What You’ll Learn on Day 1 of the Game Changers Summit 2022

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Why settle in when you can level up?


The Game Changers Summit is a legal conference unlike any other, offering a VIP experience and future-focused insights from top minds to help you drive growth.

Forget the ice breakers — the Game Changers Summit 2022 dives right into a two-day schedule packed with actionable advice on building the business of your law firm.

Rather than a forgettable to-do list of small-thinking tactics, this Summit equips you with leverageable insights on building a winning organization.

Wondering what to expect on Day One?

Where You’ll Be

The Game Changers Summit has grown exponentially each year, outgrowing every venue and hotel we considered. For the 2022 conference, we’re bringing 5,000+ of the nation’s top lawyers to the only place in Atlanta big enough to handle it — the Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Your ticket doesn’t get you a seat in the stadium. It gets you onto the field and right into the heart of the action.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium Field


What You’ll Take Away

Too many firm owners are overly involved in their day-to-day operations to ever get a serious look from outside capital. Yet, that’s the future of the industry.

At the Summit, you’ll learn what it takes to break out of the traditional mold and recession-proof your firm. Expect insights on:

Your Untapped Potential: Strategies to stand apart from your competition and stand out to potential clients, partners, and investors.

Getting Out of Your Own Way: The unique differentiator between stagnant firms and the fastest-growing law firms in America — and how you can implement this differentiator in your own firm.

How to Stop Babysitting: The steps required to untangle yourself from your team’s day-to-day so you can work strategically on your law firm as its CEO.

A Peek Behind the Curtain: An inside look at how the best-known law firms at the top of their markets got there — and how you can too to become the obvious choice for your ideal clients.

Growing Revenue: How to attract a steady stream of high-quality cases and maintain consistent cash flow month-to-month.

Getting Back to What Matters: Reignite the spark that inspired you to become a lawyer in the first place.



Who You’ll Hear it From

This year’s speaker lineup is our biggest yet, featuring:

Arnold Schwarzenegger (elite bodybuilder, actor, producer, and former governor) on turning vision into reality by overcoming every obstacle.

Kevin O’Leary (entrepreneur, author, venture capitalist, “Shark” of ABC’s Shark Tank) on creating more value in your law firm’s business to attract top investors.

John Morgan (founder of the largest injury firm in America, Morgan & Morgan) on building a recession-proof law firm of the future.

David Goggins (best-selling author, former Navy SEAL, elite endurance athlete) on hardening your mind, building resilience, and cultivating the mental fortitude to push past every barrier.

Cy Wakeman (workplace drama & leadership expert, best-selling author) on eliminating workplace drama, improving your firm’s culture, and leveling up your leadership.

Laura Wasser (entrepreneur, elite divorce attorney) on how to attract the best clients and get the most exclusive cases.

Joe Fried (renowned trucking lawyer) on finding your niche and positioning yourself as a thought leader.

Jan Dils (leader of the largest female-founded law firm in America) on the power of betting on yourself, mastering resilience, and going all-in on your dreams.

Jessica Mogill (Head of Coaching Strategy at Crisp, who’s trained 1,000+ businesses nationwide) on fostering communication and collaboration with your team to build the most productive environment within your firm.

Michael Mogill (Founder & CEO of Crisp, best-selling author, law firm growth expert) on what the most successful firms in the nations are doing right now to grow their practice.

Game Changers Summit lineup


Looking for a Little More?

We’re also giving away a Mercedes Benz G-Wagen to one attendee LIVE at the Summit — and all you have to do is get your ticket now to be in the running.

Join the Changemakers

You’ll take the field Forbes called #1 in the NFL with 5,000 of the nation’s most ambitious and forward-thinking law firm owners.

Meet the attorneys who’ve been there and the ones climbing to where every attorney that cares about the longevity of their practice needs to get.

The Game Changers Summit brings a variety of diverse perspectives under one very large roof with attorneys doing $500K to $100M in revenue across practice areas, from personal injury to estate planning and more!


When the Day is Done

You’ll head back to your hotel to unwind and finally settle in…


Join the exclusive VIP Party at Crisp HQ with special guests, celebrities, A-listers, and attorneys serious about getting the most from their time at the Summit.

It’s the best networking in the legal industry with leaders from every practice area and every market, from firms under $500,000 to over $100M in annual revenue, all under one massive roof.

You’ll develop relationships that will be the catalyst behind taking you and your law firm to the next level and learn from those who are already sitting where you want to go.

Crisp Headquarters After Party


Ready to Commit?

There are 1.3 million attorneys in America, but only a fraction are ready to commit to being game changers in the industry.

Here’s the truth: You don’t have to attend the Summit to find out who they are. Once they take action on the insights they gain at Game Changers Summit 2022, you’ll see their name everywhere.

Want to be the top name in your market? Put yourself in the action November 2-3, 2022, in Atlanta, GA. Get your tickets today.

Game Changers Summit 2022