How Effective is Video Marketing?

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I’ll let you be the judge.

You could go so far as to say that if you are not actively engaged in video marketing, you are missing out on a medium that has value offerings you won’t find in any other form of marketing, particularly if you are looking to make a human connection with your audience. Heads up, you should be!

And if you have any doubts as to why it is effective, here are several reasons why.

1. People Have Short Attention Spansshort attention spans

The human attention span is 8 seconds long. Yes, you read that correctly. 8 seconds. Not a very long time, so you need to impress your audience quickly.

How do you do this? Sensory stimulation helps. Video marketing includes a combination of auditory and visual cues, which can help reel someone in quickly before their attention drifts elsewhere. Furthermore, leading to high production value can help assure your audience that what you are about to show them is worth their time. It’s the difference between a cinematic & engaging watch and this.

Compare this to a wordy text overview of your value offerings. Your audience might immediately jump ship because they have to do more work themselves in terms of staying engaged enough to dig for more information about you. Don’t assume that they have unlimited time to sort through your site. Instead, assume that their time is precious and you need to immediately make it worth their while. Enter video marketing. Having a good video can get across all the points you want to make while sidestepping the pitfalls of an unattractive presentation.

2. People Are Searching for You

Maybe they don’t have you in mind specifically. But if there are people in need of your services, they will be searching for the best offerings available on the internet via Google and other search engines. Doing so involves sifting through mountains of text, and this is where you want to stand out in the search results. Having a video helps differentiate you from the competition, especially since this gives you a chance to include an eye-catching thumbnail to pique their interest.

video marketing effectiveness schema

Additionally, you may be surprised by the ways you can tweak your search rankings, with Schema Markup being a primary example. If you embed your videos correctly with Schema Markup, they can appear twice in the search results instead of just once.

3. People Invest in Quality Video

video marketing effectiveness

When you see a great movie or watch a great show, can you form an emotional connection with the people onscreen? By the time you’ve finished watching, you feel like you know them a little better than before.

This is video’s offering: forging an emotional connection with the audience. Seeing the human side to a brand can be a huge factor in committing to their services because by introducing yourself through a video you are making the audience aware of who you are as a person. This also helps build brand authority. When you show yourself in action, it can help convey your image as an expert in your field more convincingly than a written depiction of who you are. Yes, you can still use eye-catching sound byte quotes in writing, but take a look at the way you can use a glowing testimonial to truly convey the quality of what you have to offer.


Having a video is an invaluable tool in your arsenal, one that should not be written off based on its price tag. Remember, video can

  • Stimulate in an auditory and visual way (vital when capturing the attention of those who have short attention spans)
  • Enable your business to stand out from the competition
  • Generate an emotional investment

It’s essential that your approach to marketing isn’t too detached and clinical. If you are looking for human beings to invest in you, you should connect with them on a human level.

Do you agree with our points? Don’t be shy, leave a comment and let us know!