The Value of Video Marketing: Crisp Video Marketing Minute #18

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According to ReelSEO, 37% of marketers have admitted to skipping out on video production because they think it’s too expensive. It’s true video production is not a small investment. However, video marketing is one of the most effective forms of digital marketing, and the return on investment it brings should not be ignored. If you are on the fence regarding video production, consider the value of one of your clients. How many clients would you need to make up the cost of producing one video?

Now consider the fact that including video on your website and other web properties has been shown to increase conversions by 300%. In short, video can triple the number of new clients you see every month. Video may have a somewhat daunting price tag, but if you really stop and think about the value of video and video marketing, it’s plain to see that the return on investment can be massive when correctly implemented.