Meet the 2022 Crisp Crisp Effect Winner Who Took Home a Tesla

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Here at Crisp, we walk our talk.

Every team member knows how to generate massive growth in their roles and in our business — and we strive to help the nation’s most committed law firm owners do the same in theirs.

Because every Crisper has this innate drive in them, we knew we had to match their level of excellence with something worthy of their time and talent.

Enter: the Crisp Crisp Effect Challenge.

The Crisp Crisp Effect

Back in 2020, the Crisp Crisp Effect was born from the same principles that created the Crisp Effect. While the Crisp Effect promised growth, change, and transformation for our most committed clients, we wanted our Crisp team members to have the chance to experience the same for themselves.

Thus, the Crisp Crisp Effect went into full effect.

Every team member was invited to participate and document their own achievements, challenges, setbacks, and everything in between over a six month period. By submitting their own videos each month, they built community and experienced a deeper level of support and encouragement from their fellow challengers — ultimately bringing the team closer together.


At the end of the challenge, Crisp’s production team compiled the top 10 participants’ footage into an uplifting video for each, which was then voted on by the whole company and narrowed down to the top three, and eventually the final winner.

Meet the Winner

Though deciding on the top 10 was difficult (let alone the final three), an eventual winner was announced on stage at the Game Changers Summit in the Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Meet Sandra Lomotey, the Crisper of the Year and the proud new owner of a Tesla Model 3!


There’s no denying Sandra’s unprecedented levels of growth since she joined the team as a Senior Content Marketing Strategist in January of 2022, both personally and professionally.

Having grown up in a family of Jehovah’s Witnesses, Sandra didn’t have the “typical” childhood that many of us do, and that’s something she felt she had missed out on. She didn’t celebrate her first birthday until she turned 18, and she didn’t even receive her first birthday gift until the same year — but she never let what some may consider an unorthodox upbringing bring her down.

“My biggest barrier to growth is myself, and I want to become the best version of me that I can be,” she says.

As Sandra ventured out on her own, she eventually wound up at Crisp, where she knew her life would be forever changed.

“Crisp gave me peace of mind, and that’s something I’ve never gotten to experience in any other professional settings,” she reflects “Even when I go home at night, I’m at peace — and peace is priceless.”

Sandra is a true game changer thanks to her relentless drive and commitment to her craft. When she first walked through the Crisp doors, she had big ideas and big plans for the company’s future — and she didn’t waste a second on getting started.

Since she joined the Crisp team, Sandra single handedly started and built a popular TikTok profile for Crisp’s Founder & CEO Michael Mogill, and in just a few short months grew his channel to over 90,000 followers (and counting).

While some may have had their doubts, Sandra was confident from the very start that she could make it happen. That confidence has tripled in size since joining the Crisp team, and it’s led her to take on multiple other lofty projects and accountabilities. The best part? This is only the beginning for this game changer.


At Crisp, Sandra has found a group of people who understand her vision and believe in what she’s doing. She has undergone much transformation in her short time here, and she’s still got so much growth on her horizon. 

Congratulations, Sandra! We are so proud of you and your commitment to being better than yesterday.