Tesla Giveaway at the Crisp Game Changers Summit: We’re Dead Serious

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We don’t appreciate being called liars.

A lot of you seem to think that we’re not actually giving away three Tesla Model 3s at this November’s Crisp Game Changers Summit. It’s fine if you don’t believe us, but we’d like an opportunity to defend ourselves.

You see, Crisp Video Group handing a lucky attorney the keys to a Tesla is nothing new. Just ask Kim Frye of Frye Law Group. Kim was the lucky winner of our first-ever Tesla giveaway. She drove off in a new car and didn’t spend a penny.

Once all the referral entries were in, we raffled off the car bingo-style. Kim was the lucky winner, and she ran up and accepted her four-wheeled gift like a contestant on The Price is Right. She didn’t owe us a dime. It was that easy.

Kim Frye, come on down!

That’s right. We handed her the keys and off she went on her merry way to continue dominating her market. If you don’t believe us, check out what Kim herself has to say about her experience:


Believe us now? No? OK, here’s another Tesla Success Story featuring none other than Howard Spiva of Spiva Law Group.

Howard worked hard to refer all of his attorney friends to Crisp. Enough of them became Crisp clients, so we followed through on our promise to hand over the keys to a Tesla.

He literally drove away in a free Tesla. Free. Here’s more proof, if you need it.


You have to believe us now. And now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s go over the many ways you can win one of those bad boys.

First, you could go the typical route and provide Crisp with a qualified referral. What’s a qualified referral? Glad you asked.

This is a referral name who ultimately becomes a Crisp client. They are verified as an actual attorney,  and they hop on the phone with one of our video marketing strategists to learn more about all the great things a Crisp video can do for their law firm. From there, they are processed through the trusty ol’ sales funnel and come out the other side as a client. It’s a win-win!

Second, you could enter to win a free Tesla Model 3 by purchasing a VIP ticket to the Crisp Game Changers Summit happening this November. One of these ticket gets you into a decisively different conference where you are guaranteed to learn immediately actionable tactics that will grow your law firm and make you a force to be reckoned with in your market.

Are you in?

The truth is, we’re not going to be Oprah and hand out Teslas to just anyone. Instead, we’re taking good care of you, our client, and offering you a free opportunity to win a car valued at more than $50,000 because we truly appreciate how hard you work to refer clients to us.

Let us add that this car could be yours with absolutely no strings attached. Many companies who give away cars are actually giving away leases, but we’ve  paid cold hard cash for these cars. So, if you win, you become the car’s owner, not its leaser. We want to hand you the keys. Have we made that clear? There is no easier way to win something worth so much money.

Whether you’re a current Crisp client, or someone simply interested in the opportunity to grow your law firm (guaranteed) and start crushing your competition, you’re invited to try your luck at a free Tesla Model 3. Remember, give us qualified referrals or purchase a VIP ticket to the conference for your chance to win.