Crisp Game Changers Summit 2018: Meet Judy Smith

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judy smith

Here’s a riddle for you: what do you call a woman who made a career out of fixing crises, inspired a hit TV show, acted as the Deputy Press Secretary to President George H.W. Bush, and continues to counsel Fortune 500 companies?

The answer: Judy Smith.

Judy Smith, America’s #1 Crisis Management Expert and featured speaker at the upcoming Crisp Game Changers Summit, knows what it takes to handle a crisis.

She made her mark on the nation’s capital helping clients out of embarrassing, messy, and downright scandalous situations. (Get it? Because she inspired and produces the show Scandal?)

Her resume includes a long list of accomplishments, and has been trusted by the world’s leaders to mitigate the most historic and sensational events of our time…

  • Iran Contra Investigation
  • Prosecution of Mayor Marion Barry
  • 1991 Gulf War
  • Los Angeles Riots
  • The Monica Lewinsky Scandal

She’s a published author, a highly sought after speaker, and regularly appears on national broadcast networks like CNN, MSNBC, FOX News, NBC, ABC, CBS, and more.

So how did she get to where she is today?

Prior to founding her consulting firm and serving as Special Assistant and Deputy Press Secretary to President George H. W. Bush, she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Relations from Boston University and graduated from the American University Washington College of Law.

Smith soon realized she wanted to pursue a line of work where she could blend both law and communication – and crisis management seemed like the perfect marriage of those two disciplines. She claims her rise to fame is the direct result of years of hard work and a focus on honing her craft. Her non-traditional career path included pit stops in the U.S. Attorney’s office, the White House, Hollywood, and finally to her very own office building.

She’s a savvy media spokeswoman who has perfected the art of fixing an image – whether you’re a Fortune 500 monolith or a former White House intern.

What exactly is crisis management, you may be wondering. Well, according to Judy, crisis management is “dealing strategically with a problem, issue or crisis. We help provide strategy, and figure out how to solve that problem. Each person — when they are faced with a crisis — has to decide where they want to end up, what is the end game. We help them to do that.”

And, at the Crisp Game Changers Summit, Judy will be revealing the insider secrets she’s picked up over the years on crisis management. During a Q&A with Judy, we’ll be able to pick her brain on what she thinks are must-have tips for success as a law firm owner, how to lead through crisis, and how to build a brand that people admire and respect.

Judy joins an impressive lineup of speakers including Chris Voss and David Goggins, along with a Legal Experts Panel that have collectively helped 1,000+ attorneys in 100+ markets grow their law firms.

You can check out more info on those speakers below:

Time is running out to grab your tickets to the Crisp Game Changers Summit – so grab yours today!