3 Years of Progress in 3 Months

3 minutes to read


I believe that this coronavirus situation will lead us as leaders and as a society to make three years‘ progress in three months.

We’ve been dealing with new experiences over the last several weeks, from global shutdown to quarantine.

This presents a lot of difficulties, and also forces us as a society, as leaders, and as organizations to be creative and innovative — more than ever before.

This is a powerful thing. As an entrepreneur, you’re accustomed to solving problems and overcoming obstacles. But now you’ve been put in a position where you have to solve this unprecedented challenge in order to grow and adapt.

This is called progress.

We’re already seeing this among law firms and the legal industry. Firms have adopted new technology to communicate with their clients and team members — and the legal industry and all its institutions are being forced to adapt as well.

Think about how long it would have taken for all this technology to be integrated into thousands of law firms across the country if not for this situation.

Businesses are getting better, and they are leaning more towards automation and systemization.

We’ve posed a question to our clients: “What are you doing during this time? What are some of the lessons that you’ve learned?”

The responses had a huge focus on increasing visibility for their business and firm.

Creativity is what’s creating relevance.

The firms that are the most creative right now are also going to be the ones that are the most relevant — now and in the future.

The automation that you do today — from systemization to focusing on improving processes — is going to pay dividends into the future.

It’s also absolutely crucial to be decisive, give your team hope, and double down on culture.

Working remotely and moving an entire team remote requires a degree of trust.

The organizations that have the strongest cultures are going to be the ones that have the greatest amount of trust and are the most successful working in different environments.

Finally, the law firm owners I’ve been speaking with have said they’ve learned the importance of asking for help and support.

A lot of strong leaders say, “I got it under control, I’ve got it all together.” Yet no one truly has it all together right now. We all have the same degree of uncertainty. We don’t know what tomorrow is going to look like. We don’t know what a week, a month, or six months from now is going to look like.

Have the humility to admit when you need guidance and help. This is the time to lean on others, without a doubt. You don’t have to have all the answers, but the power of community has never been stronger.

If you look at this as an opportunity to make your business and your team better, to focus on creativity and innovation, you might find that you will have made three years of progress in these three months.

We hope that you’re making great progress and that you’re more optimistic than ever — because the firms that are will come out of this the strongest.

I would love to hear some of the things that you’re doing to make progress right now, so shoot me a text at 404-531-7691.