Leading Through Adversity: Michael Mogill + LeMaster & Ahmed

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Among other things, one of the opportunities presented to attorneys across America during this time has been the development of business interruption insurance claims for businesses suffering due to COVID and the economic downturn.

In the latest installment of Leading Through Adversity, insurance attorneys Jennifer LeMaster and Nejat Ahmed of LeMaster & Ahmed join Crisp Founder & CEO Michael Mogill to discuss how they have pivoted to this arena to better serve their clients.

Check out the full conversation here.

1:16 – Creating a plan. “We were thinking about business interruption claims before most lawyers that are in the arena were thinking about it. We were able to really make a good plan forward and make good connections with resources so that we could take in and still treat our clients well.”

7:21 – Play the long game. “This is a long-term game and process for us. We care about the arguments that are being made and the precedence that’s being set because that’s the arena in which we’re going to practice after all this has gone. We’re not looking to set a precedence that’s going to affect our clients in the future and hinder us when we’re making arguments later on under the business interruption coverage piece.”

10:26 – Utilizing social media. “It’s taken us out of our comfort zone in the sense that we’re using social media a whole lot more. We should have done that before, but we’re doing it now. I think both Jen and I are really good about taking risks and chances. We saw the opportunity, we dived right in, and got Crisp involved in getting our social media ad campaign out there.”

11:05 – Be adaptable. “Every week when we have our team meeting, we’re trying to be adaptable to the changing landscape of this particular litigation and our existing docket. Everything is changing with COVID, and our docket is changing so rapidly because of business interruption. Every week we give our team members and ourselves a pep talk that we just have to stay light on our feet — we have to adapt.”

13:01 – Joint ventures. “If you find a firm that you trust, that has lawyers that know what they’re doing in the business interruption arena, joint venture with them. We’re seeing lots of folks approach us about joint ventures, and we’re happy to do that. It’s a way to work smarter and not harder. It also is a way to pivot in your practice without giving up your existing specific area of practice that you’ve invested in.”

If you’re viewing this challenging situation the same way Jennifer, Nejat, and Michael are, text Michael directly at 404–531–7691 to tell him your thoughts.