Meet the Winner of Michael Mogill’s Tesla Model S Plaid

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The Game Changers Summit had it all: phenomenal speakers, unparalleled networking opportunities, performances from Grammy Award-winning artists, and LOTS of giveaways.

But these aren’t your typical giveaways. We don’t let the big winners walk away from the Summit with a couple of pens and a notebook. We like to do things a little differently…

One of the craziest things we convinced Michael Mogill to do was give his Tesla Model S Plaid away to the lucky winner of the Crisp Effect! Although he wasn’t entirely on board in the beginning, we managed to make him see what kind of lasting effect that would leave on his audience — and on the very deserving 2022 champion.

What is the Crisp Effect?

Before a winner could be chosen, Crisp Effect participants had to join the challenge and submit monthly videos to document their challenges, successes, and transformations. Final videos were compiled by the world-class Crisp production team, and an initial round of voting by peers and communities decided on the top 10 videos premiered at the Game Changers Summit 2022.

There, the Summit audience voted live to decide the top winner — and recipient of Michael’s Tesla Model S Plaid.

While every Crisp Effect Challenger underwent some sort of transformation within themselves and their businesses, there could only be one winner — and it was clear who that was based on her radical transformation over the course of six months.

Through commitment and dedication, this lucky Crisp Effect Challenger walked away with a new car and a new sense of self…

CONGRATULATIONS to Erika Riggs of Disability Law Group!

Thanks to Erika’s persistence and vulnerability, she stood out in her monthly videos and pushed herself to achieve massive growth in both her personal and professional lives. Her results speak for themselves:


  • Erika’s law firm started with only two support staff members, and just a few years later, she’s got a staff of over 20 people.
  • Her law firm has tripled its number of cases since joining Crisp.
  • Her staff has outgrown their headquarters so much that they’ve had to expand into the suite next to their office.
  • Her firm now runs a podcast, a newsletter, fun incentives for her team, and so much more!

And that’s just the beginning for Erika and Disability Law Group!

As soon as she began making the right decisions with her hiring process, her business foundations, and her team’s culture, she really began seeing meaningful changes. Erika’s team has even made the decision to expand into another practice area, something that she doesn’t believe she would have had the courage to do if it hadn’t been for her partnership with Crisp.

Erika is absolutely one of the most deserving people to take home this extra special prize, and we can’t wait to see where else she’ll go in the future. We’ll be right by her side every step of the way.

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