Video Marketing Tips: Sharing Content and the Importance of Music

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For last week’s video marketing tips we reviewed how to organically rank your videos in multiple places on the web and how to utilize social media to increase engagement for your video marketing content.

In this week’s tips, we’ll focus on additional channels for sharing video content and the importance of choosing the right music for your video.

Tip 1: Share Your Content in Lesser-Known Channels

Online directories (i.e. review and listings websites) offer lesser-known channels where you can share your content. You should:

Host your videos on Yelp, YP and more: Most directories accept videos in their listings. Few businesses take advantage of this fact, and it can give you a competitive edge over the other listings.

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Here are a few quick facts to illustrate the importance of online directories for your business:

  • Over 135 million unique visitors visit Yelp alone each month, and listing your services on multiple directories will greatly expand your reach to potential clients.
  • Linking to your website via trusted online directories provides powerful backlinks to your business. High authority links are favored in search engine algorithms, enhancing SEO.
  • Location, location, location: Online directories list businesses based on services, product categories and locations. This allows you to target potential clients in your immediate area.

Your content is already created, so why not feature it in every relevant outlet possible?

Tip 2: The Importance of Music in Video Content


When thinking of video content, audio is sometimes relegated to an afterthought. Here’s why you need to decide on the right music for your content:

  • Cheap stock music turns potential clients off: Beware of free stock music. It is generally of poor quality, and chances are your audience has heard it before. It does nothing to differentiate your firm and reinforce your brand. Because video marketing is an audiovisual experience, it pays to put some serious thought into the music that you choose.
  • Decide on music before editing video: The music you choose sets the tone for your video content, and deciding on music before you edit can dramatically speed up the entire editing process. From an editor’s perspective music ties video assets together and keeps everyone on the same page. You may be surprised, but finalized video cuts must be drastically edited, altered and changed to stylistically fit a new soundtrack.
  • Music enhances the power of your message: Think of the last time you went to the movies. Would the images be as compelling without moving and cinematic scores? Of course not. The right music reinforces your message to create a powerful experience for potential customers.

Pro Tip: and are great resources to find engaging and reasonably priced licensed music for your video content.

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