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Project Overview

Irvin Law is a full service law firm in Jackson, Mississippi, specializing in criminal, business, personal injury, and civil rights cases. Managing Attorney Charles Irvin and Chief Operating Officer Leslie Peters have become prominent figures in their community, and their clients choose them because of their unparalleled accessibility and service.

The best part of practicing law in Mississippi, according to Mr. Peters, is “the ability to serve more people and to see people grow or feel they have obtained justice.” Like many independent firms, however, the biggest challenge for Irvin Law has been not having the resources necessary to scale at the fast pace they would like.

By focusing on their unique differentiators and leveraging the most effective 21st-century tools, Irvin Law set out to make the best use of the resources they had to make the biggest impact possible.


Irvin Law is a small fish in a large pond by size and resources, but not by skill and experience.

Charles and Leslie pride themselves on serving their Mississippi community with compassion and tenacity, and those who understand that know they are the right choice when it comes to legal representation. However, with smaller reach and budget than larger firms in their market, growing at the rate they desired would require creative methods and strategic tactics.

To open the floodgates to accelerated growth — and have the freedom to serve their community in even more impactful ways — Irvin law needed to do something no one else was doing.

“We decided to produce a video to introduce our firm to the marketplace in a way that no one was using,” explains Leslie. “We needed to create a special splash that would serve as the foundation of our brand.”

Being a new firm, resources can be limited and we were taking a big risk. In fact we didn’t have the budget to make the investment at the time, but we decided it was a risk that we had to take.

Leslie Peters (Chief Operating Officer)


Understanding the need to step out of the box and take a risk was central to honing in on Irvin Law’s video marketing strategy.

“You have to do something different than the group at large that you want to separate yourself from,” says Leslie. “I think clients want to know who you are and what you stand for, and that matters. I also think as marketing evolves we will have to find a way to communicate with clients in their desired method of communication to be effective.”

The Crisp team spent ample time digging into Charles and Leslie’s background, motivators, and goals for their firm. The discovery process also yielded a strong conclusion that the meaningful connection the Irvin Law team had to their Mississippi community would be a key differentiator to highlight in their legal video.

With the story developed, the objectives outlined, and the spirit of the firm and their native community captured on camera and crafted into a top-notch product — all that was left was the implementation and results.

Clients want to know who you are and what you stand for, and that matters. I also think as marketing evolves we will have to find a way to communicate with clients in their desired method of communication to be effective.

Leslie Peters (Chief Operating Officer)


Irvin Law’s brand video went live mid-August of 2018, and by December its impact was evident.

In the last three months of the year, the firm generated 48% of their total 2018 revenue.

In the additional year since, the firm has increased its revenue over 280%, grown from a team of two to a team of five, and expanded from operating out of Charles’s guest house to having a beautiful new office of their own.

“The value and quality of our cases has increased,” continues Leslie. “This revenue growth was the catalyst for us being able to move to a better office and location which allows us to service our customers at a higher level.”

A strong and distinctive brand presence that engages Irvin Law’s audience has made a huge impact, both in quality of relationships and in quantifiable bottom-line metrics.

The difference-makers, according to Leslie, are courage and storytelling.

“Be brave enough to do everything you can to tell your story to the people that need to hear it,” he says.

  • 280%

    Increase in Revenue

What if it’s too expensive not to do? How much will it cost you to not separate yourself from everyone else?

Leslie Peters (Chief Operating Officer)


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