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Janssen Law is a personal injury and workers’ compensation firm hailing from the great state of Wisconsin. Founding attorney Bob Janssen and his team of dedicated attorneys specialize in providing compassionate legal representation tailored to each of their hardworking clients’ individual needs.

“Clients like attorneys who are human, without an ego,” Bob says, demonstrating the genuine care and compassion he practices each day. “Someone who will call them late at night to make sure they are okay.”

Although Janssen Law is significantly smaller than other competitors in the Green Bay area, they hold their own with their hard-earned accolades. In recent years, Ryan and Bob have both been named Wisconsin Super Lawyers, an honor received by fewer than 5% of attorneys in the state.

With the majority of their clients coming from referral sources — namely previous clients, physicians, and other attorneys — Janssen Law knew they needed to invest in a marketing strategy that could elevate and differentiate them from other firms in the area.

They decided that investing heavily in high-quality video had the potential to generate their desired results.


“Our budget is very, very low,” says Bob, comparing marketing resources to that of their competitors. “I would estimate it is the least in comparison with other personal injury firms.”

This deep understanding of their market helped Bob and his team identify what they needed to do to compete: invest their marketing budget wisely, in a high-impact tool that would be unique, effective, and produce a high return.

Janssen Law was receiving a consistent stream of low-value cases through their referral network but faced a stark challenge when faced with budgeting for contingency fee cases. Without a large source of reliable, predictable income, making business investments can pose a risk.

“We wanted higher value cases,” explains Bob, “not just more cases.”

Lacking the flexibility to implement the massive marketing strategies utilized by other firms in the area, it was difficult to gain a competitive advantage in order to bring in the higher value cases they were searching for.

They needed a solution that illustrated to potential clients that the work they do and the motivation to do it well was truly rooted in helping those who were suffering and in need of justice. To remedy this, Janssen Law turned to Crisp.

Be yourself. Don’t copy others. Clients like attorneys who are human, without an ego and who will call them late at night to make sure they are okay.

Bob Janssen


In order to obtain the high value cases they were after, Bob partnered with Crisp Video to showcase the unique qualities that made his team stand out to potential clients.

By crafting an authentic message highlighting what they have achieved for their clients and the purposeful motivation behind why they practice law, Janssen Law hoped the video would help them become the obvious choice in their market.

However, this investment was not made without some reservations. “The amount we paid was considerable for a small firm,” Bob admits. “Our video shoot was a serious concern as we didn’t have experience doing videos.”

Even with these apprehensions, Janssen took the leap because he believed legal video marketing would be the best strategy to help the firm fulfill its potential and reach its financial goals.

The Crisp discovery process empowered Janssen to explore his story, giving the Crisp team a glimpse into the firm’s triumphs, motivations, and mission. From there, the team had what they needed to develop a narrative that aligned with Janssen Law’s vision and showcased their unique differentiators in an emotionally compelling way.

The strategy was to focus on the down-to-earth, approachable demeanor Bob and his team naturally exude. Paired with the picturesque Wisconsin landscape they call home and each attorney’s unique backstory, Janssen Law’s finished video established a standout brand identity that successfully set the firm apart and made a lasting impression.

It was the right thing to do. It worked actually better than planned. A small firm like ours is able to compete with the largest most successful law firms in the state.

Bob Janssen


Once Janssen’s brand video was completed, the next step was placing it on the front page of their website and leveraging it on their social media profiles. In these prominent positions, potential clients have the opportunity to first engage with the video to get to know Janssen Law and learn why they are the best choice for their legal needs.

Janssen quickly saw a huge return on their investment. As a direct result of their legal video, the firm landed a huge client with a case worth well over $5 million.

“Our client specifically referred to the video in our first meeting,” says Bob. “Keep in mind we were competing with the largest personal injury law firms in the state.”

Janssen Law’s video showed this high-value client that Bob and his team were hard-working, humble people, making it a no-brainer to choose them over other options. The emotional connection this client felt watching their video was more powerful than firm size or stature.

The compelling narrative and world-class production of Janssen’s video provided a unique differentiator that stood out from the typical advertising messaging in the legal industry, ultimately making Janssen Law stand out — head and shoulders above the one-size-fits-all firms they compete with.

“Potential clients want to see a high quality video,” says Bob. “Not a cheap video with money falling out of the sky. A high quality video will bring credibility to your firm. You have to be very credible when addressing potential clients. Virtually all potential clients have seen our video before they meet with us. We haven’t sent them to the video. They have already viewed it.”

With this invaluable tool in their marketing arsenal going forward, Janssen Law is poised for elevated brand prominence in their competitive market — and major business growth as they continue to establish themselves as the obvious choice.

  • $5 Million

    Case Landed

“Potential clients want to see a high quality video. Not a cheap video with money falling out of the sky. A high quality video will bring credibility to your firm. You have to be very credible when addressing potential clients.”

Bob Janssen


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