Meet the 2022 Crisp Experience MVP Winner

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This year, law firm team members from around the country competed in the first-ever Crisp Experience MVP Challenge — a challenge for Crisp Experience members committed to breaking through barriers to achieve transformational growth.

Crisp Experience is designed to develop your A-players, and it’s exclusively available to Crisp Coach member law firms. This is a powerful tailored training solution for your team — and your one-way ticket to accelerated growth. With Crisp Experience, hundreds of law firms are empowering their A-players to specialize in their unique abilities and maximize effectiveness in their roles.

Member law firms reap the rewards of investing in their A-players with Crisp Experience — but we wanted to reward them too for their commitment to growth and their progress in the Crisp Experience program.

So we decided to give away a fabulous Tesla Model 3 to the Crisp Experience MVP.

Throughout the year, Crisp Experience members competed in empowering challenges — with their eyes on the final prize. Each month, challenge participants focused on a specific topic area to impact the firm as a result of what principles they’ve learned from Crisp. They documented their improvement strategies, personal goal achievements, and set professional milestones to accomplish.

The Crisp production team then took the top submissions and created videos that showcased the journeys of the Top 5 Challengers. These videos were then voted on by their peers to determine which transformation was the most impactful and engaging.

Finally, on the Game Changers Summit stage, Crisp Founder & CEO Michael Mogill revealed the results of that vote, and named the very first Crisp Experience MVP Winner:

Nikki Haddaway of Meldon Law!


Nikki started her career as a 17-year-old high school dropout with a baby and no prospects. She landed a job as a file clerk at a big attorney’s office, where her experience with the office manager would be a powerful catalyst for her professional goals.

“She was rude, and she was hateful, and she belittled me,” Nikki describes. “I vowed to myself that not only was I going to get myself to where she was, but I was going to do it a thousand times better.”

And she did.

Years later, Nikki found herself joining Meldon Law in Gainesville, Florida as a new office manager. She challenged herself in 2022 to step up and step into that role with optimism, solutions, and commitment.

She played a pivotal role in optimizing the firm’s case management software, putting a structured onboarding plan in place, and facilitating cross-departmental collaboration in her office. Nikki credits her Crisp Experience workshops with many of the tools and approaches that made such a huge difference in her firm once implemented.

Everyone at Meldon Law agrees that the firm has transformed in big ways since Nikki joined the team — and it’s just the beginning.

“The knowledge I’ve gained from Crisp not only set me up for success at my firm, but for the rest of my life,” says Nikki of her experience in the Crisp Experience program. “Crisp took our small firm from average to outstanding in a very short period of time. We have tripled in size, even in the middle of a pandemic!”

Team members like Nikki are what the Crisp Experience program is all about: lifelong learning, perpetual growth, unwavering commitment, and giving back.

“In tandem with our vision of growth, Crisp’s mentorship made the impossible possible for our firm,” she shares. “Our vision and mission is crystal clear now, and we have been provided the tools to keep growing.”

Ready to invest in your A-team? Learn more about the Crisp Experience program here, and apply for Crisp Coach here to take the leap.