Meet Ted Jenkin: EVOLVE Summit Featured Speaker

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Your firm may be running like clockwork, increasing its caseload, and scoring huge wins for your clients…but you’re still not on the path to profitability. How could that be?

Financial planning expert Ted Jenkin is here to help you figure that out.

He’ll be taking the stage at the EVOLVE Summit, where he’ll offer exclusive strategies and shine a light on the best-kept secrets of the law firm financial planning and tax savings spheres!


Who is Ted Jenkin?

Ted is the CEO of oXYGen Financial, the financial services company he co-founded in 2008 right in the midst of the financial crisis.

Before that, Ted had spent 17 years at Ameriprise Financial, serving as financial advisor, district manager, vice president, and ultimately senior management. He ultimately realized that corporate America was not for him. He opted instead to go the entrepreneurial route and create something unique that prioritized clients rather than the bottom line.

Over a decade later, the results speak for themselves.

oXYGen Financial currently services over 2,500 clients, managing over $1 billion in assets and focusing primarily on those from Generations X and Y (hence the company name). While the firm has established itself as a leader in the financial services industry, Ted has earned an impressive reputation of his own.

He has spread his financial gospel to hundreds of thousands of people across the nation via several impactful channels.

He’s written two books: Real Life, Real Money: 100 Smart Money Moves to Make Right NOW in 2016 and The 21-Day Budget Cleanse: Three Weeks to a Leaner Budget & a Fatter Wallet in 2019. Both focus on optimizing your personal finances and making immediate changes to your lifestyle to enjoy long-term benefits.

He is a featured contributor for CNN and CNBC, and he’s one of The Wall Street Journal’s Experts. He has been published by Bloomberg’s Business Week and the Huffington Post as well as quoted in over 75 publications and newspapers.

Additionally, Ted is the Money Weekend Expert for CNN Headline News and host of the Atlanta Small Business Show on CBS46 and Peachtree TV.

On top of these significant undertakings, Ted also founded and hosts The Shrimp Tank, a nationally syndicated podcast on iHeartRadio, where he interviews successful business owners about starting and running successful organizations. He then invites high school and college students on to practice their business pitches in front of the “shrimps” (Mark Cuban, eat your heart out). They don’t fund any of the businesses, but they do offer valuable expertise to turn those ideas into lucrative ventures.

Ted has been thrice-heralded by Investopedia as a Top 10 financial advisor as well as named the 2019 Investment News Innovator of the Year. He runs one of the top 15 personal finance blogs in the country and was named by Brightscope as one of the top ten social media financial advisors in the country.

How’s that for a resume?

Clearly, Ted is no stranger to sharing universally useful financial pointers with a massive audience, which is exactly what he’ll be doing at the EVOLVE Summit on June 24 and 25.


What Ted Jenkin Will Bring to the EVOLVE Summit

Ted Jenkin has graced the Crisp Summit stage twice before. After making a major impact on the crowd at the inaugural Game Changers Summit, he was brought back by popular demand and delivered yet another rousing session at the 2019 Game Changers Summit.

In his most recent address, he offered an inside look at the most innovative financial strategies and best-kept secrets in financial planning. On top of that, he guaranteed a tax blueprint to save your firm up to $1 million!

Two years later, Ted will expound upon these ideas and cover some major ground that will benefit you and your law firm for years to come. Some of these topics may include:

  • What external factors really affect the market, and how you can predict performance with an informed eye and react accordingly
  • Which retirement plan is most appropriate for your team
  • How to optimize your firm’s tax planning to maximize savings

Whether you’re a bullish investor or simply looking to retire comfortably in your golden years, you will gain so much knowledge and confidence about the personal finance sector from Ted’s session, so make sure you don’t miss him at the EVOLVE Summit!

About the EVOLVE Summit

Strap in, because the EVOLVE Summit is rapidly approaching on June 24 and 25.

At this point, you should know better than to think that this will be like any other virtual event, where you’re half paying attention and half scrolling through Instagram.

No, this will be an unprecedented immersive experience for entrepreneurial law firms. There will be nothing but one-of-a-kind programming propelled by cutting-edge technology and an absolutely electrifying atmosphere.

The EVOLVE Summit will leave an impact lasting far beyond its two days, providing you with a guide for:

  • Strategically ramping up your law firm’s marketing
  • Empowering and aligning your team to build a culture of success
  • Unlocking exponential and transformational growth strategies

This radical approach to personal and professional improvement may seem daunting and, frankly, unreasonable.

You’re damn right.

But you’re not marching alone. We’ve invited the most insightful and experienced speakers in the game to guide you in the right direction.

Ted will be joining this list of our current confirmed speakers:

Are you ready to build the law firm of the future?

We already know the answer.

We’ll see you there.