How to Understand Watch Time: Crisp Video Marketing Minute #30

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We’ve said many times before on this blog that the number one ranking factor on YouTube is watch time. In this video we will be showing you how to understand your watch time in analytics.

understand watch time tips

From your analytics homepage, you can click on Audience Retention. You can see the average percentage watched for each of your videos, or you can see exactly which parts of a specific video are the most effective.

  • Dips in the graph show when people stop watching.
  • Spikes show when people rewatch a segment.

Pay special attention to your spikes and dips so you know what to replicate and avoid in future content.

If your video sees a dramatic dip in analytics right away, consider optimizing your titles and tags for more relevant terms, because it is likely that your viewers are not seeing what they’re expecting when they arrive at your video.

Have you had any success or concerns with watch time on your YouTube channel? Let us know in the comments!