Leading Through Adversity: Michael Mogill + Pacific Workers’ Compensation Law Center

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It is never too late to begin building a workplace culture to be proud of. Especially during times like this, it is critical that leaders instill the values and mission of the firm — while taking the initiative to provide a sense of stability and security for their firm.

Crisp Founder & CEO Michael Mogill sits down with attorney and author of The Case for Culture, Eric Farber of Pacific Workers’ Compensation Law Center, in the latest installment of Leading Through Adversity to explore how leaders can step up for their team to weather this storm together.

Check out their full conversation here.

4:33 – Be the hero. Our tagline is, “The lawyers for injured workers.” I represented athletes and entertainers for 20 years. Now I represent firefighters, healthcare workers, and frontline workers who are the heroes of our community. “Be a hero” is another one of our taglines here. Our team needs to be the heroes with our clients, to go above and beyond, and to exceed their expectations.

7:33 – Get the message out. Messaging is big right now. Analyze technology for your team to implement into your firm. Get your team on Zoom, write your messages down, and remind people of what the mission of the company is. If you don’t have a mission stated — get it stated and get it out. Keep having those meetings every single day until people start to get the message.

8:03 – Be supportive. I called and texted every single employee the first week this pandemic happened and said, “We’re going to make it through this, and we need you. Don’t be scared. If you need something for you or your family, call me.”

10:40 – Work with local charities. We support a church that feeds the homeless every week and have been doing it for the last four years. We also work with Best Buddies, which places the intellectually and developmentally disabled. We have an employee from Best Buddies.

11:43 – Step up for the team. Stop looking at the stock market. It’ll come back. Stop looking at the virus spread. It is what it is. If you’re nervous about jumping in and talking about your mission, your values, standards, and rules for the road, don’t be. Now is your time to do it. This is when your team is absolutely looking to you and saying, “What do we do?”

If you’re viewing this challenging situation the same way Eric and Michael are, text Michael directly at 404–531–7691 to tell him what you’re doing to step up for your team and clients.