3 Must-Have Types of Legal Videos

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This post was updated in March 2019. 

If your law firm is ready to venture into the sometimes-frustrating realm of online marketing, you have a lot to consider. Although your options for online marketing are vast, video production is becoming the most popular and highly utilized method. Making a legal video for your law firm is the best way to help your firm stand out and attract new clients. When making a legal video, you need to consider a variety of factors, like budgeting for production, finding a production team that suits the needs of your legal video, and determining what type of legal video to produce.

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You can produce various types of legal videos, which range in content and production. While this list is certainly not exhaustive, we’ve included the 3 most successful videos law firms regularly use.

1. Legal Brand Video

Having a brand video is a great way to showcase why you’re the best choice for your audience. It will serve as a visual introduction, allowing people to become familiar with what exactly your practice has to offer in terms of representation.

You only have one opportunity to make a first impression, so you should make it classy — not obnoxious or tacky. Try to capture the essence of your firm and its services.

When creating a brand video about your law firm, you should always consider crafting a storyboard. Keep these questions in mind as you craft your storyboard:

  • How do you want to market your firm?
  • What demographic does your law firm target?
  • What optimal services does your firm offer that the competition lacks?

These questions should help you work the following essential elements into your legal brand video:

  • Your unique value proposition.  (Why do you do what you do, what makes your clients choose you over any other attorney?)
  • Services your law firm offers.
  • Personal anecdotes/testimonials from previous clients.

If it’s relevant to your unique value proposition, you also might want to consider including a brief history of your firm and encourage interested clients to contact you.

Keep in mind that your video shouldn’t be longer than 3 minutes, so get to the point.

If you do not establish a brand overview for your firm, your firm is likely to be lost in a crowd of competitors who are also using media to attract attention.

2. FAQ/Educational Videos

Having a series of FAQ-style videos can set you apart as a thought leader in your market, providing valuable insights and information to prospective clients and people looking for answers to legal questions.

Successful FAQ videos:

  • Answer relevant questions, usually based on search data or past FAQs, that prospective clients will find valuable.
  • Are short, offer direct value, and are not sales pitches.
  • Provide information about specific services your firm offers

This type of video allows you to answer questions that your clients may be too afraid to ask you.

Take advantage of the opportunity to answer their questions and build credibility.

3. Case Study Videos

Along with hosting a legal brand video and FAQ/educational videos, you might also want to consider producing videos that showcase the success of your past cases.

Case study videos assert your authority in the market, convey trust, and build confidence among potential clients considering choosing you to represent them.

Successful case study videos should:

  • Showcase a real-life client story that demonstrates how your firm helped that client prevail through a difficult time.
  • Provide hope and confidence to viewers who may share some of the same struggles as the client sharing his or her story on screen.
  • Spotlight what it’s like to be a client represented by your law firm.

Incorporating these 3 types of videos into your marketing will convince viewers (prospective clients) that they shouldn’t consider your competition because you’re the obvious choice.

Higher-quality videos convert at a much higher rate and present your brand in a more favorable light. Don’t skimp on video quality and proper messaging, or your conversions (and sales) will suffer.