WATCH Vision to Reality: How Leaders Make Things Real

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You’re the leader of your law firm. That means you do MUCH more than just practice law. You’re steering the ship. You’re behind the curtain. You turn VISION into REALITY.

But that’s easier said than done.

Everyone has a vision of where they want to go, and everyone believes they will make it happen — but only 3% of them will.

That’s what Harvard Business School found in a study on long-term goal setting. Everybody knows that you need to execute. Everyone knows that you need to take action. But 97% of us do not do it.

How do you avoid becoming that 97%? How do you take your dedication, late nights, and tireless effort and turn your vision into your reality?

As a seasoned entrepreneur who started Crisp with just $500 to his name and grew it to 8 figures in under 7 years, Michael Mogill knows what it takes to make a vision real. Now he’s made it his mission to help the most committed law firm owners in the nation do the same for their organizations.

With exclusive access to Michael’s full Game Changers Summit 3 keynote presentation on this very topic, you will learn the essential steps every leader must take to make it happen.

You can dream it — and with these tools, you’ll be able to DO IT.

Watch “Vision to Reality” on demand now: