG brand and amplify their reach to new potential clients in their competitive market.

Dan brought a creative design background to his role, making him uniquely qualified to bring his vision to fruition with his Crisp partnership. Dan had incredible marketing ideas and was inspired by the strategies he read about in The Game Changing Attorney.

But, as a busy law firm owner and practicing attorney, he couldn’t implement these strategies alone while also running the firm.

So, with the guidance of Crisp’s expert production team, we developed a strategic library of cinematic, results-driven video content that highlighted PLG’s team of powerhouse prosecutors that are uniquely qualified to handle the toughest cases.

Those video assets were then strategically woven across multiple channels via the Social Stack program — all part of the Crisp Coach membership. This comprehensive marketing campaign saturated major digital channels to relentlessly target PLG’s ideal clients with their content, in turn increasing the firm’s brand awareness and exposure.

Dan wholeheartedly suggests that no less than 20% of any firm’s budget should be spent on advertising and marketing, so he was all-in.

From there, Crisp Coach dialed it up a notch.

The structure of the program empowered Dan to transform his network from local colleagues to leaders from the fastest-growing law firms across the nation.

To take things further, the specialized content developed and taught by the team of experts at Crisp was designed to help law firm owners like Dan learn what it takes to be a leader and transform team culture.

With the support of Crisp Coach, Dan and his team pushed the limits of what they thought was previously possible.

So much of what we’re doing now that is benefitting us so greatly and paying off dividends would not be happening without Crisp.

Dan Gerl (Founder & CEO)


The lethal combination of effective business strategies, relentless marketing tactics, and team alignment training that Crisp Coach has provided to Dan and the team at Puget Law Group has undoubtedly made a difference in the way their firm operates.

Overall, the biggest impact Dan has seen was in management empowerment and staff morale.

“We were in a dark place nearly two years ago — right around the time we started connecting with Crisp. That’s all gone and done a 180º,” he said.

The #1 most valuable thing that Dan has learned from the Crisp Coach program so far is a reflection of his team’s growth. “I’ve come a million miles in my growth as a law firm owner, but I can never rest on my laurels,” he acknowledges. “I will never know nearly as much as I don’t know.

The bottom line for Puget Law Group is that they’ve added on another partner, increased revenue by approximately 30%, and can attribute approximately 10-15% of that revenue growth directly to their partnership with Crisp. Dan and his partners are all-in and the team is moving in the right direction — together.

The fundamental changes within PLG look like:

  • Leadership and management training.
  • Team culture shift and organized alignment.
  • Amplified marketing tactics to grow the firm’s reach.
  • Overall revenue increase.

For other attorneys looking to align their team, improve their leadership skills, or grow their firm in any respect — but may be hesitant due to the current climate, Dan has some advice about waiting for the right time:

“That says more about you and the short-term game you’re committed to being stuck in than anything ambitious. You simply cannot claim to be the latter and not see the current situation as an opportunity more than anything else.”

  • 30%

    Revenue Increase

[Crisp Coach] has made me a better leader, but also raised the bar for what I expect of myself in that capacity. I used to say things like ‘I’m no leader’ but I don’t believe that anymore. I think I’m a pretty kick*ss leader with the proper training — which is what I’m getting with Crisp.

Dan Gerl (Founder & CEO)


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