Why Should Dentists Invest in Video Marketing?

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Video marketing can be a large investment for dental practices. You may be considering producing a video for your practice. But how do you know if it’s the right decision?

First, if you are in a highly competitive area, video can help you set yourself apart from your competitors both professionally and in the search results. A high quality video gives your practice a warm and inviting personality before new patients even pick up the phone. If other dentists in your market are employing video marketing, this is especially important. Video will also provide your website a boost in the search engines when correctly implemented.

Second, if your website is generating traffic, but not converting any leads, video may be the answer. A high quality video has been shown to increase website conversion rates by 300 percent!

Finally, if your website isn’t generating traffic at all, video blogs targeting longtail keywords can get your practice in the game quickly.