Success in Dental Video Marketing – A Case Study

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Dentistry is quickly becoming a highly competitive landscape.

It can be really tough to get people into your practice if it is interchangeable with every other practice out there. You know that you have something to offer, something that distinguishes you from your competition, and capturing your unique offering is the key to reaching your future patients.

Dr. Anh Khieu at Tyrone Family Dentistry felt this way about her practice, and wanted to reach clients by portraying her office in a way that was honest. So she took a step back and devised a dental video marketing strategy that would accomplish her marketing goals.

The Cost of Cheap Marketing

Tyrone Family Dentistry is not the cheapest dental office that you will find. It offers premium service to patients who really want to have exceptional dental health. As such, Tyrone Dentistry’s Marketing Director Heidi Aycock recognized that they would have to scale their marketing efforts accordingly. Mailers and flyers advertising $35 specials were not going to cut it.

In addition, Dr. Khieu had completed a residency in implant dentistry. This detail distinguished Tyrone Family Dentistry from other dental practices. Patients generally would have to consult a dentist for their dental care and also find an oral surgeon to perform the implant procedure. Because of Dr. Khieu’s background and training, Tyrone Family Dentistry allows their patients to go through the entire process of receiving implants within the same practice. However, they needed to spread the word in an attractive and appealing way. Heidi ultimately decided that video would be their route of choice.

The Chance to Build Trust with Patients

In April of 2015, Tyrone Family Dentistry participated in Dentistry from the Heart, a day where the practice provides free dental care to anyone willing to wait in line to receive it. Heidi and Dr. Khieu saw an opportunity to showcase the practice and its staff as philanthropic. They cared enough about the community to donate their time and energy to provide complimentary dental care.

An event recap video would be the perfect opportunity to see if video was a viable opportunity for dental marketing. Heidi reached out to Crisp Video and they immediately began outlining the video marketing objective. In this case, it was to showcase the experience of this event. For the staff at Tyrone Family Dentistry, the event was an opportunity to be able to use their skills and help those in need. For the patients, it was the relief of receiving much-needed quality care without the usual expense. This is the result:

Once the video was completed, Tyrone Family Dentistry had a unique marketing asset at their disposal. One that not only was made with quality and attention to detail in how it portrayed the practice, but that forged an emotional connection with the audience. Someone who watched the video may not have been familiar with the practice beforehand, but through viewing this video he or she would get to know the staff as human beings. The patient becomes more familiar with the office and would likely be more comfortable visiting it in person.

The Next Step – Covering More Ground

Heidi and Dr. Khieu were thrilled with how the video portrayed their practice. But they also knew that Tyrone Family Dentistry had more to offer than the humanitarian aspect that was showcased, particularly its implant procedures and spa-like environment.

So they set out to produce additional video content that would convey these services. Heidi recognized that the implant specialty and the practice overview were two key subjects to cover, but focusing on both in a single video would send mixed messages to the audience. The implant procedures involve cutting-edge technology, and the ability to go through the whole procedure within one dental office is an attractive alternative to the traditional process of going to multiple offices to accomplish the same procedure. On the other hand, an overview of the practice would ideally showcase its relaxing, soothing environment, without being juxtaposed with anything too high-energy. The solution was to make two videos instead of one.

Dr. Khieu reached out to three patients to provide testimonials and share their experiences. But these weren’t just any patients. All three had not only had positive experiences with the pleasing atmosphere of the office, but they all had benefitted from dental implants. They were able to speak on behalf of both aspects of the practice, and as a result, a half-day shoot yielded two new videos instead of just one.

Practice Showcase

Implant Procedures

In conclusion, Dr. Khieu saw quality video as the solution to her practice’s marketing problems because of the quality of care exhibited by the practice. Becoming certified in implant dentistry was a substantial investment, and because of this, the portrayal of the benefits to receiving implant dentistry had to be showcased through a quality production. She is satisfied with the decision. But don’t take our word for it, hear it for yourself!

Have you felt the same way about your dental marketing efforts? Let us know in the comments below!