Joseph C. Good III, P.A.
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Joseph C. Good III, P.A.

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Project Overview

Joe Good is an experienced, dedicated attorney based in coastal South Carolina. His firm defends those accused of drug crimes, DUI, traffic offenses, and those who have suffered as a result of a car accident or job injury. In addition to top-notch representation, Good’s firm prides itself on the one-of-a-kind personal service and accessibility they provide.

“Every day is a new challenge in a small firm,” says Good. Despite the challenges of being smaller in size and budget, Good enjoys the autonomy of owning his firm and has a marketing savvy that gives him an edge when competing with larger firms in his market.

In order to keep growing his firm, Good wanted to up his marketing efforts and gain an edge with the most cutting edge and innovative approach available.


Due to the perpetual demands of attending court, reviewing discovery, and interviewing new clients, Good often finds himself with less time than he would like to focus on the business of his law firm. As a result, he determined the best course of action would be a marketing strategy that provided him the most bang for his buck and allowed him to better balance practicing law and growing his law firm as the business it is.

The answer he came to was video marketing.

“I live in a competitive market,” says Good. “If you don’t advertise, you don’t get as many clients. It is just that simple. And clients love to watch videos. That is a fact. It makes the client feel like they know you a little bit better. Nobody wants to read a long bio on your website. They want to watch it.”

Once he realized that the best quality clients were the ones that wanted to know their attorney before they hired them, Good’s strategy was easy to conclude. He needed a way to tell his story and stand out from his competition that was miles above the bar.

So he called up Crisp.

The team at Crisp understands online marketing and is living on the cutting edge of such a progressive arena. They can keep your marketing on that edge and educate you as to new developments in legal marketing.

Joe Good


Joe Good knew he wanted a video to achieve his marketing and business goals…but not just any video.

“Really, I only wanted a Crisp Video,” he says. “I would not have done a video if it was not a Crisp video. It is the gold standard in the legal world.

Crisp’s unique production process includes a deep dive into each individual firm to discovery their true differentiator, the unique value proposition that makes them the obvious choice in their market. Through the pre-production process with Crisp, Good was able to zero in on his messaging and the story he wanted to tell with his legal video.

Once the firm’s brand video was finalized, the natural next step was to invest in social cuts and a strategic paid ads campaign tailored specifically to Joe Good’s ideal target market. Managed by the expert Crisp Social Stack team, Good’s legal video content was positioned in front of his prospects on the highest-traffic social media channels available.

Pairing the Social Stack program with the powerful conversion tool of his full brand video, Good’s new marketing strategy ensured the people who needed his help most were able to move seamlessly down his marketing funnel — culminating in a consistent stream of new clients to keep his business booming.

I figured if I get one extra case a month from Social Stack it will pay for itself. I got so many more than I thought.

Joe Good


Joe Good signed onto the Crisp Social Stack program in December of 2018. After running for just a couple months, the results started flooding in.

“In March I doubled my caseload, and did it again in April, and kept doing so,” says Good. “Social Stack only gets better each month.”

Improving his law firm’s bottom line month over month has improved life in many different areas. Despite being so busy with the consistent influx of new cases, Good cites “greater opportunities in all aspects of [his] life.”

So is the partnership with Crisp worth it?

Joe Good would say so.

“One decent case pays for the video,” he says. “You will get that case by having the video. It will pay for itself quickly.”

“I believe having a Crisp video takes the firm to another level,” he continues. “I also believe that producing the video is only the first step along the way with Crisp. The Social Stack program is a necessary follow up. The team at Crisp understands online marketing and is living on the cutting edge of such a progressive arena. They can keep your marketing on that edge and educate you as to new developments in legal marketing.”

We are looking forward to Joe Good’s continued success, and can’t wait to keep him (and all our amazing clients) up-to-date on the latest and greatest in legal marketing. With Crisp on your side, you’ll always be three steps ahead of your competition.

  • 100%

    Caseload increase

There was never a choice. It was only Crisp.

Joe Good


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